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Hello everyone, recently our group lost our leader and are, of course, looking for a replacement. I am a relatively new DM and we are currently doing the Keep on the Shadowfell campaign. Everyone is now level 2. Our game times are Saturdays at 7:00 CST would love to have ya.
I have 2 questions for you. Is it possible for you to start half an hour later? I work until 7 so if you could hold off until 7:30 that would be fantastic. Also I was wondering if you were totally sold on a new leader/healer. I have this battlemind I have been really wanting to try. But if you have to have a leader I could roll up an ardent fast enough. Please let me know.
Currently our group consists of a defender, 2 striker, and a controller/defender, so we would probably need a leader, as for the 7:30 time I'll leave it up to the rest of the group, I personally dont mind.

Also, if you wanted to make a hybrid of some form that is allowed as well, our controller/defender is a swordmage/seeker hybrid
Well I thought it would be easy enough to roll up a leader but I'm just not feeling any of them so I guess I will have to step down as an applicant. Good luck in your quest for a new player.
I would love to play a Cleric or a Warlord, but I can only play every other week (including this coming weekend). I have a 2E Game on Google+ every two weeks at that time.
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Sorry Hippolyte, would rather have somebody that is full time, so someone isn't having to PC a character every other week.

we have a little more room for variation now, our swordmage/seeker has changed to swordmage/ardent (in RP, his character saw some strange events at a dragon burial site and has now changed a bit mentally) so now we would take just about any newcomer, a leader or controller would be preferred but we are able to go on without one, and again hybrids are allowed.
If you can swing my battlemind I am still up to play Smile
If you can swing my battlemind I am still up to play 

Sure, just roll up a lv 2, of your character, and everyone seems to be alright with not starting till 7:30

my skype is mr.meim 
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