[South St. Paul, MN] 3/2/2013 - 1v1 EDH Tournament - Commanders Arsenal

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Level Up Games will be hosting a 1v1 EDH tournament on March 2nd 2013 @ Noon.

Entry fee is $10

- First prize is a Commanders Arsenal. 

- All entry fees will be used to fund the top 8 players prizes for store credit to be used the day of the event. Credit can be used on ANY Magic the Gathering related products in the store...  examples = Singles in the case, card sleeves, playmats, booster packs, etc...

- Random drawing throughout the day.

- Pizza provided by Level UP Games!

These RULES will be followed with some modification...

Players start the game with 30 life.
Ante cards and manual dexterity cards are banned.
The legend rule does not apply if both players have the same commander.
The replacement effect for commanders also applies if it would be put into your library.
Rounds are 50-60 minutes and are best of 3 matches.
15 card sideboards
No Proxies (including gold bordered cards)
11 poison counters
* Paris Mulligans will be used (shuffle hand into library and draw one fewer card)

Legends that cannont be your Commander

  • Braids, Cabal Minion

  • Edric, Spymaster of Trest

  • Erayo, Soratami Ascendant

  • Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary

Banned Cards

  • Ancestral Recall

  • Ancient Tomb

  • Balance

  • Back to Basics

  • Bitterblossom

  • Black Lotus

  • Channel

  • Crucible of Worlds

  • Gifts Ungiven

  • Grindstone

  • Hermit Druid

  • Imperial Seal

  • Karakas

  • Library of Alexandria

  • Mana Crypt

  • Mana Drain

  • Mana Vault

  • Mind Twist

  • Mishra’s Workshop

  • Mox Emerald

  • Mox Jet

  • Mox Pearl

  • Mox Ruby

  • Mox Sapphire

  • Necropotence

  • Protean Hulk

  • Sensei’s Divining Top

  • Serra Ascendant

  • Shahrazad

  • Sol Ring

  • Staff of Domination

  • Strip Mine

  • The Tabernacle at the Pendrell Vale

  • Time Vault

  • Time Walk

  • Tinker

  • Tolarian Academy

  • Vampiric Tutor

  • Yawgmoth’s Bargain


You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

I'd say if you want to stop combo go with this rule of 3 in a given turn:

3 recurs of the same card from a graveyard - doesn't matter how, just that its the same card recurring
3 triggered or activated abilities that bounce off eachother - like exquisite blood/sanguine bond or kiki-jiki/pestermite
3 casts of the same spell - forking doesn't count, and this includes all spells, not just instants and sorceries

and probably throw in the general sentiment that if it could go infinite, each part of the combo can only be used 3 times.
I can see your point, I'll have to talk it over with the other organizers to see if we want to change it.

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

I'm curious, what types of prizes would you like if you were to attend this event?

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

Updated first post - Prizes

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

We are a little over a week away from the event! Anyone doing any play testing of their decks?

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

The question came up about mulligans...  

This event will follow the normal Paris Mulligan rule - if you don't like your hand you may reshuffle it into your library and draw one less card.  

This will reduce combo hunting, and require decks to have proper ratios of card types. 

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

Well, we had a great turnout, 26+ people showed for the event. 

Most played General was Zur the Enchanter 

Winning was Geist of Saint Traft 

There were a few hiccups but overall it was a good event! 

You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!

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