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Pruinus slowly flew over the scorched continent, the land seeming to repel her from drawing any closer unless she wished for her very essence to melt away.

Of course, due to her nature she felt somewhat horrified at seeing the land burn. She wished to counter-act the heat and allow the land to stabilze itself for life again, but she represented the opposite end of spectrum, would her actions help or only make matters worse? Nevertheless, she would act. Perhaps she was being selfish, as she knew not whether she could help but simply watching made her feel anxious, she was acting simply because she had to.

As her hand hovered over the distant horizons, a familar chill swept over the land. Another winter began to take place on the burned land, this time the frigid winds did not bring challenge but healing.

The fires that scorched the land began to retreat back into nothingness as frost spread across fields and mountains.

As the cotinent froze in the wake of Winter, the berries that were universally associated with the cold season began to sprout and bloom in plentiful amounts. Usually, the fruit was rarely seen to grow even in Winter and in the cases it did, it was a single sprig in the ground that could be easily missed.

This Winter however, entire fields were dotted with bushes carrying the dark red fruit, providing substance and shielding those who needed it from the cold. There was not much variety, but the mortals had a supply of food that was almost endless.

Pruinus regret this course of action. The Agni'Vohda would suffer from this course of action, but that was necessary. Pruinus felt no malice towards them, but The Agni'Vohda had just enjoyed an age of fire spreading across their lands; if Pruinus had to cause them difficult times in order to benefit the other races, so be it.

1 AP - Command Winter
Winter comes once again. It is no colder then the previous, but fires open in the wild across the land seem to wither away and die despite previously having the potential to burn forever. This only affects fire's of a divine origin, allowing normal fires to be constructed for warmth, but unfornately leading to the consquence of...

1 AP - Harm populace: Agni'Vohda
The Agni'Vohda, being created by Agni, fit the criteria of divine fire. As such, many Agni'Vohda grow sickly and weak over the course of Winter, leading to many being extinguished all together.

2 AP - Nourish land.
Winter berries grow in plentiful amounts across the land, providing a large food source for those who need it, and also drink for those who learn to make drinks from the juices. Fitting Pruinus offer to Zebus in the early days, Winter Berries are said to create wonderful tea when the juices are added. Also, Winter Berries gain a rather supernatural quality of lowering the body temperature of those who consume many, not harming them but allowing them to endure the cold without much difficulty.
4 AP spent from my own pool, 1 AP left for Pruinus, 4/5 for Urru.
A wind rose in the north, which is an entirely odd place for wind to rise. As the elves gathered, they felt that they were being watched, but they saw nothing but the storm. It kicked up snow, and though it was cold, eventually the snow melted into water, water into clouds, and the storm moved south.

From frozen plains to winter forests, the storm moved, and from under layers of snow, dead leaves and dust and branches were added to the stormwall as it passed. As it went it grew, expanding until it stretched from east to west.

The stormwall hit, and those that had not sought sheltered suffered from piercing ice, slicing leaves, and impaling branches. But the wall passed quickly, and behind it fell nourishing rain, warm and soothing to the touch. Lavaflows cracked and split as roots dug deep, and trees and grasses grew up through the waste. Corpses decomposed and in their place new life arose.

Within the storm a presence watched and felt sorrow. It thought to itself, This is what happens when petty gods refuse to yield to life. It is a lesson I tried and failed to teach, and here is the result.

Within the storm, a memory of the past wished to reassert itself, but Brother Branch pushed it down. Attempting to assert order by force had not worked. Now was the time to try to earn respect through deed.

Eventually the storm reached the southern edge of the continent. It had expended itself, and was no more.


2AP Claim Domain: Storms
1AP Nourish: The rain helps restore the environments to their previous state and to wash away the traces of the invasion

---The North---

Queen Gisa, Lady of Thawhold, Second of Four, looked north at the glacier. This mountain of water had always been in the center of the northern realms, as far as memory and tale could tell. She had seen it, back when the First of Four had forged the alliance of elven kingdoms. It was here that the four rulers had met, and it was here that this land was declared the fifth kingdom, impartial and neutral in all affairs.

The elves that lived in the fifth land had been generous with their support. They had no leader to organize their efforts, but they saw how poorly set upon their southern kin were. Now, at least, Gisa and her soldiers had sufficient clothes and food.

Queen Ilsagar, Lady of Iceheim, First of Four, lounged on her litter. Servants held windbreaks around the two rulers, so that their queen might not grow too cold. She wore a long scarf of seal fur, and nothing else. Ilsagar had loved the cold from even her earliest childhood. She claimed that her tolerance for the elements was a sign from the primal spirits that she was meant to rule.

Both of them considered the ruined glacier and the strange creatures that guarded what appeared to be a new cave in it. From within there seemed to be a glow, and the elves knew it had to be theirs.

---The World---

As winter grew deeper, the elves grew strong and quick. Where before they had shied away from even the Crown, finding it unreasonably warm, now they spread out, to the east and west and south. They came with their spears of bone, they came with their clothes of fur. They walked unseen along the snowy ridges, they swam with joy in the frozen waters. And where they went, they brought the secret of snow, the knowledge that even in the most desolate situation, there was food and warmth to be had. Wherever they went, they brought survival with them.

For the present, the elves spread across the world. It wasn't fated to last, and they knew this. Even as they spread, they kept a watch to the weather. When winter ends, they'd return north.


1AP Nourish: Elves. During Winter, and Winter only, the elves spread throughout the world. When winter ends, they retreat back to the north. Given that Winter is only one of four seasons, I'd assume this nourish will really only be in effect every three or four weeks. As such, I'd also assume that it's a little more potent than 1AP normally would be, during the time it's in effect. But if I still need to spend more than 1ap to have the elves spread across the continent during the winter, let me know.

1AP remaining

The burbling of toxic gasses escaping from unknowable reservoirs quickened and took on the form of a hissing laugh. Light dimmed and a breeze swept up the unwholesome grit of the plane, sanding Zebus' skin as it passed. A tingling rose on his neck, the feeling that he was being watched, and a voice whispered in his ear.

What he has done? What you have done.

You could have stopped it.

You could have stopped it all.

He destroyed the land? You destroyed the land.

Too jealous.

Too jealous to share.

Who are you?



Father of abomination.


Father of abomination.

Smoke circled around Agni's form, and though there was no cooling touch on him, magma itched.

And you...

Do you remember me?

