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So we have just 2 players in our game. One of us is going to be a Warden/Shaman and I'm going to be a Ranger/Bard. My basic idea is to use mostly out of turn powers with a 2-attack at-will. Originally I started out w/ Twin Strike but that leaves me w/ pretty boring Bard at-wills. Then I thought if I switched to Throw and Stab I could benefit from the Bard skald's aura powers. We're playing Dark Sun btw. Here's my build at level 1:

Human Ranger/Bard
Noble Adept Theme

Str: 18
Cha: 16

Feats: Armor Proficiency Chainmail
          Skald Training
At wills: Throw and Stab
             Bolstering Speech

Encounter: Off Hand Strike

Daily: Arrow of Warning 

Then I'm going to move into things like Rhyme of the Blood Seeking Blade and stances like Spitting Cobra Stance. Eventually, I'll take Adroit Explorer at level 11.

So what do you guys think? Does the build seem viable or should I just use Twin Strike and have a Bard at-will I'm never going to use?
These don't seem to mesh too well - it looks like you're going Str/Cha with a mix of melee and ranged weapons? You'll have an awful AC without feat investments and struggle to manage your various weapon type powers. Ranger|Bard can work just fine if you go ranged Dex/Cha. Cleric|Ranger is also an excellent hybrid if you are looking for something just to fill the Striker|Leader niche.
Well, I think one of the big complaints about Throw and Stab, is that you are splitting your damage between two enemies. With a two person party, I think the goal is really going to have to be focus fire. Also since you are a hybrid, and melee basic is not a ranger power, you cannot get your quarry damage on the stab. (Unless you can get your DM to house rule that since your melee basic is coming from using a ranger power that you can) So it seems you will be splitting up your actions too much. Since you want to do skald, you can focus on scald powers and dump chr all together.

A traditional Ranger|Bard would be Dex/Cha+Wis and use a bow or crossbow and load up on interrupt powers.

You could actually also make a melee Ranger|Bard work by using the Daring Blade PP to make CHA-based melee attacks, though unfortunately that requires giving up all the great Ranger PPs. If you're using an off-hand dagger or something, you can even still use the good Bard interrupt powers.
As another point against Throw and Stab - with 2 PCs, you can expect fights to henerally have only a few monsters, which will quickly mean that you run out of enough targets to actually thow and stab at.  The same general idea applies to any multi-target options really - consider that there will usually not be that many targets to start with !
In my sig is a reasonably optimized Ranger|Bard(Annie). Isn't top-tier optimized, but should likely work out well for your game.

I would be a bit concerned about the Warden|Shaman. Wardens don't make great hybrids unless paired up with another Defender option as they need to invest a lot in being sticky to make the Warden mark work. And Shamans really are only great hybrids if you can invest the hybrid feat to make their spirit functional. Which would seem to not allow the feat for Wisdom to AC?
What nobody else has mentioned (that i could see) is that you need minor actions to activate your aura, to activate your skald at-will, and to quarry. you wont be up and running until turn 2 or 3, and in a two man group you have to be going full speed from the get-go.

As everyone else has said, dex/cha non skald with twin strike is the way to go if you want bard, with cleric as a good second option.
We're playing Dark Sun so no divine characters (so Cleric isn't an option) and also we didn't realize that the hybrid spirit was so weak (didn't realize we didn't get the opportunity attack powers) Great input on the Throw and Stab stuff, I probably will go back to Twin Strike but I do still want to mix it up w/ melee and ranged powers. I feel like I will have enemies adjacent to me a lot w/ just 2 people and I don't want all my attacks to give enemies opportunity attacks.
oh and as for the minor actions, round 1, you activate aura and give up a move action to use hunter's quarry, then you use throw and stab w/ its built in movement, you can still be up and running on round 1
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