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Dear Magic-Community

I write for you this post, because i'm thinking of putting this deck together. I have made a few playtests already, but i think nothing beats good advice from this awesome community. So, I'm very happy to hear some critics about this list. Don't be shy, smash it if you want, praise it if you feel like. Thanks for your support, it is much valued. Since i'm intending to attend GP Verona, i have to have a decent deck at hand. I don't expect it to be the master-deck, but it should be able to bring me through at least a few rounds. This might help when reviewing it =)

I would suggest Boros Charm and Rancor. Boros Charm for it's amazing utility and Rancor for pushing some more damage through. You have only one card in your deck that gives/has trample.
Thanks Harmy for your input. Thats not quite true, there is the Rampager yes, (very nifty) but the selesnya charm also have a trample funtion and are far more flexible than rancor. Yes, it comes at a higher cost and is only one way use, but aggro shouldnt have to rely on that in my eyes ^^
What would you replace for boros charm? Why do you think it is useful in this deck?

I think the balance between double strike and trample is given (4 x double strike with paladin, 3 x trample with charms and rampager)... well.... thinking of it, this is actually a fair point. A trample card more wouldn't hurt i guess. 
I'm a huge fan of Legion Loyalist and it seems he would function well in this deck.  Maybe switch the Lightning Mauler out for him?  You lose EVERY creature coming in with haste, but you gain one huge surprise trample turn and a hugely difficult army to deal with after he's in play.

The loyalist would pair well with Boros Charm as well as a turn 5 play. 
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It sounds like a very decent adition, and since he's got haste, i think he could well replace the mauler, the mana cost also fits the aggro strategy. The only drawback is, he's not a human, but i guess the trample makes up for that, and the haste part as well. Then i would also see a boros charm in this. However, it will only be more useful than a selesnya if the targeted creature is bigger than 2/2. That only applies for a propped up champion or the angels, or humans with mayor's +1/+1 ability, and then still it's only 2 dmg more than with selesnya in most cases. I think for a boros charm to be effective in this deck, it needs at least 2 slots, and it's really hard to break 2 of them free - if i want to keep the selesnya charms....
So first off. yeah humans!

I ran G/W humans for a while and did pretty decently with the deck. It seems like you want to be able to deal with all sorts of situations, but have no way of really getting damage through.

If you're running any green, you NEED 4x Rancor. Also you should seriously consider Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, which means, cut the pricey spells and add some creatures. Also as long as you're playing red. Why not add 2 Thundermaw Hellkite in place of Siguarda, as it has haste, which is what you want for a 5 drop in this deck. 

Last thing. I would play Boros Charm over Selesnya Charm. It will do a lot more for you with a deck like this. 

short answer, not focused nearly enough.  if you're humans, make that the driving force behind all your decisions.  otherwise, there are better craetures that can be run.  humans probably needs a much lower curve.

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@Porvaznik: I have been thinking of thundermaw today actually, before i got to your thread it might actually really be the thing to do, cut the angels, add the dragon -> however it's gonna be a question of cash too....
The rancor question.... I mean, yes, Rancor is vital for getting the dmg through, but as I have discussed with harmy, selesnya charm does the job too and has got more options to it, such as casting a knght at the end step of a control deck, to be able to push through some damage with a silverblade in the next turn. Or exile the angel of serenity, or even an attacking thundermaw?
Boros charm: I assert that it's only good against control to make them indestructible.... i mean the double strike function, if you get through you need at least a 5/5 creature to make the difference for the dmg to the face - it acts maybe as a removal for surprise first strike when blocking an attacking creature, but thats very situational, isnt it?
Thalia is important, but wouldn't she just make a good sideboard card, maybe against control? I mean, to replace the pricey spells then and make it more aggro? All in all I very much apreciate your accurate observation, it's my attitude (and i'm not so sure if it's really the way to go in mtg...) to try to get all the answers to everything and maybe end up with a mediocre deck. Then again, there is the sideboard which is very crucial since we play the bigger part of games with a sideboarded deck, and concentrate on this to shift it to one or the other side.

@Burning_Forest: Cheers for your straightforward critics, so you're right about the claim that the humans theme should be the driving force behind everything. I'm guessing that you're talking about synergy here, and i was wondering how that could be improved from your point of view - like certain spells or better humans? I'm always striving to make things better, and comments like yours help me a lot, so i would really apreciate it if you could be a little more specific about it. -> By lower curve, you mean more cheaper spells? I'm asking this since the balance already tips hard to the 1 and 2 mana spell side.
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