Behind the smoke

Behind the fire

I remember you

~~~Among the Skymotes~~~

"I am the god of healing," Seg replied to Sa, "I tend to the injured... although, unfortunately, attempting to help an injured god has taken up much of my time. To right what once went wrong, that is my calling."

"In fact... hmm... flowers... that's an interesting idea."

Seg winked, plucked a petal from the sky, and blew on it. It turned to dust, the dust crumbled, and power swept out into the world.


1AP Nourish: Various plants in the world take on medicinal properties.
1AP Command: The thinking peoples of the world realize this and people start to practice various forms of medicine. Of course, there's no formal education yet, so you're as likely to see a charlatan as a real knowledgeable doctor.

3AP remaining

The ground near the gods split violently and rose into the air. Mountains rose like jagged bones all across the Godcrater, and new peaks pierced the  hurricane's gusting fumes.

"Or have you forgotten me like you have forgotten everything that has served its purpose? Was I nothing to YOU? A moment's game of scorn played and tossed aside?! I remember you, AGNI, as you knew me in the begining. I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID TO ME! TO THEM!"

The maw of the sky called out in misery, sensing the anguish of the truth that was coming. Thunder peeled.

"I AM AZGO, FUSED OF AZAZEL AND GO'EL AND WHEN MY CROWN WAS STOLEN, I WAS CROWNED IN BLOOD! I am the monster born of YOUR treachery! My purpose is to survive, and to ensure that YOU do not. To inherit that which you stole from me! To punish your heresy to the First with annihilation! Yes, I brought destruction upon the world and on its mortals that bowed and scraped before you. They worshipped you, and that is deserving of naught but death! They share in YOUR guilt!"


He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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"This wind has a foul feel to it" Trying to pay the whispers no mind he shrugs off the whispered words.

Letting his sword fully return to its sheath, he motions to Agni to come forward.

I recognise neither name. I who was first born of the first, and I know naught of what you speak of Hatebringer. Do you recognise either names Agni? Do you remember of what he talks about, for I do not. I fear you might be correct in your assumption though. I do not think what we are dealing with is entirely sane. I think I have given him too much credit from my last encounter with him.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.


Yes, he's not sane... you're the one hearing voices.

Yes, because if you don't remember it, it must not have happened.
~The Skymotes~

"A god of healing? What need is there for one of those? And why does a healer prowl the skiesssssss?"

Sa's petals had begun a slow spiral, generally pointing downwards.

"And what then, could a god of balmsssssss do to so anger the blazing lord of flamesssssss?"

Sa swung back around to buffet Seg's face with a storm of divine winds and petals. It was "pointing" at him. He presumed?.

"And what god would matter ssssssso little, that the firstsssssss would leave for distant horizonsssssss before bothering to finish started conversationsssssss?"

For indeed, both Agni and the Death Lord Zebus had vanished. Pruinous was deep in concetration, evoking the might of winter to cool Agni's flames, and the zippy light god, Urru, was... elsewhere (though given his speed, he could be most everywhere, as well).

Sa's voice seemed almost mocking -- It had never left the Crown, and so had noticed the arrival of the Firsts beneath it. Though Sa had not bothered to participate in the gathering, nor get close enough to listen in, Sa was close enough to feel the phoenix-hot fury of the fire god Agni, and the hasty retreat of the belatedly arriving Seg.

And that, Seg realized, is why Sa had revealed itself - not out of friendliness nor out of simple proximity, but because it sought to know what Seg was, why he had joined with the firsts in conversation, and what he hoped to achieve in giving them space.
Agni looked back at Zebus.  Had he spoken his inner thoughts about the sanity of this Azgo aloud?  He hoped he hadn't.  That would probably get embarrasing if he kept doing such things.

Azgo, I do not recognize you.  Nor do I know what you are speaking of.  My first memory is flaring to life above a dark planet.  I do not remember a life before, or anything you speak of.  But very well.  Let us say that I am, as you say, your betrayer.  What Plan have I betrayed?  I warn you, Azgo.  I will defend myself if attacked.  I have found Gods to be flammable in the -

Agni broke off as a familiar touch of smoke and darkness played about him.

You...    he breathed out in a long, low growl.  Do not think I have forgotten our last encounter, LightKiller.  You will find me far less helpless this time.  
~~~Among the Skymotes~~~

"Ah, yes, them..." Seg said to Sa, and glanced down. He hadn't noticed that Agni and Zebus had left. "Those three are... overly cautious. And I am afraid that one, Agni, is suffering from mental illness. Manic depression, I think, perhaps paranoia. I wish to help heal him, but help cannot be forced. Trust is important: he asked me to leave and I left. Now, in some part of him, he knows that I am respectful. Next is to prove that I am a god of my word."

Seg stretched and looked about, "Which means that for the present, I should seek other work, others to heal. Idle hands are... well, you know."


It was as if droplets of water fell onto Agni's form, sizzled along his surface, and evaporated. There was a constant sense of sound and presence and sight just at the corner of Agni's attention.

Less helpless

But still helpless

Above, the god-sun groaned, a sound that sent reverberations into the very ground. It slept more fitfully.

Will you fight again?

What friend will die this time?


Destroyer of worlds

Favored servant of the master
Master.  Both you and the Betrayer referenced a Master.  I assume it is not this God here,  Agni nodded at Agni.   

So is that thing up there your master?  If so, it was quite flammable.  You would be flammable too. most likely.

It's on fire

You're on fire

Are you flammable

You do the master's work


Non-AP: Just defining my exarchs a little more. TASOE is crafting the "three" god beasts to be "replacements" for the three "still living" Firsts. The Behemoth started off as a mountain, but then someone lit it on fire, so now it's a creature of stone, magma, and fire. The leviathan is a thing of cold, darkness, and water. And the Ziz is... wait, I still have to make that one. For now, let's just say that its a giant flying cup of tea :P
No, I am fire.  This is an important difference.  All other fire stems from me.  If you burn, you burn because I will it so.

And I find myself more and more willing the longer you evade my question. 
The toxic pressure under the crater caused a nearby cliff to shift, sending a small stream of pebbles and dirt sliding down. As the rocks bounces, their sound was shifted and morphed, reaching Agni's ears as children giggling.

Sad little Agni-man

Put me on fire

Dark little Agni-man

So full of ire

Cold little Agni-Man

He's a liar

Trapped little Agni-Man

We put out his fire
They were playing games. Futile games with petty meanings. Azgo would not stand for this, and the time to force an ultimatum was nigh.

"Let us say? Let us pretend?! YOU ARE MY TRAITOR, AGNI!"

A faint gleam of hope shimmered in Azgo's eyes. He spoke with eqaul parts malice and rapture, enthralled in the future he would carve out.

"The Plan... it is the the recording of the First. The greatest decisions and their consquences all laid out out over the numberless stretches of time. The very best that creation could possibly be, down to the very fibers of the gods themselves. Nothing awry, nothing unplanned. Everything accounted for and predicted with the power of The First, God among Gods. It was... perfect. Beyond perfect."

And with the momentum of speech, his words rolled seamlessly from worship into righteous hate. The storm intensified. The stone moved into indistinct forms, words, odes of the plan. Entire civilizations of words glowed in the stone, brought straight from the memory of The Blood Crowned's aching mind.

"You had a part in it. We all did. You were my servants!..."

There was a painful pause, Azgo felt a twinge of vulnerability.


The words disappeared, and the ground shook.



Powerful gusts of black miasmas and sickly, emerald light billowed out from the gaps in Azgo's hands. The armor gleamed in its light, and despite its bloody tarnish, the symbol of Thereus was faintly visible on the breastplate. Only a fraction of a second passed before the symbol was shrouded in smoke.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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The dark God's words slid across Agni's psyche, searching for a vulnerable crack to lever open and force their way into for devastating consequence.  Agni tried his best to ignore it, focusing instead on Azgo, who continued to rant against Agni for crimes that Agni could not remember comitting.  In vain, Agni cast his memories back, willing himself further back in time.  He was forming himself of magma, he was sparking across the dust that had filled creation, he was a primordial spark, he... darkness.  He was nothing.  And yet, he seemed to be able to remember being nothing.  How does one remember non-existence?  Agni willed himself further back.

An eye, massive in size and bloodshot flashed through his mind for a brief instant before shattering his concentration.  What?  What was that?

Agni blinked and returned his focus, momentarially lost, to the present, just in time to see his son's symbol flash in the darkness.  Where had the Smithlord gone?  Agni suddenly wondered.  His son had been honor bound to protect him, and yet he had never appeared when Agni was imprisoned.  The presence of his armor on this God...

You killed my SON?       Agni roared.     I was prepared to speak, KinSlayer.  I was prepared to attempt to bargain with you.  No more.  DeathLord, let us deal with this one.

 Agni opened his mouth and a wave of magma flew from it towards Azgo

1 AP:  Attack God.  Die Azgo Die!

4 AP remain. 
"So only now, when you know of loss, do you regret? How patheticly self-centered. But then, I never intended to bargain."

Azgo plunged his hands deep into the stone and gave it the very essence of his breath, and the ground before the gods split into a yawning chasm of erupting steam. The potent magma stream was pulled apart by the blinding black fumes and cast into the air. The Godcrater began to rain molten metal of the god's fury and cinders danced across the cyclone's currents. The Fused God's lungs felt like they were filled with searing fire. Even the sun had not been this intense. Summoning up his hate, the god spoke through the agony to the smoky presence at his command.

