The Dungeon Master Experience: Best Supporting Character

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The Dungeon Master Experience
Best Supporting Character

By Chris Perkins

What would The Hobbit be without Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin? Answer: A motley crew of supporting characters in search of a plot.

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Spin the Cliché

I don’t DM often, but when I do the fun part to me is playing a cool supporting character.

I believe having one in the party really helps the flow of RP, especially when players get stuck and not sure what to do; it’s always nice to have an ally NPC nearby to give the “Hey guys what that!” push they need.

As well I find it helps new players to the genre get more relaxed when their DM is RPing alongside with them throughout their quest, and not just throwing monsters at them and playing the role of a quest giver.

I enjoy exotic PCs so I usually have a monstrous npc that follows the party (usually a lvl below them) When you have a good party it’s always fun to add a Giant Spider mascot or a Bullywog child mercenary to lighten the mood; just have to make sure it does not become the star of the show.


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