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Alright I have a monk and can get my Nads up to a max of 54 across the board. My question is if i have stoneroots endurance and the DM rolls a crit that is still under my Nads does the attack now miss? So an example would be if my DM rolled a 53 on a crit against AC and I have 54 AC. The attack would hit but not do max damage HOWEVER i roll a 12 for stoneroots endurance. Would the attack now miss or would I still be hit because it was a crit?
Stoneroot's Endurance turns a critical into a normal hit, right? If so it doesn't do anything in this situation.
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Doesn't do anything as in the attack now misses? Cause a crit would mean an instant hit just not max damage.
The attack would miss if you turned it into a normal hit, yes.
Er?  I'm not so sure.  It's already not a crit, but an auto-hit... I don't think he even CAN turn it into a normal hit.

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Concur - a normal hit, with a 20 on the dice, still cannot miss.
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And if your DM is only hitting on 20s, don't be surprised if he gives his monsters +10 to hit over what they normally have.
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No need when there are a ton of auto damage auras out there and zones. Expect the rest of the party to take a beating though.
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