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Todays random card is...

Phyrexian Boon

This card is so-so.  It can either be a really expensive Unholy Strength or a really expensive Weakness variant.  Choices are nice but to bad it doesn't say if it's a creature you control it gets the bonus and if it's a creature you don't control it gets the negative.

Thumbs down

I have fond memories of using this on my younger bro's Uthden Trolls.

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I'm typically a fan of options on a card but in this case they're just not really worth it either way, that said it isn't uesless so I'm gonna have to give it a resounding meh.

This should be , maybe , but not .

Also, it's not quite Weakness. Weakness does -2/-1. This does -1/-2.

Obviously by today's standards, with Dead Weight, it's bad either way.

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This would cost less if printed nowadays, and the White Version is interesting because it's an out of color effect... but I'm still fond of this card.  Two extra power is a lot when the board is clear, or if the former is not true, this helps keep it clear.  In that way, it's pretty similar to Feast or Famine actually, though Feast is the better card.

EDIT: Forgot for a moment that the numbers on Serra's Boon were reversed, too.  +1 power or -1 Toughness is NOT as good as +2 power or -2 Toughness, even with the opposite factor making their "heft" even

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I'm a fan of this type of card. I'd probably run it in some deck if I had the room.
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