"Torment him. Distract him with the truth, for he is not worthy of deceit. You may die, but such is the price that we pay to make things right again."

Azgo imbued some of his memory into his servant. The darkening cloud seemed eager for conflict, and sunk its way into the ground. Moments later, the grand wall of smoke glowed with the eerily vibrant color of sickness aflame and the cloud soared into the air. The pillar gathered in the atmosphere, and then spiraled down unto Agni, swallowing him in The Eclipse Aflame. Azgo gave a moments glance at Agni; his servant could not possibly win, but with the plane's help, it could hold him off.

Azgo, still swathed in blood about his brow and seeping through the gaps across his whole body, called out to Zebus with a voice distorted in the howling wall's winds.

"Come Zebus. You cannot escape the past forever."

And the Godcrater shook so violently that it began to tear at the edges. Layers of stone fell into the ocean, and the tallest mountains of the basin fell into rubble. It seemed... eager as well.

Non-AP Action: The Godcrater is an extention of Azgo's power, will, and hate. It attempts in every way possible to harry the Firstborn, including moving the ground to impede their footwork or attempts at movement, opening monsterous gesyers to capitalize on their mistakes, and buffeting them with hurricane-strong wind. The corruption of the plane is begining to assault the gods, attempting to turn them sick with Azgo's illness. At this rate, the Godcrater will fall apart.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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A human boy, barely old enough to walk, would never walk again. His legs had been injured in the attack, and the slender-folk's "medicine" was harsh. They amputated what couldn't be saved and cauterized the rest. Now his body was wane, weak from the ordeal, but his parents had hope. He was growing stronger every day, although he could still barely get up from his bed.

It was night and his father watched over him as he slept. It had been another hard day, and the child was tired. It would be a hard life. Best to let sleep hide his worries.

The child didn't rest peacefully, though. It turned frequently, twisting in his sleep. Even though winter had reached before ground here, the boy began to sweat. The father held back, unsure if he should wake him.

He didn't need to.

The boy's eyes opened so wide the father became afraid they'd fall out. He began to sit up, to comfort the child, but the boy sat up first and shouted.

"The darkness comes!"


Darkness grew and light fled.

Smoke gathered and blotted out the sky. Sun and moon were no more.

The fires in this acursed realm still burned, the gods could feel their heat, but darkness had become a thing. A creeping, coating, smothering, suffocating thing.

Darkness became so thick that even sound quivered and died.

Were there movements in the dark, or was that a trick of light-starved eyes? The sensation of being watched grew. Although it was silent, the silence whispered.

A chill, not of cold but of fear, brushed by Zebus. The silence broke, and there was a whisper in his ear.

Zeeby-Leeby stood very tall

Zeeby-Leeby had a great fall.

All the god's hope and all the god's preenin'

Couldn't make Zeeby important again.

The presence moved on, unseen but sensed, and returned to Agni. It paused, as if considering this creature. Then, it struck.

Zebus and Fire went to the crater

To this here god, to shove

Death came down to steal his crown

But Agni no one loves


1AP Attack God - Umbra defends Azgo. Yes, with nursery rhymes. They're psychological fear attacks! Not really sure what psychological weakness Zebus might have, but I thought he might be afraid of being useless (after all, he doesn't have a good track record so far of, you not, not dying and not killing the very mortals he's trying to save). For Agni, I was thinking he might be worried that no one loves him. Let me know if you think of better fears for your god's, and I'll be happy to make new nursery rhymes.

2AP remaining

And the ground below him started to crumble. Zebus took this time to move. Running across the rocks, Zebus disappeared in a cloak of shadow only to reappear next to Azgo. His cloak, made of pure shadow flows behind him in the wind.

Who says I'm hiding. I have no past, nor future. I am the end point. The first born, and the last dead. Regardless of what may have been in a past life, is now null. We are born anew with new starts and new lives. You seek to ruin that, I seek only to collect what is mine.

Zebus jumps out of the way of Agni's magma. This one is mine I said Agni!  Find the speaker, Get the one who messes with our minds, and you will have your vengance!

Then the darkness grew and fell over them all.  One has problems with breaking the darkness when it doesn't wish to be broken. I shall wait till you depart, then Azgo and I may continue.


Zebus is being affected by the fear attack, but with everything else going on, and with him being focused its making it harder to see it visually.

Also you are delaying our epic battle! :P Zebus wont attack if it is uneven odds. Either for or against him.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Azgo rematerialized in an instant, changing his direction to face the traitor. And soon a darkness enshrouded all of them.

"I am the endpoint?!"

It was ridiculous. It was no wonder that the Firstborn had been so willing to crush him under heel...

They were drowning in delusion. Malice-tainted bile dribbled down Azgo's lips.

"Do you have no sense of place? The power you are unfit to wield was a gift! You are... replaceable; You are a god Zebus, nothing more. An arrogant, foolish god who deserted the others as swiftly as you deserted me. You strive to salvage purpose- but you know that is something you will never have. Hide from youself, but know that you cannot hide from me!"

What did that fool Zebus think this was? An honorable duel? A challenge for the sake of valor?

NO! Zebus deserved no such thing. He deserved nothing less than to be obliterated and to have his very name scoured from memory. Not even eternal suffering would earn penance. Only destruction.

Azgo could not see aside from the tiny motes of glowing ash in the wind, contrasting feebly the absoluteness of the black. But this was the Godcrater, Azgo's plane, and his manifested will in the stone. Azgo did not need to see. He extended his pain through the area and felt the abomination of Zebus' being. He felt his light steps upon his bursting, scaly back. He felt the frosted kiss of the Reaping Sword as it parted the winds. And he felt the slightest touch of deital corruption on the edges of the gods' essence as The Blood Crowned's sickness cralwed across him.

"And Vengance! What do You know of Vengance, Zebus? Do you know the suffering of the mortals who must toil under imperfection? Do you know the suffering of the First, whose final moments that were to be blessings were instead tears upon MY hands? AND DO YOU KNOW OF MY SUFFERING, THE PAIN I FEEL? THAT I AM?"

Embers spiraled everywhere, adn the wind gathered them into the the skies. The Godcrater glowed red and yellow, and was blanketed in noxious shadow.


Giant stony fists erupted from the ground as if they had waited there for ages. Four of them with taloned fingers interlocked in the air and came crashing down unto Zebus.

Azgo readied himself, and kept vigil into the darkness with blinded eyes. And hatred kept its counsel.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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Agni fell backwards as the Beast of Azgo attacked him, enveloping him in smoke that seemed to burn from within.  For a moment, Agni feared that, as before, the smoke would smother him, but it was not the same.  This smoke stung and clung and stank, but it was not overwhelming.  Agni flared brighter, and the smoke around him illumed and revealed a shadowy presence in the smoke.  Agni lashed out with a whip of Magma, and the shadow-thing twisted and danced, avoiding the lashing fire as it blazed through the smoke with an acrid hiss.  

At the corner of his perception, words filtered through to him from that which had attempted to smother him before.  Angrily, he turned his attention away from the smoke-being and sent a stream of magma flying towards where the sounds were coming from.  The taunt cut off with a startled yelp and the sound of movement beyond the enshouding smoke, and Agni smiled for the briefest of moments before the smoke-being tumbled into him, clamboring all about, trying to get in.  Agni coughed and cursed, taken by surprise.  The dark being wrapped himself around and around, and Agni felt the tide of battle tipping, the renewed taunts of the dark God dancing through his brain.  

~Another Perspective~

Scorch was not yet gone.  He had been transformed, but some part of the Agni'Vohda remained, curled up in the corner of his new form's psyche.  Usually, his new self ignored the sniveling remnant of what he had once been, but now Scorch roared to the fore.

NO!  I will not let you hurt my Lord Agni!   The soul-piece shouted, wrestling for control of its horrific body.  

