Creating the Summoner: A 4e class based on a Pathfinder Class

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Well guys, I've been mastering and playing with friends the 4th Edition of D&D for well, more than 2 years, and they're thinking it's a good idea to move into Pathfinder already. I am joining them as a player this time, since I feel I have no guts, patience and understanding to dabble into the complex maze of rules Pathfinder/3.5 is...

While creating our characters, I fell in love with a class named "Summoner" on Pathfinder's Advanced Player's Guide. It is what I was looking for on D&D 4E, and never found. There are classes based on controling monsters such as the Wizard with summoner build, or the Beast Master Ranger; we have a theme focused on controling a beastie but:

1) Beasts were pre-build and boring
2) Beast Mastery was one of those class mistakes such as the Seeker which never got fixed in Magazine or other sources
3) They focused too much on character development and NOT in the beast's

The Summoner focuses on building your own "Eidolon" to battle for you, while you, the summoner, just stay back and buff the ally while making whimpy ranged attacks and minor battlefield control. The Eidolon is what shines on the battlefield, and what makes you unique; plus, as you grow stronger, you gain an ammount of evolution points to make your tough fighter even tougher. It's a versatile class that can even weild a lance to make a mount eidolon and charge into the fray. 

It's something I want to see on 4e, and I'm starting to tinker my own custom class for the sake of fun. However I want it to be "balanced".
I want, however, he player to focus on eidolon usage. My idea was giving the character an at-will attack power picked from the Wizard class (2 if human) and giving 2 at-wills from the Summoner class to the Eidolon, these carrying the Eidolon Keyword.

I'm still tinkering; I'll post class feats, profiencies and Initial HP/Surges/Defense Bonus in a while. Ideas? 

I am by no means adept at making custom classes.
(Someone needs to write a thread on best way to do it)
But while reading your post It reminded me a bit of the 4e Shaman; The Shaman summons a spirit companion and can move it around and attack with it, while mostly sticking in the back lines and doing some leader like buffs/moves.

I would look into the Shaman class and how it allows some powers be used by the S.companion (those with the spirit keyword) and others for the Shaman themselves.
Might be able to take that idea and modify it to what you’re looking for.
Hope this helps.


Definitely sounds like a Shaman for a base.  If you are looking for something player created, you could use the search feature in this forum.  I'm sure someone has thought of a 3.5 druid class conversion before.

(Someone needs to write a thread on best way to do it)

The dmg gives a pretty good guide on it, but there's not much because keeping a class from being op is not something a step by step creation process can do.  There might also be a topic about it if you try the search feature though.

I built one a while ago. I was trying to get my game to switch to 4e from PF, but the players didn't want to. It's an essentials Wizard subclass.

This was built to evoke a particular character that liked crossbows and the haste spell. I haven't decided if I like the class or not, and it likely has problems similar to the Sentinel (namely, some minor scaling issues and lack of role cohesion).

EDIT: and the Trip evolution is /definitely/ too strong. I've gotta give this a solid rewrite to catch things like that. - 4e D&D house rules, homebrew, and story hours - now featuring ENWorld's Zeitgeist adventure path! Will Thibault is a winged, feathered serpent rarely found anywhere except in warm, jungle-like regions or flying through the ether. Due to his intelligence and powers he is regarded with awe by the inhabitants of his homelands and is considered to be divine.
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