Need official explanation: RTR queues/dailies when GTC is released

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Can a wotc rep please comment on whether or not there will still be RTR limited queues and sealed dailies after the release of GTC? I'd like to make sure that my RTR packs aren't about to become unusable until DGM is released, and I haven't been able to get a certain answer from the ORCs.

Also, a bonus code of conduct question: now that in event replays are inaccessable, is it legal to try to scout your opponents by asking their previous opponents for information on what they are playing? I'm guessing not but would like to be sure.
I'm sure those will become GTR/RTR/RTR queues.  Sealeds will also become a mix, though I'm not sure what the proportion will be.
Negative. Gtc is a big set and will be played seperatly. See here:

I doubt normal sealed or draft events will be different than prereleases.
Two conflicting answers from (normally) reliable forum folk, give emphasis to the thought that we need confirmation from an official WotC person, on what will be offered (ideally both in the limited room, and in Daily events).
Its already been answered here.
It will be rtr/rtr/rtr and gtc/gtc/gtc as 2 separate formats.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

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