~Back to Agni~

Suddenly, the smoke seemed to go slack, and Agni was able to escape again into the less... corporeal smokiness.  His enemy turned to follow him, but slower and with less control than it had had just moments ago.  Not willing to make the same mistake twice, Agni poured fire into the smoke being and a wail of pain emerged from its midst as the smoke began to burn with a fire not its own.

 Thought, time to Counterstrike!

~The Eternal Volcano~

Cold.  So very, very cold.

The Agni'Vohda had been struck with some strange malady, a disease which cooled them and forced them to huddle close to the heat of the Eternal Volcano or die.  Some among them began to whisper that this was Pruinus' doing, and that she and her followers wished all Agni'Vohda to perish.

~The Deep Caverns~

Sil Arkoth was gone.  Here and there, a few spires of sturdy granity poked out of the magma lake that had once been the city.  The few remaining dwarves, the fastest of those not fighting and those lucky enough to be near the one safe passage up away from Sil Arkoth when the lava began to pour down looked at what was left of their city, shook their heads, and turned away.  Each had lost someone, had lost many someones.  Children clutched the skirts of women who were not their mothers, wives talked in hushed words about their dead husbands, and the men who had escaped  stared into the darkness as if trying to spot someone shrouded in it.

They walked for days in the darkness before finally stopping in a cave that could accomodate the hundred or so survivors.  Here, they discussed the future.  There were other dwarven towns, other dwarven cities.  Some among them desired to go to one of those.  Sil Nalep was the nearest, they surely would have room for a hundred more.  But the dominant voices, eyes haunted with memory, declared that under no circumstances would they ever be trapped underground again.  They would travel to the surface, and find their fortunes there.

A chant went up among them.  "Sil Arthoth Endures!" as they marched towards the light.

~Sil Arkoth~

It had been hours since the refugees had left, and the lake of fire hissed and bubbled, sending echoes throughout the cave.  Suddenly, a burning hand thrust out from the pit, followed by another, and a dwarf pulled itself from the lava.  The dwarf knelt at the edge of the lake, and vomited up molten rock onto the stone floor.  Coughing and hacking, he finished clearing his lungs and stood once more.  The fire that enveloped the dwarf began to recede from the majority of its body, leaving dark red and hairless skin behind.  The only place fire remained was the face, where a beard and hair made of tongues of flame continued to blaze.  The dwarf opened its eyes, and flames danced in empty sockets.

Giroth breathed in and out a few times, feeling the superheated air enter his lungs.  He looked down at his red-skinned hands and flexed them experimentally a few times.  

"How am I alive?"  He said aloud, hearing a new richness and heat in his voice.  

Giroth remembered the pain of his body on fire, remembered his race towards the edge and his plunge into  the cavern.  He remembered a moment of intense, searing heat...

From behind him, he heard the lake splashing, and turned to see more dwarves emerging from the lake, all aflame as he had been.  His eye caught on one nearby and Giroth grinned broadly.

"Brother."  He said, moving to help Galfe in his first moments of rebirth.

Sorry, my 'write well' brain appears to be off right now.  I'll clean this up later.

1 AP:  Command Populace:  The Agni'Vohda develop an intense anger towards Pruinus and her followers (which they percieve as any cold-based being)
1 AP:  Command Populace:  The Survivors of Sil Arkoth migrate to the surface and break ties with the other dwarf nations (if any still exist).
2 AP:  Shape Race:  The burned dwarves of Sil Arkoth are transformed into Azer. 


Pruinus slowly floated over to her home as Urru followed close behind.

Pruinus was glad to have the chance to mentor this god, Such a innocent and ignorant god wielding powers such as his was deadly, perhaps she would need to teach him of the position they held in the natural order.

Pruinus then thought she saw humanoid movements on one of the mountain paths. She gently floated down, the blizzards raging around the mountain covering her presence.

She saw the feral, beastly humanoids going about there business and she watched fascinated, for days on end, not even sure if Urru was nearby any longer.


1 AP - Expand Culture- The Nix

Pruinus travels around the crown watching the Nix for days on end, taking in and learning about every detail of the Nix's life. The discoveries she makes are as follows:

A note
From now on every post that involves the Nix (And some that don't) will feature an OOC entry about the Nix and their lifestyle and culture. This is a lot easier for me then writing a huge list all at once and better portrays a growing, evolving race. I will spend extra AP to define the Nix's culture if it is of significant importance. All of these entries will be cataloged under the culture section of the Nix wiki page (when I create it)

Nix live in clans of around 40-50 indidivuals. Each clan's name is a title composed of two words that describes or defines an iconic feature about the clan, such as the area they live in or their duties. Some of the clan names are as follows:

Stoneguard  - A clan settled in a mountain passage who decide who passes through into the crown.
Everflame  - A clan settled on a mountain top whose duty is to light a beacon when they see enemies approaching The Crown.
Riverheart  - A clan settled in on a delta island within a large river.
Proudheart  - A wandering clan said to birth some of the finest Nix warriors on the planet.

Most Nix are born into a clan and spend their life as a member of that clan, although in special exceptions some Nix have joined a different clan to their home clan. Also rare, but not unheard of, is two clans joining together to create a single clan, usually combining the two names into a new one. (For example, The Proudheart and Stoneguards join together to form either the Proudguard or Stoneheart clan.)
I'm confused. You said that Zebus wont attack if the odds are uneven. Yet, there are two gods against two. So... what in the who now? I'm assuming you're taking Azgo's servant into account?

Regarding Umbra, just to give an idea of how I'm viewing things, since I'm mind controlling another god, I'm assuming it's better than a normal exarch but still less powerful than a full god. Also, since as I said previously, my characters are designed to lose, which tips the scales in favor of Zebus and Agni even more. I'd think that with Azgo's exarch, then, that actually would make us even again.


How does one fight that which one cannot see?

Agni's attention turned towards the presence, but it slid away.

It was the unseen thing, the flicker at the corner of your vision, the breath on your neck, the sense that there's someone watching, waiting for you to close your eyes and sleep.

From behind, the god struck again. Another jolt of fear, aimed at the fire god's mind.

~~~What Agni Sees~~~


The voice was familar, but passionless. Dead.

"Yield," another voice, the same as the first, said. A third, and a fourth, joined it.

A prick, a magma-drawing pierce! A tiny thing lighted on Agni's form, a cruel bloodied spear in it's hand.

Pierce and pain! Another creature landed on Agni, the same as the first. Though Leaf had been a tiny god, he hadn't been this tiny. Barely a fraction of the old god's size, yet each one was burnt to a crisp. Empty eyes glanced up at Agni, and lifeless hands thrust spears again into Agni's form.


More attacked, and more, a swarm, covering Agni, each with a long needle, each drawing a drop of magma, again and again.

He could feel them over every inch of his body. Why wouldn't they burn away?


Zebus said he would wait.

Those who hesitate are lost.

Again the darkness pried at the mind of the dead god.

~~~What Zebus Sees~~~

In the darkness, through which embers floated fitfully before being snatched out of the air by hungry shadows, a shape appeared. Bright against the black, too bright at first to look at, but Zebus recognized the sword that brightness carried.

The godslayer, the very blade that had killed him before.

The bright figure resolved into the form of a giant guardian angel, left hand covering it's face, right hand ready to strike. It let out a shriek, the call of the bloodlust. It had been the last sound that Zebus had heard in his previous life.

[sblock=OOC]Just to be clear, these aren't real. Umbra's trying other psychological fear attacks. These aren't even really phantoms, as others can't see them. Technically, even umbra isn't aware of what, exactly, Agni and Zebus are seeing. If they resist the fear attack, I'd imagine that they'd still see the images, just be able to look beyond them and realize that they're not there.[/block]
---The South---

Winter still held the south in its grip. A dense fog had developed along the coast and was making its way inland. There weren't many about. Some rabbits and birds and other creatures, the rare elf or dwarf or human, but all was quiet and still.

Little feet pattered across the sand, then there was the sound of something being thrown into the water. The water whrished for several minutes, but eventually the quiet was restored. Yet, if one listened carefully, one could hear the different timbre in the sound of the ocean. There was something out there, a branch perhaps, that disrupted the waves.

