Name ideas for a Barbed Devil character? Help :(

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So my group is gearing up to run an interesting monster PC game, and we've mostly got the characters down except that I can't for the life of me think of a good name for my character.

He is a Chaotic Neutral barbed devil thief who hated being stuck in Hell. He wanted to see the upper world and get away from his 'proper' evil brethren. So he got out at the first chance he got, fleeing in the wake of a party of Adventurers into the world above. He isn't very malicious or particulary evil but still sadly finds that most civilized races want nothing to do with a renegade devil.

So he decided that to better experience the world and all it has to offer, he would join up with some companions from races as reviled as his. He's heading out with Skum, a kobold warlock and Wolfspine the Almost Undefeated, a gnoll warlord. 

So there's his sort-of backstory if it helps. Trouble is I'm having a hard time naming him. Any suggestions of nice, harsh- sounding, devil- like names? I'm also thinking naming him an actual word would be interesting, like how it says Tieflings sometimes name themselves after objects or ideas.

Thanks in advance. ^-^ 
Perhaps he doesn't HAVE a name at all. Maybe the only way to escape Hell was to offer the adventurer's his True Name, there by stripping him of much of his former power (aka starting at level 1). In this, his name was erased and he was free to leave Hell. He could search for a new name throughout his adventures, or simply call himself by his class/weapon/a random object he saw on the natural world that intrigued him.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
When I think Devils, I think harsh, abrasive names.  When I want a harsh, abrasive sounding name, I steal from Tolkein's Adunaic.

Here's the link I use for my language theivery.  For a devil, I might go with something like Dolguzor:  Black-flame
First Name = Biblical


Lat Name = Synonym for Fire, Pain, or Death

Jericho Paine
Nicodemus Morte
Zebulon Plague

Sangan Ferteck

Morgast Diabalack

Sorkeleb Nurgon

Menglon Grange Intermongot


While a close second for me too, I admit, my first choice for harsh, guttural names like this is the Klingon dictionary  For either of these, keeping the original word isn't important if you can find one with syllables that can be shuffled around a bit. How about something like "Descarclumat" for a name that also has a more serpentine hissing sound?
Thanks, you guys have some good ideas. I like the idea of not having a name, it could prove for some interesting roleplay. I might take that and go with it. Xck'Alyx was cool too. I think I've got the right direction now, thanks all! :D
Too bad he's not a she....  Then you could always do:  Lucy Furr.......
Surely a barbed devil would get called 'Spike'
Rofl, Lucy Furr...

Just wanted to share this before abandoning this thread,

I went with not having a name, and when the characters all met, I got left with the most awesome barbed devil... Ever.

After a bit of debate with the kobold over the reason sentient beings need names in the first place, the gnoll butted it, exclaiming that he would give me a name so they would know what to call me. It would be the name of the mighty being that made him the 'Almost Undefeated'. I was thinking, oh alright, this should be good. Then he hereby dubbed me... Percival.
He said it in a dead-serious tone too, shut the game down for ten minutes. 

So, yeah. I'm heading out into the wide open world, ready for adventure and glory that will be sung about for centuries... Percy the Barbed Devil. Quake in terror...  

Whiskers for sure.
In our 3.5 game, someone played a barbed devil.  He told everyone his name was Satan.  His true name turned out to be Cody. 

He was a fun character.  Nutty as a fruitcake, the player rolled for Satan's alignment each session.  The few times Lawful Good came up, my paladin and the devil got up to serious antics.

(Riding a ballista into battle may not be the best course of action to take.  But, it is FUN!  lol...)
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