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The tiny god's blades hurt, and eventually the cave gave up trying to lasso it. It simply raised walls around the god and contracted them, until the thing was encased. It struggled still, but already the cavern was working to rip its divine spark out of its body. As it did so, everywhere in the world where there was life, it began to grow sickly and weak.

There was a shift in the other, though. The stone one was growing warm again. No... it wasn't growing warm, something was trying to revive him. He was being warmed.

The cavern diverted its attention to this oddity. It could sense the empty conduit that had fed the suns with the god's power. The cavern had turned off that flow. But now, someone had revived the artifacts, and power flowed back along the lines, back to this one. That was unacceptable.

Evil prepared to punish them.

~Over the Crown~

Light had been restored to the seven suns. Their radiance increased slowly at first, but soon they were back to their original brightness.

Then, they were brighter. Hotter. Tongues of flames began to lick across their surface, probing out, consuming anything unfortunate to be in their path. Still they grew brighter and hotter, until at last they ignited the air itself.

The explosion dislodged six of the suns and sent them careening through the world.

The first screamed north, where its fires were quenched and ages of ice covered it, burying its light.
The second to the southeast, and there it fell into the heart of the Eternal volcano.
The third to the southwest, where it fell among the choking vapors and slight-blinding mists of the Godcrater. It burned the chemicals there, causing great clouds of smoke to cover it, and its light was also lost to the world.
The fourth to the northwest, and it flew beneath the waves, to the very depths where miles of water hide its light.
The fifth to the south, to one of the endless caves, and there it was lost near the roots of the earth, its light forgotten.
And the sixth, the sixth, a great fireball, flew west. It landed on the barren wastes. The earth writhed in pain as the fires of the sun seared it, and eventually the very land turned, burying it. In the process, all life in the west became a lifeless, fire-cursed wasteland.

The seventh sun, the Beacon, remained where it was, but with its siblings lost, its own light was reduced to that of a star.


Modify Artifact: 1AP (from Agni) TASOE shatters the suns, hiding six of them, and tying the Beacon's own illumination to the others. As they're recovered and put back in the sky, the Beacon will shine brighter. Now if only we had some mortal heroes to hunt them down...

Denourish Land: 1AP (from Leaf: I had gotten Pen's permission). The western lands are turned into a scorched wasteland. I would call it a desert, but deserts are comparatively nice places.

Non-AP: Life is temporarily decreased in the world, causing a pandemic of sickness and lethargy, which could potentially be followed by death, although I really hope the gods are saved before it comes to that.

4AP remaining.

As the sword sank in the boiling river, a pulse was felt throughout the river. Zebus still trying to cage the power he accidently let loose there was a feeling of malice growing inside the sword , a sense of madness and complete desire for chaos and pain. The tendrils of shadow began to whirl around the sword causing a typhoon in the water. Zebus then felt a strange presence growing stronger and stronger within the sword as the shadows spun around and around causing this shadow typhoon to rise. It rose till it was high in the air the boiling river water Pruinus and Azgo swept aside, gazing at this new phenomenon.

The sword rose to the center of the typhoon floating in the air, then suddenly Zebus was blasted into his original form the sword following him, the black blade implanting into the ground. The out of control shadows strangling him, then he lost sight as blackness and darkness consumed him(temporarily). The shadows swirling faster and faster then separating in the middle seeing an identical sword, however the blade was white in color instead of black. Out of the sword, a form was beginning to appear, as if it was climbing out of some deep depth. But before they could see what was coming the typhoon exploded in shadow falling over them and covering them all in darkness, trapping them temporarily in their own minds, producing their worst fears, and all around them echoing, a maniacal laughter could be heard growing louder and louder.....

As this happened an echo happened across the world of something unnatural... something evil had just been spawned....


Create Artifact (2 AP): Mormhaor(Corrupted Death) 

The white blade, opposite that of Zebus's Reaping Blade. Those hit by this blade not only are made to bleed but lose their sanity, leaving a mark on their soul until it eventually rips it from them, the sword absorbing it. The malice in the sword is so strong it entering a region simply causes anomaly's that mortals can't understand playing with their sanity until they too go mad. Only Altruis and the one who wields this blade(if Altruis wields it only him) are immune to its effects. Depending on the amount of souls "reaped" by this sword increases its power as well as Altruis gaining power himself empowers the sword.

Claim Domain (3 AP): Chaos

The way Altruis came into this world was born from a chaotic battle of hatred, madness, and chaos between the three gods, causing not only undeath and fear to come into being but chaos as well.

2 AP Remaining


What was his name?

For a terrible age he had wondered that. He was once Azazel. He was once Go'El. They were kings, claiming their father's throne and his edict. But who was he now? He had been stunned by the question, for it was one he had never dared ask himself. He feared the answer he had always known. He was an abomination, a sickness upon creation.