The ocean is unforgiving of entruders. The wood must have become waterlogged, and it eventually sunk.

Time passed, and eventually a sprout appeared out of the ocean, and it grew into a mangrove tree. The tree continued to grow over the years, reaching ever greater heights. No other trees or plants shot off from it. It remained in the southern ocean, ever growing larger, until it was large enough to dwarf even small mountains.


1 Nourish: Create a giant mangrove tree off the southern shore

0 Remaining

---The North---

It had taken many warrior to fight off the ice-beasts, and even more laborers to safely descend into the cave, and their best thinkers to remove the treasure within. At last, though, the artic elves had retrieved the sun.

The two queens fought over what should be done with it, and in their distrust of the other, they both finally agreed that if they could not have it, the other couldn't either. So it was decided to put the sun back in the sky.

The problem of how to do this then presented itself.
Zebus went flying as the stony fists came crashing down into him. Barely missing a gout of magma from Agni, his shadowed cloak dissapated completely.

I know nothing of loss and anguish? Of grief and suffering or hatred? I who was there by their sides as thousands perished. Who was cursed and asked upon as families and loved ones perished. By Your creatures no less! Or how about when I was there and the tears rolled down my face as I gave the command to Agni to purge this world of your abominations.
Striding forward, Zebus draws his sword and splits it into two. I have eyes yet I can not see. My mind plays tricks on me trying to drain my resolve, but my resolve can not be drained. Let us see what can happen when I have no eyes to see with or a mind to trick.

Not finding too difficult to find a blast of Agni's flame fighting that of the godcrater's Zebus walks in.  Searing flame and scorching heat rip the flesh and muscle from bone. As Zebus walks out the other side only bones remain. Well, bones covered in flames and skeletal hands clutching the swords.

One does not need eyes to see nor a mind to think.

The flames on Zebus glow white-hot as Zebus flys forward his sword leading the way. Crashing into Azgo, he forces the other god to defend.


Mind that Zebus didn't know about Umbra. He knew a little about Azgo's exarch from their last encounter, but Zebus still doesn't know about all of the different gods yet. At that point in time, Zebus had just learnt about Umbra and still doesn't know its name. He thought is was still two against 1 right then.

Now that the odds have evened and he is focused, it is time for the main show!


1 AP= Zebus attacks Azgo


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Azgo felt him through the black. How the wind was drawn through the now empty vessel of his skeletal form. Azgo shifted his weight, digging the god-forged boots deep into the stone. He could have dodged. He could have parried. But he did not; the opportunity was much to great to pass up. And so he let Zebus collide into him with all the inevitable force of death's wicked edge. The two gods plummeted through the air and then through the outer wall of Guvarah An. They slid across the floor of the first central room until Azgo was rammed into the main pillar, 100 feet across in diameter. The Reaping Sword impaled through Thereus' armor and pinned Azgo to the inscribed pillar.

Azgo leaned forward and grabbed ahold of Zebus' bony limbs, suffering through fire far more intense that the sun. He was immersed in agony, and a lesser god might have perished there. Azazel/Go'El certainly would have. But Azgo endured, and now his foe was within his grasp.

"No, Zebus. You know nothing. You have seen it. Heard it. But you know nothing of suffering. Is your body a twisted horror, a form forced upon you? Were you betrayed by those whom you expected the best from? ARE YOU ALONE?!"

The gauntlets glowed white, and thick bloody steam whistled through the armored fingers. His hands were blackening. But Azgo tightened his grip, cracking the bones. Azgo poured his illness into Zebus, sending waves of pain along his being.

"Then you know nothing, for you have lost nothing. Empty sympathies and shallow apologies. Artificial tears. They all mean nothing, as ... you mean nothing anymore. You had everything! We had everything! And You are too blinded in delusion to learn anything! No amount of sundered flesh will remove that monsterous affliction. Your eyes may be missing now, but you will always be shrouded in blindness and hidden from the truth. FOR YOU ARE UNABLE TO HANDLE ITS BURDEN!"

The skeletal inferno was adjancent to him now, and now it was Azgo who felt... inevitable. Bringing all of his hands together, he summoned his wrath and cast Zebus across the hall. The god crashed through pillar after pillar before tumbling across the floor, his sword scattered next to him.

Azgo stepped forward, and proptly collapsed to his knees. He let out a cry of agony, one that had only been outdone in his initial descent. His hands clenched his now gushing chest. The wound was deep, and death lingered at the edge of severed godflesh. Entire dead organs were purged from his body through the wound before being regrown by gnarled hearts. Azgo staggered to his feet and felt the diseased winds being torn apart. Zebus, chipped, had charged again with blade raised at The Blood Crowned. And so they clashed once more. For every swift swing of the blade, Azgo brought his armor to bear, to weather its wicked edge as he had weathered existence itself. Sparks flew across the room in showers before being suddenly devoured, and rubbled began to fall from overhead as sections of Guvarah An became unstable. All about the room they manuevered, behind and around pillars and fountains and walls. Steel was scarred by death carnate, and returned its kiss with unfettered wrath.

The battle raged on.


The Eclipse Aflame assaulted Agni from every side, carving into the Godcrater's skin. And with a hideous moan, every wound burst into a jet that rained sulfuorous, acidic blood unto the battlefield. When bouts of magma were hurled at Ka'Vah, the ground heaved like purposely broken bone into his way to shield him. But Ka'Vah was suddenly slowed, stuggling against... something. The gree-lit smoke swirled and weaved through itslef as soldiers in a campaign.

All around Agni the smoke coalesced and began to take form. These forms were reminiscent of the Angels... no legs to speak of, just a broad base of fire that roared and crackled around a thin upper torso from which long, dextrous arms and hands flickered in and out of existence.  The ring of smoke continued to grow, and soon a circle of the beings surrounded Agni.

They began to speak, and in perfect harmony one word was spoken per familiar form.

"Killed? Your Son? At the hands of King Azgo?"

And there was a smoky, wisp-like laughter.

"No. He is salvagable. Unlike you. Perhaps you would be suprised how little he cares for you. How little many care for you..."

"It was a gift, not a trophy. Your son was right to think that he owed you nothing. He understood how many die around you! How imperfection leads only to death. To suffering..."

And while the wisps mocked the god, their thoughts were divided. Some of them disappeared, slaying each other mid word only to be reformed seconds later. And so Ka'Vah commanded the feeble presence within him, hoping to cow him into submission. Tendrils, parasites, of ailing fire began to burn away at Scorch's very essence.


He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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OOC for Thought and Forgotten

Thought:  The erzatz Leafs are both burning to a crisp and NOT burning?  That's trippy.

Forgotten:  I'd prefer Scorch not to die completely, if possible, but subduing him is perfectly fine.


Agni twitched and flailed as the many copies of Leaf swarmed over him.  With a puff of flame, he send fire coursing through the many pin-sized holes riddling his body, and heard the screams of his tiny assailants as they burned.  Agni felt his mind begin to slip as the unburned tiny leaves continued to attack, when suddenly his mind grew still.  They burned, but did not burn.  They drew blood, but the earth below was not covered in magma.  They shouted in Leaf's voice, but Leaf was dead.  


The shell of fear cracked around him and drained away like a lanced wound, carrying the crying little god-impostors with it.  It was just in time for Agni to hear Ka'Vah begin to speak.  Agni smirked as he reached out with divine force into the darkness, casting about for Umbra.

So my son is not dead, merely unloyal.  Why am I not surprised?  He wanted very little to do with me from the moment of his creation.  

As for the rest.  You assume I feel emotion over whether or not my creation is attached to me?  Whether other Gods find me pleasant company?  You smoke-thing, you do not understand me at all.  Fire brings Death.  Fire brings Change.  Fire brings Suffering.  Fire brings Renewal.  Fire brings all things, bears all things, endures all things.  Fire, my friend, never fails.  If others cannot understand that, then I hope they enjoying being flammable.

