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Another GTC card to rate is...



5.0: First pick no matter what.  I will always play this card.
4.5: Splashable and first pick worthy.
4.0: First pick pack 1.
3.5: Early pick though not always a first pick.
3.0: Solid early/mid pick.
2.5: Solid pick in color.
2.0: Should generally make the deck if in this color.
1.5: Decent filler.
1.0: 23rd card if you have to.
0.5: This card will sometimes be sideboarded in.
0.0: I will never put this card into my deck (main deck or after sideboarding).

This card looks better then it probably is.  I mean there are times this would be useful but for the most part I'd rather have a for sure combat trick or another dude.


I think the instant speed and ability to move any number of counters make it better than a 1. I just don't know what that number would be since I haven't played that guild yet.
I'm going to say 1.0
Played it at the pre-release.  Has some good uses in Simic, as you can get more mileage out of evolvers.  Bonus points if you use it with Master Biomancer to ridiculousness, or Fathom Mage.  Basically best in decks that can play with +1/+1 counters rather than a straight evolve deck. 

So I can agree with 1 to 1.5.  Not particularly enthralled to include it, but if I have shenanigans available I'll play it as a 1-of.
1.5 this is okay in Simic.
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Decent trick in and against simic.
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