Golgari Decoy and Predatory Rampage

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I encountered something counter-intuitive when using [C]Predatory Rampage[/C] and [C]Golgari Decoy[/C] online.  I had Decoy on the field, cast the Predatory Rampage, then swung with the team. I thought that my opponent's creatures would have to block the Decoy, but he/she instead blocked another one of my creatures.

I'm confused as to how these two cards interact.  From reading the cards, it would seem that since Rampage makes them block, and Decoy makes them block it, they would all just have to block the Decoy.  Could someone please explain how these two cards behave together?  Or have I encountered a bug on Magic Online?
Unless something else was going on, it seems to be a bug.

Cards like Rampage and Decoy create blocking requirements, and players must satisfy as many requirements as possible. (Without violating any restrictions.) Blocking the Decoy would satisfy two requirements (Creature blocks + Creature blocks the Decoy), while blocking something else would satisfy only one of those two. So all of your opponent's creatures should have been forced to block the Decoy.

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This does seem like a mishandled interaction by MTGO. There are two blocking requirements here, and only one way to block satisfies them both; all creatures able to block the Decoy must block it.
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Thank you both very much, that's what I thought it was.
All creatures must block golgari decoy, as that is the only way to satisfy all of the blocking requirements.

However, i just tested this on the Magic online beta, and it behaved correctly. Either something additional was going on in your scenario, or this is a bug they have fixed in the beta.
I just looked at the game replay, and the event was mishandled by the client.  My opponent controlled two creatures: One blocked the decoy, one blocked another attacking creature I controlled.
...This may be a really stupid question, but for the sake of finding out what happened, I feel that I should ask it:

Was the second creature able to block Golgari Decoy? Its first ability only affects creatures that actually can block it: if a creature cannot, Predatory Rampage would force it to block your other creature (if able).

For instance, some creatures cannot block creatures without flying. If your other creature was a flier, that would explain it.
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