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I just moved to Sydney and am looking for a gaming group.  Happy to play or GM.  I have been playing various RPGs for a while now and am happy with just about any system but 4th ed AD&D.  However, 2ed with supplements or 3.5 are probably my favorites.  Reply or send me a PM if you are looking/willing to add someone to your group.
Google Sydneys Geek Together Gatherings. They network people across Sydney to find players/games.

I co-ordinate the above with some assistance and can advise you that your nearest club is....

Ministry of Game: www.ministryofgame.org/?page_id=8

I'd suggest you come to our next gathering. 

Awesome.  Thanks for the heads up.  I'll get in touch with them. 

And hopefully see you at the next gathering.
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