Agni crowed with delight as he caught hold of the slippery dark-thing that lurked in the smoke.

Got you!  He said, throwing Umbra across the crater at great speed.   Stay out of my brain.


Scorch, however, was not giving up without a fight.  Lances of cleansing fire stabbed at the tendrils attacking the Scorch-Self that lived within Ka'Vah, cauterizing and stopping the assaults as fast as they began.

"No.  You entered my body, shoved me aside and transformed me into this thing.  I would rather die than live an eternity like this, and to die protecting my Master is the greatest gift I can provide."

Among the wisps appeared a blazing Agni'Vohda, spear of flame held in one hand.

"Let us fight."  Scorch whispered to its other-self.

"Never fails? Oh, Agni... how you have failed. And how many have you failed?"

But he was correct. Ka"Vah did not understand Agni at all. Azgo would have called him abomination. Zebus had betrayed him out of pride, and Agni out of monsterous callousness. But Ka'Vah... almost agreed with him. He loved the feeling of consuming others, watching them burn alive. He savored their terror, and their agony.

Whether or not he believed it, Ka'Vah continued to speak as Azgo would have wanted him to.

"But no, it has nothing to do with thier like or dislike of you. You would be suprised in how... hollow your efforts are. You work with them, grant their boons, fight their wars, save them and fail to save them, and what does that amount to? They plot against you nonetheless. Plot to weild you like the weapon you denouce yourself to be."

"It is the way of Firstborn, to scheme. Betray. One day they will tire of your presence, and then you will fail for the last time...That is why Azgo fights you. They are always seeking for ways to climb upon the corpses of their fellows for place and power, and as you betrayed Azgo, they will betray you. And even if they are flammable, together they will break all of your contrived purposes."

Ka'Vah was enraged that this... memory dared to stand against him. And even more enraging, was that his strength was too divided to kill him then and there. Ka"Vah, of course, was no diplomat when he was angry.

"Even when your Master does not care for you at all?! He just confessed that your feelings are worthless! AND THE BATTLE? WHERE WAS HE? HOW MANY OF YOUR KIN ARE ALIVE BECAUSE OF AGNI? OR BY MERE CHANCE?! ANOTHER GOD HAD TO SAVE YOUR PEOPLE, YOU SAW IT! NOW DIE CREATURE!"

And so, remaining in the circle, wisps scrambled around themselves aginst the fiery form, weaving the flickering lights of emerald and scarlett into the smoke.

You wound me, good sir! To think that I, the master of hatred and slaughter, would crush something that i find not merely annoying but terribly vexing in terms of righteous progress...is... justified. Hmmmm.... Ona more serious note, I did not plan to kill Scorch... yet. This is much too good of a moment to have him killed off.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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"Which means that for the present, I should seek other work, others to heal. Idle hands are... well, you know."

Abruptly, the ten thousand petals began to spiral upwards, and away.

"You strive, overzealousssssss, to affirm yourself, god of remediesssssss. Your fervorsssssss are..." And here, Sa's voice hushed, as it drew out the next word, "Susssssss pici------ ousssssss"

The petals had nearly vanished, and with them, went the voice of Sa. "Be mindful, Seg, of your promisesssssss"

And of course, the implicit statement: Sa would be listening. It wasn't a threat, or at least, it did not seem to be. But it was clear, Sa knew better than to take things at face value - Seg had not convinced the flower god of his good intentions either.

:P  I'm glad we agree!

Let them try.    Agni replied.  As it turns out, most anything is flammable.  Your master is likely just as flammable  as the master of this other one,       Agni waved his magma whip in the direction of the sprawled Umbra,         was.   

But I am confused.  Is not your Master's claim that he, too, was one of those he terms firstborn?  That he was betrayed by us?  How certain are you that he speaks the truth, servant?  I do not remember this betrayal.  It appears that the DeathLord does not as well, nor, if what he says is accurate, the ColdMother.  How certain are you that he was not the betrayer and we the betrayed?  How certain are you that he will not do the same for you?

Agni watched the smoke warily, observing the fight between what looked like an Agni'Vohda and a number of dead angels or craterspawn.

What... are you?          The God eventually asked.  
The twin blades sung and flashed. Their power and speed was unmatchable by the larger, slower being, but for every other cut or slash that landed, a powerful fist returned its favor. Zebus finding some space between them merged the swords back into one. He didn't look nearly as bad as Azgo, but cracks and fractures appeared all over his body.

If I am blinded in delusion, then you are blinded in your hate. Allow me the chance to make that permanent.

Zebus swung his sword towards Azgo's head looking to cleave it off only to be stopped by one of his arms shattering the bone inside it.

I know not of what you talk about, and I believe neither do you!

As they battle, Zebus also tries to avoid the falling apart fortress.

The battle rages on.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

He still could not see, but Azgo heard it. The snap of bone ringing in the halls and almost lost to the sounds of crashing stone. Splinters flew gracefully into Azgo's blind face and buried themselves in the reeking flesh. An opening had arrived.

The Blood Crowned shifted his weight and stance, favoring Zebus' weakened side. A flurry of glowing fists hammered the whole side of his body, widening the cracks in the ageless marrow. And yet he retreated. They were always moving, slipping in and out of the other's reach, feinting and side-stepping, lunging with nothing less than the intent to kill with even the most trivial blow. But Azgo was constantly falling back, deeper into the labyrinthine hallways. With the sleightest gesture, pillars were loosened from their unseen roots and fell one after another. Many missed Zebus entirely, and the few that did hit only grazed his form. But they forced him to move, to be predictable. And Azgo was always waiting on the end with a deathblow.

The Reaping Sword carved jagged scars all across the Azgo's platemail. Bits of armor and clouds of steely dust were cast aside with every blow. The armor appeared as if it had suffered under countless campaigns, and struggled with the maw of a dragon's toothy crunch. But it held. Thereus would have been proud.

From the outside, the dizzing spires of the fortress grew unsteady and with a final curse, toppled into the roiling acids below. The stone bobbled and glided about in the lake before finally sinking beyond sight. The two combatants continued to withdraw into Guvarah An. Towards the throne room.


The question struck him like a sword, biting and bitter. Ka'Vah knew less of himself than  he did of Agni. He only knew what he had been told. What he had been made to feel.

"I am the ravages of plauge given life. The bite of sickness' woes given blazing passion. My breath harbors the memory of pyres and the ruins of the temples of Firstborn.I am the ash of all fires. I am... Ka'Vah. Scorched."

"Azgo is of the Firstborn, yes. Youngest of six. Wisest of six. But he... he is not like you. He fights betrayal, fights aginst those who defy the plan. He wants... hope. Peace..."

But Ka'Vah had no such love of peace, nor of grand purpose. To kill was enough. To raze and horrify was enough. The many shadowy, fuming Agni'Vodha fought on with the brightly lit one, and seemed reluctant. The Godcrater shook with rage, but Ka'Vah was thinking.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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~~~Among the Skymotes~~~

Seg shook his head as the petals dissipated. What role was there for his master in a world such as this? The gods were so paranoid and destructive on their own. What could his master be but a drop of ill in this ocean of evil.

Sa was the one who had sought him out, asked him question after question, which he reluctantly had answered, yet Seg was supposed to be the suspicious one?

Trust, kindness, goodness... those were the foreign things in this land.


The presence was tired.

It had exerted itself much, more than it had ever before, and a weariness had come over it.

Yet, it was more than his "body" -- not that it had a body -- that was tired. It was his "heart" -- not that he had a heart -- as well.

Azgo should have run. One should never fight when the odds were even, or when they were only slightly in one's favor. Fighting was only appropriate when the conclusion was forgone.

It could appreciate the fact that Azgo was driven mad by hate. But even madness had self-preservation, even hate could wait.

Agni shook off the latest attack on his mind. Both of these gods were surprisingly resilient, given the simplicity of their minds.

