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Okay, So I've been looking at a lot of U/R decks online and I've seen both aggro builds and control builds. But I really don't know which way I wanna go with it. If I go for control then I'd like to make a deck list built around the [C]Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind[/C] and [C]Curiosity[/C] combo that a lot of people have been using in EDH. I understand that a 6 drop is supposedly to slow for Modern, but he's probably one of my favorite cards and I never use him. So building a deck around him that could actually make it through a modern game at my local shop would be awesome. It's obviously gonna be much easier building a U/R deck that just burns the other player as fast as possible. But if I do that, then I might as well play Red Deck Wins right?

Note that I'm rather new to magic, I'm a DnD guy. So all tips appreciated?

Competitive Modern has a fair to moderately high buy-in at a few hundred dollars worth of cards for any given deck that isn't RDW.

That being said, if you're looking for a more relaxed Modern experience, there's no reason you can't throw a decent deck together around the Niv/Curiosity combo.  Do you have any ideas for the deck other than "I want to win with Niv!"?

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Well, I was gonna make it a control deck with some burn spells like [C]Lightning Bolt[/C] that knock down life points and can also help work the field when I need to get rid of creatures. I haven't put to much thought into it because I've had a lot of focus on standard lately. I think if I go with the Niv deck then I'm gonna be putting a lot of draw spells besides [C]Curiosity[/C] as a back up. I was just more concerned with how hard it's gonna be to play in modern tournaments at my local store. I don't wanna be spending to much money on a deck that I don't plan on taking anywhere. I'm already trying to do that with standard right now, my local shop has 30 - 50 people at FNM some night so it's a lot of work trying to get into Top 8.