Then he heard the smallest whisper whose voice was of smoke. His hate spoke to him from the twisting flesh of his agonized hearts. "Neither. You are both and yet neither. You... are..."

He leaned down and put his hand into the surging wirlpool and spoke, letting the current carry his empowered words. "I am Azgo the Blood Crowned, a fused god. I am what you have made me." He felt no doubt.

Suddenly he felt an essence in the pool, a essence unlike Pruinus or the sword. Something wholly different was emerging. The waters churned and heaved and uplifted into a massive swirling vortex that was burst apart in malignant shadow.

Everything was dark.

There was laughter. Azgo looked around him, but it seemed to come from nowhere. Whose laughter was it? It was joined in a familiar laugh, mocking, scornful and cold as the glaicer's heart. Then another, deep and filled with the rustling of ancient ash. Yet another echoed, small but infinetly proud. It was the howl of wicked wind in the tree canopy, roaring in bitter laughter. And a voice he had only heard echoes of in the depths of dreams and timidly murmered by the wisps bubbled over the others: a relaxed and carefree laugh, devoid of guilt and in its own way lifeless.

Colors of the planet danced across even his blind eyes. The Everlasting Volcanoe. The Crown. Long unbroken mountain chains. Shades of life and death and movement. The calls of worship and praise, hailing the names of the Siblings Four. All of creation spun and moved about Azgo. No single image or sound was left intact by the next. A cacophony of celebration.

He felt himself falling, falling into dust. His powers waned. His pain dulled. His sense of self only lingered by in a purposeless stagger. He was lost, and his betrayers in everlasting victory. Terror enwrapped his mind, and dragged The Blood Crowned into nothingness, promising him that there was nothing left at all. There was no hope.

Stirring. Something stirred, refusing to die. It wormed and writhed across the vast emptiness. Then it spoke, softly at first. It could barely be made out. "I... am..."
"I... am..."
It grew louder and possessed a clarity of unparalelled meaning. The laughter became unsure.
"I am..."
"I am..."
 The cacophony was drowned entirely. The fading vibrant colors were plunged into blood.

Azgo bellowed in agony and anger, and above all else, surity.

"My HATE is stronger than my pain. It is stronger than my fear. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!" Azgo channeled the familiar agony of the Godcrater and like a sharpened blade, Azgo's power began to tear apart the shadows. His sickness surged forth into the darkness, corrupting shadow into fumes which were carried away into the raging tempest.

He gathered his battered power, and searched for the essence that had almost consumed him.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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He had only a moment.  A moment where warmth and fire and life returned to him and he could for the briefest of time reach out beyond his prison.  Agni prepared to shout, when his captor acted, and one by one the suns were snuffed out, thrown into the ice, plunged into the ocean, suffocated beneath the earth.  Agni's soul cried out in sadness as his best chance of escape dwindled and he felt his mind begin to grow sluggish once more.

But wait.  One was still warm.  Its effects were counteracted by the one frozen in ice, so it did not mean he could escape, but it was still an active link.

Agni cast his mind through the conduit and, had he been able to, grinned. 

~The Eternal Volcano~

Servants of the Eternal Flames.  Your God requires your assistance.   A booming voice reverberated in the minds of several Agni'Vohda who had seen a bright orb sink into the volcano not far from here and had come to investigate.  The did not find the Orb, but they did find the voice of their God.

Within hours, the fire elementals had mobilized and were traveling southwest, a fiery river moving towards the Cave that Agni had imprinted on the minds of his servants. 

AP to be spent on this soon 
Again the world shifted, and the light dimmined, and Marcus lifted his head from thought. "Great things are afoot, and this dimming of the light cannot be good. Life weakens, the skies frow cold."

Looking down, he grunted slightly. A trail of green lights leading to the south. Curious, and suspecting they may answer some of his questions, Marcus set out on the trail, following them to their source.

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71235715 wrote:
As the blade clashed against gauntlets, it chipped. The tiniest of hairline fractures occured. One minute they were all in battle, the next the sword was lying on the ground. Far and away from anyone.

The sword shifted and in the ensuing chaos of Altrius birth, it shattered. Zebus, lying on the ground the shadows covering him. Groaning, Zebus slowly picks himself up. Not how I wanted to return to this world, but it seems balance was restored and is now shifting in a bad way.

The sword disappeared, dissolving into shadows and reappearing in his hands once again. Completely ignoring Azgo, and Altrius, he walks over to where Pruinus was quickly sinking into the acid flow. Grabbing onto what was left of her, Zebus drags her out and back onto shore. Your time to die is not now. We have much to do sister.

