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I had the scenario played out in front of me and wanted to get some advice.

Player #1 attacks with a doublestrike creature (6/4) with Rancor.  (6/4) takes into account the Rancor's bonus.

Player #2 blocks with two creatures, a Knight (2/2) with first strike and a (1/1) token.

How would damage be dealt to the creatures and Player #2 if no other effects occur?

References would be appreciated.
During the first combat damage step, the 6/4 can assign 2 to the 2/2, 1 to the 1/1 and 3 to the defending player, the 2/2 with first strike will assign 2 to the 6/4.
This will destroy the two blockers.

During the second combat damage step all 6 damage will be assigned/dealt to the defending player.
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The attacking player could also choose to assign 6 damage to the 1/1 in first strike damage, and 6 damage to the 2/2 in normal strike damge. This might be relevent if for instance the opponent has an ability from a source like no mercy. If the opponent only had 6 life points left and also had no mercy, then he could choose to deal 5 damage to the 2/2, 1 damage to the 1/1 in first strike damage, then deal all 6 damage to the opponent in normal strike damage.

K-Mogg gives the most damage the attacking player could inflict to the defending player (with trample involved the creature will always deal 6 damage first strike and 6 damage normal strike) if the attacking player didn't need to pull any punches.

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