Fire lashed out and caught something. Umbra wasn't sure what: it had no body itself, at least, nothing understandable as a body. But the darkness was thick here, thick enough for the Shadows to start to leak through. Perhaps he had grabbed one of those.

It was a surprise when Agni threw the shadow and Umbra felt pain as well. Agni had been so pleased with his victory that the emotion almost pushed Umbra out of his mind.

If he hadn't been so fired, that might not have happened. Agni tried to beat the unseen into submission. Creatures like Umbra couldn't be defeated by brute force.

The pain gave it pause, though.

Umbra's goal had been to buy Azgo time to escape, not to endanger itself in protecting him.

It waited.
It sounds like you do not entirely agree with his goals, Ka'Vah.  

You claim that Azgo wishes peace.  But peace is meaningless.  I do not desire peace, for peace is a fictitious construct made by those too weak to see what the world is truly like.  Fire will always burn wood, and destroy it.  It is in the nature of fire, and the nature of wood.  All things, even Peace, are flammable.  Those who deny this reality are not worthy of loyalty.   

You are Smoke and you are Ash.  You are the remnants of Pyre and the memories of Heat.   Ka'Vah, I AM he who burns the Pyre, spreads the Smoke and leaves only Ash.  I am not the memory of Heat.  I AM Heat itself.  Come, work for me, and you will never lack things to burn.
He frowned. These people were not as fun as he had thought they could be. They used their gifts frivoulously, doing nothing of use with them. Bored almost to tears, he lifted his arms and ended them. In an instant nothing lived in the Vikari settlement or even nearby. Without anyone ever knowing, they simply vanished, annihilated in both body and soul

2 AP - Abjure Region - The Vikari settlement and its surrounding region.
3 PP - Denourish - Every last living thing, down to the smallest blade of grass, in and around the Vikari settlement is annihilated, reduced to ashes. No soul remains to go to the afterlife. Given that they had no contact with any outsiders, even their very memory is erased from the world.

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They duck and weave in the halls of Guvarah An. As Zebus slashed, Azgo lashed out in return. Blow after blow. Sword blocked by armor, and fist blocked by sword. It would almost seem they were equals, but one thing kept them apart, Zebus didn't tire.

Zebus leapt forward barely missing a falling pillar by inches, only to jump into Azgo's waiting hand. Azgo's lower left grabbed Zebus's spine, and his upper right grabbed Zebus's left arm. Azgo ripping Zebus's left arm off, laughed out loud thinking the end was finally in sight, only to have both of his arms sliced off. Zebus jumped back, and lashed out with a tendril of shadow grabbing his missing arm and wrapping it shadow causing it to vanish.

With only one arm, and sword in hand, Zebus rushed forward even faster before. The flames raged about him, forcing Azgo back.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Quiet whispers turned into open discussion, as the people of the world grew ever more dissatisfied with the gods. Where were they, when people were starving? Where were they, when fire and cold killed? Was Death so passionless? Fire so purposeless? It wasn't right. It was unjust.

Rumours spread about an organization that had decided to do something about it.


1AP command: An organization is founded to kill the gods.
1AP nourish: that organization increases in its supporters and resources

0AP remaining


Umbra shied back. Azgo had had his chance to escape. Even now the way was open, but it seemed all the more unlikely that he'd take it. There was little else to be gained here.

Darkness slid into darkness, and the god was in the shadow realm, the place between places.

Oddly, there was an arm there, in the darkness. Zebus' arm. How very strange.

How strange, and useful.

The smoky battalion looked at Agni. Silent. The gale-strength winds carried off the fringes of smoke far into the distance, along with his doubts.

Ka'Vah was not keen on serving, and yet...

... The figures were still silent.


Suddenly all the figures spun together, catching Agni in the eye of a storm, caught ablaze with the flash of viridian lightning. Like the matle of a great cloak, they storm continued to spin until billowing cloud of Ka"Vah was kneeling before Agni. His face was like that of a rippling pool, indistinct but withered.

"As smoke heralds the blaze, I will herald your wrath."

The Godcrater moaned and roared in protest. A new betrayal...

The ground cracked into a great fissure, sundering the mountains and the gorges surrounding the gods from the rest of the plane. Acid welled up from the cracks and surged like a flood towards the gods. And the island that the gods now inhabited began to fall and the stone enclosing the gods as the fist of Azgo.


Azgo reeled from the blow, letting Zebus follow his exposed guard with a perfect flurry of blows. Pieces of armor and fragments of bone scattered across the rumbling floor and were soon crushed under tons of rubble. Azgo was forced once again to go on the defensive, and retreated whenever he knew a good strike awaited him at the edge of Zebus' reach. Only when Zebus over-reached himself, thinking that Azgo was helpless, did he retaliate. More bones were shattered, and Zebus was left with the knowledge that Azgo was not one to die so easily. The pair of them fled to the very heart of the fortress. Around the last hallways and the last barracks.

And then there was no where left to go. When Zebus charged into the grand, vaulted hallway, he found Azgo at the height of the stairs leading up to a disfigured throne carved with prophecy down to the very inch. Four pillars dressed the rather simple room, one in each cardinal direction. Each depicted a different firstborn struggling under the weight and force of a giant fist, wracked with cysts and wounds.

Azgo did not seem fazed by his wound anymore. His pain was washed aside by his focus. He almost sauntered down the steps, and called out.

"So then, this is where it all ends. At the base of MY throne... You were a fool to come this far Zebus, to walk this far into my very palace. For stone can be rebuilt, but you cannot. You will always be broken, dearest brother."

He savored those last words, how bitter they were. His eyes met Zebus' with a stare that conyed volumes of anger, of injustice, of animosity. It was a haunting gaze, one so convinced of the truth that reality almost warped about it.

Blood of many filthy, unclean shades flowed into the room, building and bubbling up like a wellspring. A current ran about the room, faster and faster in the rumbling until a vast whirlpool began to pull away at the stonework. Each Firstborn Statue opened gargoyle eyes and slid out from under the pillar's hand.

The statue of Agni floated in midair. Streams of acid poured out from the mask, and vivid memories of his betrayal shown in the acid's reflection. Pruinus was covered from head to toe in cracks and rough, stony abrasions. She looked painfuly at Zebus, holding severed wings in her hands. Leaf was nearly swimming in the bloodtide, but at his gesture a host of familiar angels rose up from the pool, holding their hands to their faces and muffling their accusations. And the last statue of Zebus looked on with untold pride. The wounds of angel blades were covering it, and the statue leaked blood from its side.

"Come Zebus, and let us be done with your transgressions."

The statues charged into battle, and Azgo marched in, enraptured in all of his malevolent glory.



Terrribly sorry, but i was hoping to expand on the following actions tonight. I ran out of time. I will hop on with some discriptions tomorrow. So untill then...
Populate Populace (3AP): Oni. Roaming packs of starving humans begin to feed on craterspawn ashes, which corrupts their very flesh and desires.
Command Populace (2AP): Many cults dedicated to the One who sent the legions begin to arise, promising salvation from the next attack. Azgo does not know of them nor guide them...yet. They are becoming powerful.
AP Remaining:0

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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5 AP for All.

 Map:  BEHOLD!

Story: In Outline Form!


Zebus and Agni travel to the GodCrater and begin to fight Azgo, Altruis and Ka'Vah.  Azgo and Zebus split off to fight one another as Altruis and Ka'Vah both attempt to stop Agni.  Agni wonders at the mental health of Azgo and attempts to steal Ka'Vah from his services.

Veros splits off the redwood forests from time, causing it to exist in both a destroyed and living state.  He also moves some humans there.

The Nix retreat into the Crown and begin to rebuild there after their devastation at Agni's hand.  Throughout the world, an anti-Gods cult begins to emerge, angry at the... really bad timing that the Firstborn had.

A new form of... divine... not-magic emerges from those humans saved by Veros.  Deception magic to quite literally force things to exist that are not true.  They are the Vikari.  Long-term practice of this magic leads to fractures in the background reality of the world.

