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I have a question about tapping for mana. I'm using the Beta but I think the non-Beta version does the same thing.

When tapping certain lands and artifacts for mana, like say Gilded Lotus, you click on the card and then scroll down to select the color of mana you want.

Then you have to move over to the lower-left hand corner, where you have to select the symbols for the types of mana you just selected already. This totally baffles me. Is there a reason for this?  

If I select Red mana in the menu, why make me move over the the other side of the screen to select Red again? Why not one or the other? Is there ever a case in which this redundant pointing and clicking resolves some sort of crucial ambiguity?
One is deciding which color mana to put in your mana pool, the other is deciding which mana in your pool to spend on the spell/ability. While you typcially only generate mana as-needed to use immediately for a spell, there are times when you may have additional mana in your pool. To minimize the double-clicking, announce your spells/abilities first and then tap the mana necessary; you should then only have to click on your mana pool in certain situations such as generating multiple mana with one ability.

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Dual means two. A duel is a battle between two people. Lands that make two colors of mana are dual lands. A normal Magic battle is a duel.
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If you were using Mishra's Workshop or some other "use this mana only to cast x type of spell" mana, or if you are storming out and have tons of mana available, you would need to select the proper mana from your pool.

Clicking the card in hand first generally solves this. 

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