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Per Player's Guide page 273:
If every imaginary line you trace to a target passes through or touches a solid obstacle, you don't have line of effect to the target.

Does an enemy qualify as a solid obstacle?
Creatures don't block line of effect because they don't fill their space (RC 200)
Thank you for the info! Can a creature change another's cover status from "cover" to "superior cover"?
Good to know. A creature can move in front of another to provide basic cover but not Superior Cover to a creature already in cover.
Good to know. A creature can move in front of another to provide basic cover

This is not quite true.  An ally providing cover only does so for a ranged attack.  No other attacks are affected, and general conditions that require cover are not satisfied by the intervening-ally conditional cover for ranged attacks.  Something like "The monster can only make this attack when it has cover or concealment" wouldn't work, for example - even if the attack were taking place during the ranged attack, the creature does not technically have cover.

A bit nitpicky, but sometimes it matters.
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It's also worth noting that providing cover to a creature already in cover does nothing.
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Thank you all for the information! Most helpful.
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