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Benn playing the new XCOM video game for a while and, of course, I though how great it would be as an RPG. Didn't take long to realize the ONLY game that has the right elements is d20 Modern. I dug out my books and it's perfect with little to no conversion especially for your beginning soldiers. The fraal are perfect as sectoids! There are laser and plasma weapons available too.

Anyone else see this? Have you developed a system to simulate other aspects of XCOM such as technology research and manufacture? Are there any equivalents for Thinmen, Mutons, Floaters, or chryssilids? If not, what might be acceptable altenatives?
In regard to the alternative to the Thinmen, I may have the solution. I'm watching a sci fi movie called The Puppeteers, alien parasites that attach to and control humans in order to infiltrate and invade. It turns out the Core book has Puppeteers (CR pg253). Puppeteers could possibly dress and groom their hosts similarly thus the Thinman look.
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