what do i do when in my adventure the group gets split up?

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i was wondering casue i was thinking of making a quest like that and yeah...also in the monster manuals all of the mobs/creatures have a certain level...can i lower that level? if so how do i adjust stats accordingly?
If your group splits, in story, and are following two seperate story lines, you want to get them together as soon as possible. Don't forget that while group A is enjoying your tale, group B is wandering off.

The easiest way to use monsters of a different level than the one you need, is to use the stats of a monster with the same role at the level you need, and rewrite the fluff to match that of the monster you wanted.

Monsters grow in abilities, particularly their ability to throw and dismiss status effects, as well as in number of diffferent types of attacks as they level, so you may want to be very careful with changing a monsters level. Just taking a much higher level monster and dropping the defenses and HP is not sufficient.    
oh ok...and do i have to move group b into another room or osmething so they dont hear the story? or can they just stay in the same room? and ok thanks i will try and change some monsters stats...my current adventure is going to have some abominations and zombies and thigns like that
When I am DMing, they usually die. 4e is very much about specialized characters filling in for each other's weaknesses as a team. Splitting the party has always been a bad idea in every edition, but in 4e it is usually suicide unless the DM pulls punches.
Will Wheaton and Scot Kurtz have a little story to tell you about splitting the party...
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