Pruinus brings forth a deep winter to put out the flames that Agni spread over the world, driving the Agni'Vohda into the depths of the Eternal Volcano and into retirement.  The flames die out, and Winter Berries to sustain mortals and allow them to thrive in winter spread throughout the world.

Leaf/BB forms itself into a great storm that sweeps over the world, bringing rain to the world, helping to heal the wounded planet.

Seg and Sa continue to converse.  Eventually, Sa finds Seg's repeated repetitions that he is God of Healing to be suspicious.

The Agni'Vohda develop a hatred of Pruinus and her minions.

The refugees from Sil Arkoth migrate to the surface

Azer emerge from the lava pit that was Sil Arkoth.

A massive Mangrove tree appears in the southern ocean.

The elves recover the far northern sun.

Veros nukes the entire Vikari people in a fit of pique, and ensures that no other God may interact with it until the destruction is finished.

Ka'Vah betrays Azgo and joins Agni.

Zebus and Azgo begin to fight in Azgo's throne room.




The Crown

Several groups of Nix gathered on the mountainside pass that the Stoneguard claim so famously protected. Despite the zealous protection that the Stoneguards gave to the land, they made friendly enough hosts to the groups of Nix gathered in the huts and caverns that the clan called home. They were given shelter in the clans peoples very home until the night, in which a glorious banquet was held in the village centre, almost all of the food was meat, both cooked and raw. They were served food and drink until their stomachs could hold no more. Even the ravenous kinds such as the Ursidae Nix had their appetities filled by the banquet offered to them by the Stoneguards.

After the feast had finished, the many clans of Nix made their way to a large cavern. They took in the details of the stony walls silently but in awe, chalk drawings on the walls telling the events of what happened when the Nix fought alongside the other races, all so long ago. The chalk drawings showed images of fire raining down upon the Nix as they fled in terror. They all knew the gathering was held in this room to remind them of past tragedies and the importance of what they might do today. For some, these images frightened the Nix and instilled fear in their hearts, others felt rage build up inside them and the urge to march back upon the outside world fierce and proud. The Nix stood silent, gathered around fires, not for warmth but for light.

A wise old Sphen stood at the back of the cavern, stood on a large rock above his fellow kind. He was of the Stoneguard clan and he knew the most of the fires that that scarred the race back then; he was the last Nix alive who was there when it happened. His body had pathces were fur could no longer grew, burned tissue showing below. He began to speak, and the council would began. Today in this very cavern, they would decide whether the Nix shall return to the outside world.


Pruinus was so caught up in watching the Nix that she forgot all else, forgetting all about Azgo, Alturius and the other threats to the world. She forgot that Winter had raged on for far too long. A life of watching the Nix was all she had right now, and all she desired. Forgetting her godly duties, she had not a care in the world.

Nix Origin Names

Every different species of Nix can be refered to its animal name in casual conversation without being offended. For example, you would refer to a Bear Nix as a "Bear Nix" however, in professional contexts and certain rituals and ceremonies (As well as other important events) all nix species have "Origin" name which they are to be referred to in certain contexts that demand respect. The names are as listed below:

Bear Nix = Ursidae Nix
Wolf Nix = Canis Nix
Fox Nix = Vulpes Nix
Penguin Nix = Sphen Nix
Leopard Nix = Uncia Nix
Deer/Stag Nix = Cervi Nix

Nix Naming conventions

A Nix's first name is given to it by its parents and they are free to choose any name they wish. Nix names can be very harsh-sounding to members of the other races. A list of common Nix names can be seen below.

Varkas, Veesha, Renegar, Skar, Gashak, Raksha, Resha, Venok, Skhan, Tauro, Drakos, Drakar, Vaith,

All the names listed are unisex as most names are considered acceptable on members of both sexes. However, it is more common for the less fearsome Nix races (Fox, Penguin, Deer) to have the less harsh sounding names.

A Nix second name is given to them around their 15th Birthday (Equivalent to a humans 12th Birthday). The Nix's second name is given to them by their entire clan as they choose a name appropriate to the individual. The Nix's second name always has one of the words that makes up the clan name and is combined with other words to bestow the individual with a name that fits their personality or abilities/talents.

For example, A strong axe wielding warrior of the Proudheart clan might have a second name such as ProudAxe, Proudcleave, Heartcut ETC

Or a young Nix capable of talking to Primal spirits from the Everflame clan might have a second name such as Wiseflame, Evermind, Evertongue ETC

Nix and the Outside World

The Nix deeply remember how they were born into war and marched proudly from their home to fight the abominations of the world. They remember how their efforts were rewarded with death and destruction as fire rained down upon them. As such, almost the entirety of the race lives inside The Crown and fears the outside world. They also detest war and vow to avoid combat when necessary.


1 AP - Develop Culture

The Nix are deeply scarred and traumatized by the actions caused by Agni when he rained fire down upon them. Almost all Nix harbour negative feelings towards Agni, his creations and his followers. Some Nix fear them, others hate them, most a combination of both.

4 AP left.
After Battling Azgo for so long the statues looked like they were almost standing still. Moving with the grace and the fluidity of their namesakes, they still lacked speed being stone. Zebus leaped back to the far end of the throne room. Sheathing his sword, he drew his skeletal hand over his empty shoulder. That is where you are wrong! Your statues seem to be lacking their owners abilities and have given me a little bit of time! Summoning a shroud of the deepest shadow, and his missing arm, Zebus reattached his arm. It now as it was before if not a bit weaker and being held on by pure shadow.

Driving forward, Zebus draws his sword splitting it again in to two. Focusing on the statues, he seems to fly right through them right out the other side. Merging the sword back together, the statues fall apart. They don't seem to be made very well. You might want to try getting a better smith on that!

Zebus advances upon Azgo once again. This time he seems not as fast as he once was. Not tiring, but the expenditure of power is starting to get him as much as the wounds are getting Azgo.

They continued to fight for what seemed to be ages, neither giving much ground until Azgo's back was against his throne. Azgo fervently fought back starting a counterattack.

You are right it is time to end this, but it isn't me that falls today!

Zebus draws back his sword, and with a mighty thrust, pushed Azgo all the way back onto his throne impaling him to it. The sword freezing over Azgo's chest froze him to his own throne trapping him there.

I might not be able to destroy you yet, but some one will, then you will be mine also! For now enjoy your new home!

Zebus shed his armor of flame as Azgo roared and struggled against the sword and frost. Zebus's body returning to his normal fleshy self except for the arm that was severed off, and left the palace of Azgo.

Outside Zebus found Agni with a new apprentice. Unless you wish to join him in his new prison, you should leave now.

The air around him starts to glow violently. Soon the shimmer surrounds the entire godcrater and all of its denizens. Azgo, for your blatant attacks against the gods, for the destruction of the other races, I cast you and yours out from this plane! May all that share your hatred and wrath of destruction follow you into your abyss! May hate and evil be cast out from this land, so that balance can be restored once more!
Suddenly as the god of death's curse fell upon the land the godcrater was enveloped into a shining light turning night into day. As the light faded in the night sky, the godcrater was no longer. Reappearing, it was no longer apart of the mortal plane attached only through carefully crafted magic portals made by the mortals that shared Azgo's wrath.

Moving over to the side of where the crater was, he collapsed completely drained of energy.


2AP Create greater plane: The godcrater is turned into an abyssal plane. A plane of evil thriving on Azgo's wrath and hatred.

2AP command: due to the destruction and erasure of the surrounding land as it got turned into a greater plane it filled up with water and turned into a sea.

1AP Command: All souls that share similar traits as Azgo are now to go to the godcrater/abyssal plane. All others will be judged whether they can be redeemed or not. Those that can be will go to the great beyond, those that can not will go to godcrater/abyssal plane.


And finally that fight is over! time to relax.

edit: AP expenditure block....there happy thought? :P


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.


I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

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