Draconic chess campaign?

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So a friend of mine told me about some kind of campaign idea (or something) that he though he had read in one of the 4e books (Dungeoun Master's 1 or 2 or (more likely) Draconomicon: Chromatic or Metallic) but he can't find it and neither can I.

He said it was something along the lines on two dragons playing against eachother in a pseudo game of chess with the world as the represntative chess board.

He doesn't know where he read about it for sure, but he thinks its in one of those four books I listed. And he doesn't know if it was exactly a chess game either.

So the question here is: does anyone remeber reading about something like this? i.e. A draconic campaign of sorts where two dragons are playing a chess game (maybe figuratively) against eachother with humanity/the world/the party as the chess board and/or pieces.

Also, this may not have even been in a 4e book; possibly 3.0 Draconomicon?
Thanks for any help in advance!
Also he said he read it in one of those boxed in text areas; the side-note kinda things, towards the bottoms of pages, if that helps any.
Monster Manual V (Five), Dragons of the Great Game. 3.x for edition.
Excellent! Thank you very much.
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