report sessions 30-11-12 , 13-1-13 , 20-1-13

Report 30-11-12 session  4hrs 

13-1-13 session  7hrs

20-1-13 session  7hrs

group : Human rogue (me) charlatan/assassin, Human mage noble/school of evocation, Dwarf (hill) warrior soldier/protector, Dwarf (hill) cleric priest/lightgiver OR  Human cleric lifegiver (we alternated npc to our phasing member)

Nobody used the pre-gen feat models, everyone took the ones he wanted. Not to mention, healing initiate was one of the first pick for quite everybody (except for the tank).

For which concerns the out-of-combat:

Now that the rogue is being nerfed in the checks, the various contests etc look pretty balanced. Skill die is good.

Magic items and stuffs have a little to discuss about, but I’ll do in a separate analysis.

Like it’s being in the past pack, background helps interpret and they also help the master develop the adventure. Thumbs up.

For which concerns the combat

We made some tons of fights, increasing the mob’s levels to see what can trouble the group. Here are the fights (you will learn more about them in the master’s report)

Group lv 6

4 elementals (one x type) : Fight went easy, quite like always, some bad positioning by the rogue made him risk to die. Some good hide’n’run and 1hp permaheal made the day

Group lv 7

Tactical fight. Onslaught to the castle, group defending a tower (giving some cover) from flying beasts.

4 Manticores : The group managed some ranged damage getting cover by the tower, the tank stood stupidly uncovered and got some dmg, so we wasted some heal spell. Assassinate+invisibility oneshotted one mob, the other 3 went down pretty quickly.

Minor rest

2 Chimeras (other 2 went hitting the top of the tower to breach in) : As they heavy hit in melee, we made the tank engage and we managed some tank’n’spank (note: rogue hidden, cleric+warrior run to him, chimeras breath => rogue taken)…not to mention we fought this one terribly bad, as we were meant to fight the boss after this one and instead we wasted heals and ran away through the tower stairs.

Minor rest

Lv 15 white dragon : it was in the middle of the fray, with some dmg on, so we engaged and killed him. Even if he was lv 15, some good magic missile and such took him down. Ubereasy.

Group lv 9 (+1 weapon to everybody)

Sit down, and enjoy the show

3 Nelfashnee (lv 13) : we nuked them pretty fast, managing some kite by the rogue on one of them, and the damage focus on the others. Wizard magic missiled, once again, and did nothing else (boring).

Minor rest

3 Glabrezu (lv 11) : worst engage possible. They engaged from far away, confused tank, hammered everyone except the rogue (that was hiding to assassinate) x3. They finally went in melee and they got kicked sacrificing the tank (ressed afterward by the chief of the lifegiver church, if somebody had the ress feat that would be even easier). Wizard used magic missile, and nothing else. Uberboring.

Group lv 10

Final bosses, chief dragon and chief demon.

Lv 13 Green dragon + lv 15 Marilith : we focused Marilith (while the best tactic could be to focus the dragon, as it was softer) and nuked it, then we turned to the dragon. The rogue died (and was ressed at the end like always) because its positioning wasn’t that good (far from protect). The ress feat makes things really easy, it’s necessary to remove it. 

Glory for everybody blablabla


Always the same boring stuffs.

1hp permaheal too op

Permaress with no cost too op

Mobs not built in the proper way, too easy.

Magic missile too easy, repetitive and boring.