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Alright guys I need some way if possible (after all it's D&D) to drain the knowledge from a character. So say there is a cleric an evil one and I want to learn all of his spells, abilities, proficiencies ect. and use them for my own how would I come to be able to do this?
What edition are you talking about?

If it's 4E, I don't know  of any way to steal an enemy's spells or proficiencies as you describe, but there are ways to 'steal' other knowledge. Dusk Oracle is a PP which lets you ask a single question of a dead creature which it answers truthfully, or you could use Speak With Dead which has the potential for more questions, but no guarantee of honesty. 

Your best bet would be the Thief of Legend ED, which at level 24 allows you to "steal something intangible" from any creature you drop to 0 hit points. Examples given are the colour of the target's eyes, or some specific memories. It does say, however, that any mechanical benefits are up to the DM, so using it to get loads more powerful will probably not work.

You can design a power that lets your evil cleric do this. Otherwise, there is nothing in the rules that already exist that lets you do that, so far as I know.

You could also make a modified mirror of opposition that allows its user become the nemesis of the targeted PC. In doing so, the NPC gains all the abilities, powers, etc.. of the PC.


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Yes you can, but it would be the Homebrew Bluemage (

I am currently playing this class, and it is a lot of fun, even though the write up for it is VERY hard to find now since the poster deleted all his stuff.

But you get two at-wills to steal monster powers.

A lot of people said they didn’t like the class (barely any feat support, and really awaked in some aeras) but I’m just at lvl 3 with mine and it is kicking some major ass.  (even though I plan to rewrite the class up one day)

Also you play a wildcard, since I found most of the powers he wrote up totally useless, but the whole idea is to REPLACE those powers with monster stolen abilities.  As well the starting status only works for the powers he listed, but if you want to use stolen abilities you need to learn them which requires Monster Knowledge Checks (so focus on Nature/Religion ext and lots of Con for health)

You basically become a walking codex that steals powers, which will be random due to your campaign.

If you really want to play it give me a PM and I can try to send it to you (got it copy/pasted into Paint before it was took down)

Hope this helps!! 


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