Mythic Conscription Post Jund?

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I am not sure whether it was Jund's existence that made mythic vulnerable, but I wonder if an updated version will thrive in this new meta.  I am not saying Jund is dead, just not as disruptive/efficient.   

4x Noble Hiearch
4x Birds of Paradise
4x Lotus Cobra
4x Knight of the Reliquary  
4x Soverigns of Lost Alara
2x Quasali Pridemage 
3x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
2x Vendillion Clique
3x Glen Elendra, Archmage

2x Eldrazi Conscription
4x Path to Exile  

4x Misty Rainforest
4x Verdant Catacombs
2x Forests
1x Plains
2x Island
2x Breeding Pool
2x Temple Garden
1x Hallowed Fountain
2x Horizon Canopy
2x Razorverge Thicket
1x Bojuga Bog
1x Sejeri Steppe

Since the last successful consciprtion list ran 4x Path's and 3x Dispel's, I thought including Thalia would make this a creature based combo deck, using Glen Elendra to counter any spells when Soverigns hits.  I think paying two mana for path is worth Thalia and the tempo she creates with an already heavy mana accelration deck.  It doesn't have much for card draw other than Vendillion, and you reallly want to save that one anyway.  Maybe Prime Speaker Zengana?

The basic conscription package is 22 cards (ramp+soverigns), so there is a lot of room for new tech. With 14 slots (10 if we include Path), it could go also go more midrange or control.  It is also very easily so splash in another color. Thoughts?
Well part of the problem is that you still have to be able to fight storm, and that you are still weak to a removal spell on your single attackign dude, and you are pretty vulnerable to decks that go faster than you.

Jund just exploited the weaknesses of a lot of decks that cannot win when they are affected by disruption. 


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