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In the character builder, when you go to create a new, custom character the very first option that it asks is which Campaign Setting are you playing.  Are there any differences between them?  As far as I've been able to tell, there don't seem to be any different options for whether you choose "D&D Home Campaign" or "Forgotten Realms" or "Eberron" or what have you.

Is there an actual difference?  If so, what differences are there and how do you know which is the appropriate setting for the character that you want to build?  Note: as a DM, I like for my players to have access to as many options as possible, but especially the options for the campaign world that they are in.
  Always choose Home Campaign.

  Anything else is liable to lock you out of certain options (without actually telling you what they are - you learn the hard way when you can't find something that should be there, and the only way to fix it is to create the character all over again).
You can always sort powers by source, so you can still use "setting-appropriate options".

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 As stated, always use Home Campaign and just set it up to only use campaign-appropriate sources.


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Since I only play LFR I ussually just go Forgotten Realms setting.
And I still have core setting gods listed for deity.
The builder suggested Pellor for my Oghma domain warpreist but would not let me choose Akadi for my Storm Warpreist.
And all the Dragon Mark feats show up. 
So what the criteria for inclusion in a setting are is anyones quess. 
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