Little Help Requested - First level modern thief character needs gear

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I've been tasked with coming up with with the above and am having trouble coming up with a gear list. Both because the items in the book are a little out dated and because I don't steal all that much in real life. So, aside from the obvious such as lockpicks and rope, what would you suggest for a guy just starting to make his way into the world of theft?
Gloves, ski mask, dark clothing for night jobs, hooded coat or sweatshirt, computer for electronic locks, circuit bypass kit, infrared goggles to see laser grids,  floor maps of heist site, guard routes, dog food or meat laced with sedative for guard dogs, 
Fed-ex suit or other delivery-persons outfit allows you to penetrate sites. A forgery kit to make laminated cards.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

Just remembered this one gadget a fellow player had last year okayed by the GM at the time... basically it was a security swipe card but was wired to a small computer storage device the size of a PDA that could store recently swiped cards
Actually.. instead of PDA, you can use a smartphone. More powerful than the PDAs from when d20 Modern came out, larger storage space, comes with WIFI and bluetooth. Could have a swipe card with bluetooth that reads recently swiped cards, sends to your phone, then program on the phone sends back to the card via bluetooth.
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