Swashbuckling Barbarian

The actual abilities gained by a Barbarian (as opposed to the roleplaying flavour) make a great swashbuckler class. So here is the Barbarian reskinned:

Level 1: Combat expertise - no reflavour necessarry

Level 1: Iron Hide - no reflavour necessarry - Zorro gets to wear a flouncy shirt!

Level 1: Daring (Rage)* - You have reserves of courage that you can call upon when times are hardest. 

Level 1: Reckless Attack - no  reflavour necessarry

Level 2: Fast Movement - no reflavour necessarry

Level 4: Keen Senses (Feral Instinct)

Level 5: Die hard (Relentless Rage)

Level 7: Danger Sense ( Feral Reflexes)

Level 8: Courage (Fearless Rage) When performing acts of daring you do not feel fear.

Level 10: Tenacity (Regenerative Rage)

Level 11: Final Strike (Channel Fury)

Level 14: Sixth Sense (Feral Senses)

Lecel 15 : All for one (Incite Rage)

Level 18: Pommel Strike (Unchecked Fury)

Level 19:  Heroic effort (Primal Might)

Level 20: Unstoppable (Endless Rage) - Your daring  fills you with vigour that defies death intself.

* Rage is the one problematic ability in that it gives you advantage on Strength checks and attacks. However a kindly GM might let you swap it for Dexterity checks or you can just ignore it and be happy with the nice damage bonus and resilience. 

There are two versions of a duellist style already in Fighter and Rogue. However when I was comparing and constrasting I found that these were unsatisfying. Both Maneuvers and Skill tricks are clunkier to use in play and often involve trading dice out. The abilities themselves are often weak "Yup you can keep your lunge at a cost of 1 dice of damage for a 5 feet reach, I move an extra 10 feet all the time..." or appear in the wrong list - Rogues have Great Fortitude and Iron Will but Fighters don't? Whilst swashbuckling rakes get Precise Shot and Rapid shot but can't Disarm or Spring Attack? Also the  Barbarian's get 15 pseudo manuevers or skill tricks whilst Fighters get 6 and Combat surges? Some of these abilities seem to be more generally useful. I would like to for a battle ready Fighter or cunning Rogue to have the option of Danger Sense etc. In summary, the Barbarian looks great but it makes both the Fighter and the Rogue look clunky and lack lustre.
You should not give advantage on Dex checks, while also getting Dex + Con to AC. 

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my builds
F-111 Interdictor Long (200+ squares) distance ally teleporter. With some warlord stuff. Broken in a plot way, not a power way.

Thought Switch Higher level build that grants upto 14 attacks on turn 1. If your allies play along, it's broken.

Elven Critters Crit op with crit generation. 5 of these will end anything. Broken.

King Fisher Optimized net user.  Moderate.

Boominator Fun catch-22 booming blade build with either strong or completely broken damage depending on your reading.

Very Distracting Warlock Lot's of dazing and major penalties to hit. Overpowered.

Pocket Protector Pixie Stealth Knight. Maximizing the defender's aura by being in an ally's/enemy's square.

Yakuza NinjIntimiAdin: Perma-stealth Striker that offers a little protection for ally's, and can intimidate bloodied enemies. Very Strong.

Chargeburgler with cheese Ranged attacks at the end of a charge along with perma-stealth. Solid, could be overpowered if tweaked.

Void Defender Defends giving a penalty to hit anyone but him, then removing himself from play. Can get somewhat broken in epic.

Scry and Die Attacking from around corners, while staying hidden. Moderate to broken, depending on the situation.

Skimisher Fly in, attack, and fly away. Also prevents enemies from coming close. Moderate to Broken depending on the enemy, but shouldn't make the game un-fun, as the rest of your team is at risk, and you have enough weaknesses.

Indestructible Simply won't die, even if you sleep though combat.  One of THE most abusive character in 4e.

Sir Robin (Bravely Charge Away) He automatically slows and pushes an enemy (5 squares), while charging away. Hard to rate it's power level, since it's terrain dependent.

Death's Gatekeeper A fun twist on a healic, making your party "unkillable". Overpowered to Broken, but shouldn't actually make the game un-fun, just TPK proof.

Death's Gatekeeper mk2, (Stealth Edition) Make your party "unkillable", and you hidden, while doing solid damage. Stronger then the above, but also easier for a DM to shut down. Broken, until your DM get's enough of it.

Domination and Death Dominate everything then kill them quickly. Only works @ 30, but is broken multiple ways.

Battlemind Mc Prone-Daze Protecting your allies by keeping enemies away. Quite powerful.

The Retaliator Getting hit deals more damage to the enemy then you receive yourself, and you can take plenty of hits. Heavy item dependency, Broken.

Dead Kobold Transit Teleports 98 squares a turn, and can bring someone along for the ride. Not fully built, so i can't judge the power.

Psilent Guardian Protect your allies, while being invisible. Overpowered, possibly broken.

Rune of Vengance Do lot's of damage while boosting your teams. Strong to slightly overpowered.

Charedent BarrageA charging ardent. Fine in a normal team, overpowered if there are 2 together, and easily broken in teams of 5.

Super Knight A tough, sticky, high damage knight. Strong.

Super Duper Knight Basically the same as super knight with items, making it far more broken.

Mora, the unkillable avenger Solid damage, while being neigh indestuctable. Overpowered, but not broken.

Swordburst Maximus At-Will Close Burst 3 that slide and prones. Protects allies with off actions. Strong, possibly over powered with the right party.

Yup, I was talking about Dex Checks not attacks but you are probably still correct. The sad thing is even without a key feature of the Barbarian it is still makes a better and more flavourful swashbuckler than either the Fighter or Rogue version. Indeed Dex is so good and armour so bad good that  a Dex based Barbarian is probably is as good as Strength based Barbarian again despite this key feature.
Swashbucklers were valuing perfect precision and control, and their combat styles were very codified.

