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So the concept is that in your first 9 cards you want at least 2 lands (or one + dark ritual, a discard outlet+fatty or entomb and a reanimation spell. To that end you have:

LAND: (20) 16 swamps, 4 dark ritual (only one actual swamp needed because 3 mana is enough to "go off")

DISCARD or ENTOMB enablers: (16) 2 sickening dreams, 1 hidden horror, 4 putrid imp, 4 entomb, 3 buried alive, 2 cabal therapy

REANIMATION: (10) 2 animate dead, 4 reanimate, 4 exhume

FATTIES: (6) 1 each of different ones

So you have plenty of enablers (maybe too many).

dash hopes isn't good since the opponent will never really care about 5 life in the face of griselbrand and other threats. It sticks out as a sore thumb in this list because it doesn't help you win and it doesn't protect your win conditions.

It's basically going all in on reanimate which is fine but understand that there is very little chance of winning should the opponent have leyline of the void in play. I would remove hidden horror. I would probably add some threats like angel of despair, although if you're focusing on entomb/buried alive you don't need quite as many threats as if you were mainly using putrid imp and other discard as your primary enablers.

I would consider replacing duress with thoughsieze so you can (potentially) put cards in your graveyard with it. In that way you could probably remove putrid imp and hidden horror.
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The deck looks decent but I agree with morticianjohn; I would drop a couple of enablers.  Probably the Hidden Horror and Sickening Dreams.  I'd replace them possibly with 2 more Cabal Therapy.  While Thoughtsieze is a great card, I find it incredibly overpriced; if you have them run them instead of Cabal Therapy but realize they are running $60+ in Mint.

Dash Hopes is a weak card in the deck; if you want reactive protection then run :B:.  This also lets you play with some great discard - Careful Study, and Echoing Turth which can deal with an opening hand Leyline of the Void.  Also grants you other great cards; Mystical Tutor and Brainstorm which can be very useful.  

Staying mono-black I would consider Vampiric Tutor and Demonic Tutor; pricey though so it depends on budget; to be honest B/U can give you similar abilities for less $$$.

Given your deck (mono-black) I would maybe run something like this;

Cards - 58

As I said the deck looks good from the start; just needs some small balances.  I left a couple of spots open for whatever you want.  Hope that helps.
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