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4 of domri no brainer. He will create so much draw for you. Prob drop 1 thundermaw and...idk, maybe go to 2 silverblade?


Needs more Thragtusk
The problem with Domri is that he is an anti-control card, and isnt good in multiples. I could see 3x domri but 4x maindeck seems a bit excessive. This list isnt particularly well suited to make use of his fight ability (huntmaster and silverblade aren't the best in combat). Some matchups resto-thragtusk is extremely strong. I could definitely see centaur healer and thragtusk in the side. The deck is meant to have a powerful lategame but its meant to kill quickly. Rather than trying to buy an extra turn with thragtusk, the idea is to kill them a turn fast with hasted beaters. We haven't seen thundermaw paired with silverblade much prior to GTC, but i assume you its scary. 
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