Need help with mass combat skill challenge

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as the title says i am looking for some help to create it. I know there are mass combat rules in CWCG but i think these rules are too clumsy for a smooth flow of the plot.

Which skills and challenge effects would you suggest?
What for a failure consequence wouldn't destory the rest of the plot?
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Although it is a DnD 3.5 book I wonder if Heroes of Battle couldn't be of some assistance to you.  It talks about how to run a big battle as the backdrop to an adventure and how the things the PCs do can alter the outcome of the battle.  While it is a DnD book the concepts are easy enough to apply to StarWars.

The basic idea is to know what would happen if the PCs aren't there and then come up with several situations for the PCs to deal with.  The more successful the PCs are the more successful their side is in the overall battle.  If the PCs have resounding successes they probably win the battle or if fate says they are going to lose the battle they do so in the least painful ways.  If they lose they may still win the overall battle at a great cost.
The basic idea is to know what would happen if the PCs aren't there and then come up with several situations for the PCs to deal with. 

One thing I will suggest here, for I did it when handling something like a full company of slightly weakened storm commandos vs an entire droid augmented battalion as part of an encounter I was planning was to figure out percentages.  These guys have a 85% chance to hit these guys, so have 85% hit for average damage.  It's a lot easier than rolling over a thousand dice per round.  It will give you a good idea of how the battle will playout without the PCs without even having to roll dice.
@KingPin000:  I agree very much with StevenO, Heroes of Battle is a great resource for any mass battle.  Complete Warrior (also a D&D supplement) has additional material, including battle complications and ideas for support (look under Running a Mercenary Campaign).  StevenO also hit it on the head with the success of the heroes.  The more they succeed, the better the battle goes.  The more they fail, the worse things get.  

Which route from CWCG mass battles are the heroes going to particpate?  Will they be part of the mass battle, moving with different battalions, or are they going to be a strike force taking on specific objectives with the battle as a background?

As for skills, Knowledge (tactics) is the first one that comes to mind, for obvious reasons.  Use it to identify where enemies could move to flank, identify a weak point in the enemy lines, or a good position to set up artillery.  Endurance could be used to see to run across the battlefield or keep troops in formation as they advance.  Computer Use or Mechanics can be used to jam or intecept enemy communcations.

Not sure about challenge effects.  I'm AFB, but I'll post later when I have more ideas. 
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Looking at something SS said "what are you trying to get out of this?"  Are you having the players run a mass combat scene which is where the CWCG comes in or are you running the mass combat as the background for the PC's fight?  The two are actually very different although if you were looking at an overall story they may seem the same.

Unless the PCs are directing the battle I'd actually stay away from the mass combat rules.  I don't know if you ever played the SW Battlefront video games but I see the typical PC role in mass combat like I see the mini-objectives that come up in that game's campaign mode.  There are tasks that should be done and if fast and better the PCs can accomplish those the better the end result will be.
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