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I've been wanting to do some character illustrations for the players, but I'm kind of insecure on my grasp on human anatomy / poses / drawing skills. I'd like some straightforward criticism from you guys, and any pointers or details that you think need to be improved that you find would be awesome.

here are a few examples: 

thanks in advance, everyone! here's a link to the full gallery:

TBH I am not sure why you are insecure of your drawing skills.  I think these are fantastic, even if your drawings are not perfect in your mind they are still very well done and reflect your drawing style.  The only criticism I can come up with is with the Elven looking woman, it seems her center of gravity is on the far left, and it looks to me like she's lost balance and is in the process of falling over, if the left leg came out a bit further I think it would look fine.

Love the Lich looking caster. 
These are some excellent drawings and I for one would be honored if you had chosen to draw me one for my character.
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