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If I were to buy one set which would you recomend?

I'd say Heart of Cormyr or Sting of Lolth, whichever appeals to you more, assuming you're just into the gameplay.  They're still the easiest sets to learn with IMHO because they have the fewest ability scores so the decks work best out of the box.

If you are also interested in the minis, I'd say wait a few weeks and go for Orcs because it's (I think?) the only one with no reprinted minis. 

... assuming you're just into the gameplay.

Thanks for the advice.  I don't collect mini's but I do enjoy playing the game.  The main reason I'll only purchase one set is that I play infrequently; once every two months if lucky; and would like a set that could at least challenge other players with custom sets.

I'll probably pick up the Heart of Cormyr set.  The one time I played I used a friends Cormyr set and played against his custom undead/drow/goblin mix and I kicked his but.
I'd buy the Orcs set when it comes out, but if you're in a hurry just grab Heart of Cormyr.
I dunno in my opinion the Drow are the strongest single box force.  They have the best leaders and the Drow Wizard is a boss and a half.  Plus everything they have uses Dex, so their cards are the easiest to use.
I dunno in my opinion the Drow are the strongest single box force.  They have the best leaders and the Drow Wizard is a boss and a half.  Plus everything they have uses Dex, so their cards are the easiest to use.

The Drow are just dudes. They lack synergy. Individually they're good and they can all use the cards in the deck. Cormyr's dudes make awesome combos that end up being better than the sum of their parts, but you do have to assemble them properly.

If they were asking which to buy if they're buying *multiples* I would definitely say the Drow though. Most of my warbands are DEX based and rely heavily on staple cards from the Drow and Goblin sets.
Single box I'd probably wait for Blood of Gruumsh. But that might be because it's new and exciting to me ;).

Best out of the box so far would be Sting of Lolth for me. Tyranny of Goblins was/is by far the most fun. Curse of Undeath is coolest, mostly because of it's theme. Heart of Cormyr is....well....to me it's plain boring. That's all my personal taste though, I'm sure others will feel very different about the faction packs.
Depends what you're into...

Pretty straightforward, mostly dex cards that make you do more damage.

Actually pretty fun with cleric, defenders, earth elemental smashing things about. Lots to think about positionally. I don't think the're as bad as most people think they are out of the box.

Tricky to not get everything killed before you can make an amazing turn with lots of little units and a big warcry (or two).

Undeath: Maybe the most boring. Terrifying revelation is hardly a big play. You can sit back and summon infinite zombies, which is cool. And OMG GOUT OF FIRE
Cormyr is cool too and I like Cormyr, but I'm the only one that really does in my group.  The other guys don't like to be Cormyr so much because they are slow and defensive and you have to be super patient to play them right.  The other guys in my group much prefer a LEEEEEROY JEEEEENKINNS! style of play and the Drow are somewhat more conducive to that.

I've found that playing super patient with the Goblins is also much better.  The problem with Goblins is that they tend to be able to make a really great turn of attacks, but then once they've blown their wad if you haven't already won, you're probably gonna lose.

Don't have the undead box, can't comment on them.

But definitely the Drow are the easiest to play and probably the most fun for most players; fast-moving, aggressive, you can get board control easy and you can stockpile mass cards, all your guys can use nearly all the cards (WIS for Priestess being the only major exception) and both leaders are awesome.
I have them all and have played them all multiple times against each other with my brother.  Here's my breakdown/opinions.  However, if you have a favorite theme (goblins, undead) or a favorite mini (Copper Dragon, Drider), just get that set.  You'll probably simply have more fun playing what you enjoy.

Cormyr: While it doesn't look amazing at first glance or synergistic, it is very versitale and has many awesome pieces.  If you want choices and like to strategize, this might be your way to go.

Drow: Every piece pretty much has complete access to every Order card in the deck, but the creativity of the plays isn't always there.  Against a sloppy opponent, you can pretty much own them by the fact that your cards can pretty much always be used.

Goblins: The Troll and the Horned Devil are two awesome pieces, and the whole goblin tribal theme plays very well.  This deck can pack a solid punch, but it can also fall apart quickly.

Undead: Very resistant.  These guys are hard to kill/have a lot of surprise cards that make them harder to kill.  The Vampire is one of the best creatures around.

Orcs: I'm a big fan of STR, so I'm all for this.  I've also always liked the beast creatures, so I will probably be making some sort of Beast Warband from this.  Owlbears are always cool.
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