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I can't figure out why my AC seems off.   I do the math and I get 26, but character builder says 27.   Here's the skinny...

Brawling Fighter
Sun Sheild Heavy Shield
+2 Deathsbrink Scale Armor

My math says 10+4+7+2+2+1 = 26.     This is the free 10, half my level, scale armor bonus, armor enhancement bonus, heavy sheild bonus and Brawling fighter bonus for having a weapon and a free hand.   Somehow, the character builder shows 27 and I can't figure out where that extra point comes from...  To make matters more confusing, if I put on a +3 armor, it jumps my armor class from 27 to 29, not 28. 

I have no idea how the builder comes up with these numbers and any insight from a seasoned player would be great.   I'm sure most of you are thinking, "hey, a free AC point... and you're complaining?" but I just want to know so that if I get questioned at any point, I can explain it.  

Thanks all...
The armor bonus for +2 scale is 8, not 7. As the enhancement bonus goes up, so does the armor bonus.
To elaborate on babcock's answer-

As D&D has gone on, certain assumptions have changed on the part of the developers.  One of those is that anyone who can have masterwork armor will.  Masterwork for heavy armor started at +2, so that's where you're getting your armor bonus.  This is one of those areas where the CB is correct.
This is a common question often asked when a group gets the builder for the first time.
The rule was not explained well in PHB.
This is where the warplate or godplate platemail armours and fey weave cloth armours come from
Adventures vault explained it better and added types that did not give higher AC but a nad bounus or resistance for platemail
By the adventures vault your +2 would be "Drake Scale" with fine scales patterned off of a rage drake
The rules compendiam simplified it and removed the name-brand categories.
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