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Can someone tell me which one is correct?

Five 1/1 creatures block a single 5/5 creature. The 5/5 creature deals its damage to only one of the blockers and kills them. The 5/5 creature then is destroyed.


Five 1/1 creatures block a single 5/5/ creature. The 5/5 creature deals its damage to each of the blocking creatures and destroys them. He is also destroyed. 
You decide what order you going to attack those creatures (creature #1, Creature #2, Creature #3, Creature #4, Creature #5)

Once you assign lethal damage (which is 1) to Creature #1, only then you can move on to creature #2, assign 1 damage to him, and so on until all are dead. So you can no longer split your damage the way you want, but you assign damage in the order you chose and can only assign damage to next creature once previous creature has taken lethal damage

The 5/5 creature will deal a total of 5 damage. It need not all be dealt to one creature.

As the Declare Blockers step begins, the defending player says "I'm blocking the 5/5 with these five cretaures". Immediately after that announcement, the attacking player announces a damage assignment order (ie, he says "i'll kill that one first, then that one, then that one..."). Later, in the combat damage step, each creature assigns damage equal to its power. The attacking creature has to assign lethal damage to the first creature in the damage-assignment order before it can assign any damage to the second, and so on.

In your scenario, the attacking player will probably assign 1 damage to the first, 1 to the second, 1 to the third, 1 to the fourth, and 1 to the fifth, killing them all. He could also, for example, legally assign 4 to the first, 1 to the second, and zero to the others. He could not assign 0 to the first, 5 to the second, and 0 to the others.
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