Forging The Realms: Lord Crakehall

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Forging The Realms
Lord Crakehall

By Ed Greenwood

Lord Crakehall is easily and widely disliked, but he sets a standard that many Cormyrean nobles have a hard time achieving.

Talk about this column here.

Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose
This is an excellent article.  It's pure Realms goodness.

This is how you make an excellent NPC for flavor and continuing sotry enhancement, without it becoming a DMPC.

Lord Crakehall is crabby, judgmental, honorable, well-informed, and will share his opinions openly. 

Maybe it's because I've been spending time in the "more novels" thread, but after reading about Lord Crakehall my first thought was that I want to read a short story about the guy and his daily doings in Cormyr.

I realize a story about a crabby old noble doesn't quite match a Drizzt story in terms of raw adventure and swordsmanship, but I think a story about navigating the roiling waters of courtiers and feuding nobility, and manipulating adventurers for the good (Crakehall's version of it) would be a pretty interesting read and worthy of a short story.
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