Swashbuckling barbarians are like raging pacifists IMO.
Obviously the flavour or  fluff is totally different for a Barbarian and a Swashbuckler. However the flavour is just that flavour. The actual benefits gained or rules are a different . The actual rules for a Barbarian make a great swashbuckler. Indeed a better swashbuckler than you can make with either a Fighter or Rogue. Which is weird. 
Obviously the flavour or  fluff is totally different for a Barbarian and a Swashbuckler. However the flavour is just that flavour. The actual benefits gained or rules are a different . The actual rules for a Barbarian make a great swashbuckler. Indeed a better swashbuckler than you can make with either a Fighter or Rogue. Which is weird. 

You keep saying "better" compared to the Fighter or Rogue, but I think it is just different.  What I like is that you could have a party with 3 swashbucklers and have them all be different classes.

The barbarian is the one focused totally on offense.  He charges in and fiercely attacks with abandon.
The fighter is the more measured duelist.  He can't match the barbarian for pure damage, but he can parry incomming attacks.  In addition, he has a much more flexible range of attacks.
The rogue is the skillful swashbuckler.  He is the one who always has a solution for the problem outside of combat, and he is no slouch in combat either.

Well I say better because they can better emulate the Swashbucklers of film and fiction. 

The Fighter can Parry and he gains Spring Attack (1st level), Disarm (2nd level), Glancing Blow (4th level), Lunge (8th level), and Opportunist (10th level). The Fighter has worse hit points and worse AC even with a Mithril shirt (which does not really emulate Zorro et al) .

Sorry but I don't think these abilities compare to the ones above. Heck the Barbarian  level 2 ability of Fast movement is in many ways as good as Spring Attack and Lunge, as you trade some advantages for the ability to outpace the town guards. As for defenses as well as AC and base hit points being better the Barbarian has  Regenerative Rage and Endless Rage as well as half damage vs weapons and up to +14 on damage which make the fight quicker so you take less damage. Immunity to Fear and Ambushes are just gravy as well as the ability to inspire courage in shipmates (sorry fury in the party)

The Rogue does have a few more skills but when it comes to the roof top fight against the villan they have hit points of a mage none of the resistances and are missing the up to +14 damage per attack. 

While I believe that you are correct in that the Barbarian makes a really, really good swashbuckler, I have to agree with the others that it's just "different" and not necessarily better than the Fighter or Rogue.

It's like Ray Stevenson's portrayal of Porthos in the latest Three Musketeers movie -- he's a big, Str-based, unarmored swashbuckler. I guess one could also say that Athos is the Fighter-Duelist and Aramis is the Rogue-Rake. They're all really good musketeers but fight with distinctly different styles. YMMV, of course.
The main Issue i see is that barbarian powers tend to be better than fighter maneuvers so with the barbarians better armor class, and hp, and roughly the same CE benefits the fighter comes out as underpowered and unable to do anything in melee that the barbarian isn't doing better. Will have to check the fighter maneuvers to be sure but so far the barbarian seems like a superior choice unless you want ranged abilities.

Of course this wouldn't be an issue if barbarians and every other class in the game weren't jacking what was supposed to be the fighter's schtick.
If all the versions of a Duellist were equally good I would be happy. However I really don't think they are.

The Fighter gets 5 manuevers which are  mostly just not as powerful as the 15 Barbarian flavourful and cool things. Moreover the Fighter things are clunky and require a dice spend and often are only usable in special cases, for example Lunge, compare this with Iron hide. I would love the Fighter to be able to buy the equivalent of Iron Hide.  

The most powerfu Fighter abiity Parry is almost always eaten up by the Barbarian Rage bonus alone, never mind the other 14 cool things the Barbarian can do. The Fighter and Rogue appear to be half finished compared to the Monk and Barbarian. Indeed there are calls to say that the Fighter is not even a class.

Also some of the things that have made it into Rogue Skill Tricks seem to be more thematically correct for a Fighter e.g.Great Fortitude and Iron Will. I would like the Fighter to get "cool stuff" like another 10 useful maneuvers.
Zorro The Barbarian

    Or perhaps....

Cool pictures!

Don't get me wrong. A Barbarian is a great Barbarian, indeed it is better at emulating this archetype than a swashbuckler because of the mechanics in Rage. However my point is basically that if you grind up steak you can make a great hamburger, but baloney is still baloney no matter how you slice it... 
You only get the "Reckless Atack" advantage bonus on Strength based attacks, remember. So you aren't going to be a Dex based swashbuckler if you go this route.

Nothing wrong with that, it just bears mentioning.
Just checked this because I thought Ihad made a mistake, but no Reckless attack stipulates melee only not Strength based. So the Dex based Barbarian is fine.
Hmm...advantage seems a lot more Swashbucklery than Ragey. Call it precise strike or somehting. Aside from the silly daily limits, yes the barbarian could be reflavored as a swashbuckler. Then again every 5e (non-caster) class could because none of them are really well defined or flavored.

Basically you can make anything you want from playdough, but it definitely won't be fancy. 
Oops! You are correct JonJones. It isn't the Reckless attack ability that is strength only. It is the Rage ability. 


No worries mate. I had to check again. It is a little bit confusing that Rage requires Strength but Reckless Strike doesn't.

For me this was a useful exercise because it helped me to really compare the Barbarian with the Fighter and Rogue.

As an aside have you seen the playtest Barbarian and compared it with the playtest Dwarven melee Fighter? If the Barbarian spends the 60 Gp on Scale armour and Shield; then you have the same AC as the Fighter, better hit points, +1 extra to hit, same average damage, Rage twice a day, and the option to Reckless Strike. However you can't Parry.