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Yes, I know that the changes to how zones work takes a lot of the edge off the zone/forced movement warlock, but I'm still looking to optimize one. I'm not posting the full build because it's fairly straightforward.

Infernal Tiefling warlock

Dailies: zones. < Hunger of Hadar, Feast of Souls, Visage of Zhudun >
Encounters: movement < Diabolic Grasp, Harrowstorm, Howl of Doom>

Flitting shadows < teleport baddies into zone >
Bloodied boon  < to get pact boon to go off more often>

Rod of Avernus
Rod of Corruption

This is all very obvious. Lay down a zone, grab people, shove them into the zone. It's comically effective in a minion fight, as the rod of corruption curses huge numbers, and every time they die, everyone slides towards to the zone.

The questions are what can be done to make this better. Questions for the cognoscenti:

* What paragon path? Ideally something that grants move powers, or increases forced movement, or increases teleportation distance. Or perhaps something that improves zones. I haven't found one in the standard warlock PP list.

* Feats. Other than the standard good warlock feats (implement expertise, hidden sniper, dual implement spell caster), what would help improve this build? Again, improving forced movement, teleportation or zones would be ideal.

Since this is a fairly common build, any links to relevant threads would be great too.

Thanks in advance!
Twofold Pact. Two major options here:

Sorcerer-King Pact gets Mindbite Scorn, which equates to another 3 squares of teleportation for Flitting Shadows. Hand of Blight + Spirit Talker of Lalali-Puy is interesting for forced teleportation at-will.

Vestige Pact gets you Vestige of Vistan. Read it and laugh.

You'll probably want Hexer PP (look at that delicious 16F) and consider MC Psion for Controlling Advantage.

As for other feats, if you're abusing zones like mad, you better make sure your static mods are up to par. DIS and Superior Implement Proficiency are obvious, and I would actually grab a radiant staff (item bonus to damage, radiant dragonshard), then also add silvery glow. 
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