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If I imprint say a Blustersquall on an Isochron Scepter, when I activate the Scepter, can I choose to cast the card for it's overload cost? Either for free or by paying for it? I would assume no, but I figured I'd check.
No, both are alternative costs ("for free", overload), and you can only use one alternative cost when casting a spell. Isochron Scepter forces you to use "for free", so overload is not possible.
Ironically, if it was written...


Tap target creature you don't control. If you paid the kicker tap each creature you don't control instead. could pay to get the "overload" effect

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so not every mechanic is Kicker ;)
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Clearly not, since I believe that a "kicked" Blustersquall still needs a target, while an Overloaded Blustersquall never does.

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that's a common complaint whenever a new mechanic is introduced "that's just Kicker with a different name"
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