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Merchant Banker
Creature - Human Advisor
When ~ enters the battlefield, each player puts a coin counter in a creature he or she controls.
Each creature with a coin counter on it can't block.
Whenever a creature with a coin counter attacks, that creature's controller may move its counter to another target creature defending player controls.

Now that I think about it, maybe this could've been the card for Avatar of Greed (name-wise; not cycle) 
56965458 wrote:
As long as it's random, I really can't see where's the problem. Anyway, there's already a few standard ways for doing this. We listed them in this thread. If someone does the bogey-bogey, eats the cards, waits until they come out, look out the approximate order, place replacements in the same order, calls the president to ask him to give him a string of numbers, puts the card in the given order, then pick the cards in the order given by taking the date of birth of his opponent, reversed, and taking only every other number, then a judge can clearly declare that he's random enough.
56874518 wrote:
The beauty of sarcasm is that when the person using it is totally incorrect, you can just remove the sarcasm and end up with a post that is actually correct.
sounds like a way to get past blockers on both sides

president obombya speaks anger prejudice and a time for US foreign air strike while the US worries about its rights

Let 'em burn [Frozen Parody]