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Ok this is what am planning on playing on my first FNM in a few months i really like the new Orzhov cards. So this is what i have please tell me what you think the side deck was just thrown together. Any help would be great. The sac engine are [C]Cartel Aristocrat[/C] and [C]Liliana of the Veil[/C]. This deck also work by extoring my opponent slowly using cards like [C]Blind Obedience[/C] and [C]Basilica Screecher[/C].

Creature (26)

  • 3x [C]Basilica Screecher[/C]

  • 4x [C]Blood Artist[/C]

  • 4x [C]Cartel Aristocrat[/C]

  • 3x [C]Desecration Demon[/C]

  • 4x [C]Diregraf Ghoul[/C]

  • 4x [C]Geralf's Messenger[/C]

  • 4x [C]Gravecrawler[/C]

Instant (4)

  • 4x [C]Tragic Slip[/C]

Sorcery (3)

  • 3x [C]Lingering Souls[/C]

Land (22)

  • 4x [C]Cavern of Souls[/C]

  • 4x [C]Godless Shrine[/C]

  • 4x [C]Isolated Chapel[/C]

  • 1x [C]Plains[/C]

  • 7x [C]Swamp[/C]

  • 2x [C]Vault of the Archangel[/C]

Enchantment (3)

  • 3x [C]Blind Obedience[/C]

Planeswalker (2)

  • 2x [C]Liliana of the Veil[/C]

Sideboard (15)

  • 3x [C]Appetite for Brains[/C]

  • 2x [C]Nevermore[/C]

  • 3x [C]Oblivion Ring[/C]

  • 2x [C]Orzhov Charm[/C]

  • 2x [C]Sublime Archangel[/C]

  • 3x [C]Vampire Nighthawk[/C]

Bump couse I need help
as you build it, i think your curve should top off with sorin.  nasty spirits etc.

i'd be curious to see someone test zombs with thalia tho.  would be a fairly different build. 
What should I remove for sorin I could remove screecher for thalia
so, i guess Gravecrawler is just for Cartel Aristocrat and that's good but why should you use Desecration Demon? To force to sacrifice for the artist?
The Cavern is useless in this deck, all your zombies have same mana colour
Add few High Priest of Penance to remove some nasty permanent like enchantments or to slow your opponent, destroying lands.
By the way... why the ghoul?
If you want to get the most milage out of blood artist, run a bunch of 2 CMC creatures/zombies, Mutilate, and Immortal Servitude.  After turn 1, you're playing a creature every turn and either attacking or chump blocking your opponent.  Play Immortal Servitude to bring all the slain ones back -- and all the blood artists -- then Mutilate.

this deck looks like a mono black version of zombies with a splash of white, you should look into adding more white creatures or spells to capitalize on both colors, I could make specific suggestions on which white guys to add, but its late and im tired so im going to go ahead and say be creative; I would suggest taking a look at some of the boros guys, their battalion mechanic would irronically be great in a zombie deck lol.

also I would consider adding shadow alley denizen, she is really good, if your summoning a creature every turn your basically getting a free unblockable hit each turn and most of the guys in a zombie based deck are black so she would proc a lot.

If your bent on using extort as a finisher I would suggest adding the [C=Syndic of Tithes]Extort Bear[/C].

Don't add the Denizen. It's a 1/1 that MIGHT aid in evasion. Sideboard MAYBE if you can't make it to 15.
imo i would not use the demon dont get me wrong yes early game and sometimes he can get in there and hit hard but with how big zombies are anymore someone like that will just keep him tapped all day its happen to be a many times. possibly use Crypt Ghast his mana cost is high but you go and tap to get gravecrawler back from grave youll always get a free extort mana. An when you play geralf messenger you will get 3 extra. imo nighthawk should be mainboard over the demon its just a very good staple in the format right now it will give you the chance to stableize your life if your behind an death touch always makes your oppnent think before attacking with something good. the ghast thing is a big toss up of mana vaule i been play testing with it and im not sure how i totally feel about it yet
I would add at least 3 Restoration Angels because who doesn't like having a Messenger die, then come back w/o the counter only to lose 2 more life?!

Also, maybe 2-3 Oblivion Rings MB wouldn't hurt.
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Thanks for the help guys I am rethinking the demon I do like it slot with blood artist but nighthawk is also good I can't decide what should I add in for oblivion ring? I am taking out the screechers for another white monster and I am considering Boros frontline medic indestructible zombies sound appealing.
Shadow Alley Denizens is just the opposite version of Cartel Aristocrat ( speaking of spearing through the enemy) and intimidate isn't so good since black is not only your colour
Restoration Angel is good but Cloudshift is soooooo much better
Shadow Alley Denizens is just the opposite version of Cartel Aristocrat ( speaking of spearing through the enemy) and intimidate isn't so good since black is not only your colour
Restoration Angel is good but Cloudshift is soooooo much better

I can't take this seriously, you just said restoration angel  is worse than cloudshift, there is only 1 enter the battlefield effect creature in this deck, 2 if you count diregraf ghoul, Im on board with flickering the geralf's messenger  but if your going that way your going to need to add more enter the battlefield effect type creatures to fully utilize it.

Also as a zombie deck your basically summoning a new guy every turn which means shadow alley denizen  is going to proc almost every turn, from the list I saw from the OP all of the creatures are black and would trigger her ability, you could make an argument that her ability wouldn't work against decks that use black creatures and can block the intimidate but thats what a sideboard is for; I would sideboard her for matches the other guy doesn't have black creatures to block with or use her main deck giving your biggest guy unblockability on the fly because you summoned gravecrawler  from the grave is not something you should ignore so easily.
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