New Races: Gnome and Fairies

I like it but you should also create a small fey :D 
Also, under the Nymph's magical resistance you said deep gnome instead of nymph.  
I drew upon a lot of pieces from the various D&D Editions (mostly AD&D) and I also added in a few touches that I remember from some books that I read on the Fairy type creatures. Please let me know what you think of these two.

New Races: Gnome and Fairies v1.00

  • Gnome Subraces: Rock Gnomes and Deep Gnomes

  • Fairy Subraces: Nymph and Dryad 

Nymphs are a Greek thing. Fae are a mainly French thing. I would probably keep these concepts separate.

Many cultures have nature spirits. But not all their nature spirits are the same. It seems more interesting to give them space to be different.

Interestingly, the Greeks called Nymphs and Satyrs “theoi”, literally “gods” who personify local natural features, like a particular wellspring. The Greeks actually worshiped them, in the sense of setting up a wilderness shrine near a feature, for sacred offerings.

Other cultures conceive of nature spirits differently.
Love the Gnome. Not so much the Fairy race.   Good job
I could easily make a dozen or so subraces, but those two were the ones that I had the most information on. I will probably add more as I go along to it.

Also, any requests for other new races? I can whip these out in about 20-50 minutes (depending on if I know the race well or not) 
I thought they both looked creative and really cool. Nice work!

I would love to see Minotaur, Drow, and Dragonborn 
I like your Fairies, they are often underused in Fantasy

you've kinda of merged sylph and nymph, which is fine

to keep with the fairy theme you could add leprechaun under gnome and pixie under fairy

here's what I did with Gnomes - Deep and Tinker.

-Darkvision 60ft.
-3 to 4 ft tall (Small)
-Speed 25.
-Life span 200-300 years.
-All Gnomes are proficent in Dagger or Hammer.
-Speak, Read and Write Gnome and 1 other Language, usually Common or Undercommon.
-Energetic, Restless and Dedicated.

Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) -
-Trained in Listen and Knowledge-Dungeoneering.
-Once per day Advantage on a Saving throw vs Magic.
-Brown, Grey or Black skin, Eyes are blue or grey. Males are usually bald.
-Deep Gnome often take languages of Underground creatures, including insects.
- +1 to Constitution Score.

Tinkers -
-Trained in 1 Profession skill and Disable Device.
-Once per day Advantage on one Profession skill.
-Brown, tanned or grey skin, Eyes are blue or violet. Rounded ears.
-Tinkers speak rapidly.
- +1 to Intelligence Score.

Key things for D&D - Where is the character from and why do they do what they do? / Recurring NPCs - allies and enemies / Plot, World and Personal Events.

I thin you gave the Deep Gnome a little too much

What is "Knowledge (any)" as a bonus feat? Does that mean they get all knowledge feats as a bonus feat?

Dryad having a built in auto death seems pretty bad, if your campaign pushes you into a place without soil for a month, gg auto dead

Nymph getting a infinite use level 3 and level 5 spell seems excessive as well

Remember races arent meant to be strong, they are meant to give you minor bonuses to nudge your character a direction
These races seem too strong compared to the core races (human excluded). I like gnomish weapon training, for instance, but I don't like the free dominate person at-will ability.
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