As Pruinus slowly starts to gather herself, Zebus turns to the others. Grabbing his sword, it splits into two, one pure shadow, the other frozen death. You two have a choice, leave or I Will take you. Your time to die is yours to chose, but chose wisely.


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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Onus was surprised to see Leaf appear at the mouth of the cavern. And to have brought one of the new Others with him? He watched as the two went in, sensing their presence to follow their actions. Odd... he thought as Artun's presence nearly disappeared as soon as he entered, almost becoming united with the stronger essence of the cave. He waited, and before long, he saw a blast of green come from the mouth of the cave, and he realized, It sealed behind the others when they entered. As it resealed, he began to feel Leaf's essence fading. He watched the power of Life wane, felt the calling of his people. This will not do. With one great hand, he reached down and rent open the mountain-side exposing the cavern to the open air and reaching inside, he plucked Leaf from the grasping black ooze, pulling with all his considerable strength as the ooze stretched. The mere touch of it was eating into his skin. Drawing the magma blade given him by Agni, he plunged it into the ooze filled crevice and drug it down the length, finally causing the ooze to release the smallest of the gods, but also triggering something else as the warmth of the blade struck against a large stone, mask-shaped rock.
Released from its earthen chrysalis, the dark god rose up. The rest of the mountain trembled and great slates of stone slide off, revealing a frostbite-black shell underneath. Six segmented legs, each the length of a valley, stepped out of the crater left behind and heaved the mountain-god up into the sky. Boulders and stone fell countless leagues to the forgotten earth below.

From underneath the dome of its shell, long feelers writhed in the air. They had a grasp on the little god's prison, slithering and pulling. Dozen pearl-like eyes twitched back and forth, reflecting what little light there was left in the world and casting evil rainbows about. A giant, three-part claw, fueled by the power stolen from two gods, swung through the air and crashed into Onus, ripping him off Leaf's prison and sending him tumbling. With a slickling slurp, the mountain-god pulled Leaf back in.

In the cold air, the peak of the living mountain gathered snow and frost. The burning sword of Agni sizzled in the godflesh, but it sunk in and was spat back out. Within its body, the mountain-god pulled the two gods prisons further in, under the protection of its great shell.

The pillars of creation trembled as Evil approached Onus' prone form. Its tendrils quivered in anticipation, ooze salivating along them and dripping to the shattered earth below. Its mouth opened, revealing an endless pit of razor-rock teeth.


Non-AP: Tasoe's new shape: a mountain/crab/thing. Kind of like a cross between a chasmfiend and this: www.kaijuphile.com/forums/picture.php?al...
The form finally crawls out from the sword and stands on the ground, wielding the blade in his hand. His entire body was that of shadow and when directly looked at those could see their fears approaching....

Altruis sniffed the air and then smiled and began to laugh in that same eerie echoing voice.... then begins to talk to himself unaware of those around him.

"So much pain! So much suffering.... its delcious..." He licks his lips slightly, "but wait whats this other smell...." The snow still falling due to the primal spirits of Pruinus, he reaches out and peers into the snow then with Mormhaor jabs out and there is a loud screech, more like ice scraping across the ground breaking and a form appears. Mormhaor pulses and all around it primal spirits appear in their bodiless, soul form. Altruis then begins to suck in and all the souls go into the sword then into his body ripping them of their lifeforce and then they "die" leaving remnants all around them. The souls bind to Altruis's and they become part of him an aura of cold appears around him and then he waves his sword and corrupted dark parts of souls fly out touching the remnants of the once primal spirits of winter.

As the darkness touched them they came out from death into this morphed spirits covered in shadow who gave only a look of hunger and seemed to relish in the pain surrounding them in the Godcrater.

After, he turns to Zebus, "Father? Or should I call you brother?" He waves his identical, but opposite sword in front of Zebus. "You created me in such a... wonderful place don't you feel the torture here, the suffering?" One of the new creatures comes over and lays next to Altruis and he thrusts his sword down into its neck, it cries out in pain but doesn't die, the others relish in its pain.... "Absolutely wonderful.... don't you agree?" Altruis gives a stare at Zebus directly into his eyes and in there Zebus can see the insanity, but also intelligence....


Populate (2 AP): "Soul Fiends" Beings created by corrupted elementals they have a remanance of what they once were before hand, but now only seek to gather souls to sate their own hunger and that of their god, Altruis.  They can morph into shadow and disappear, be invisible, take the shape of animals as well, but still covered in blackness. These particular ones have frosted eye sockets which glow blue inside.

Remaining AP: 

And to make sure everyone is on the same page, I spoke with James before doing  this to the spirits and they aren't near as strong since half the AP cost.
I care not what you call me, but this place is far from ideal. Slashing his sword at one of the pitiful creatures that were spawned, it convulses a few times before falling over dead and vanishing completely. I now understand why I was so infatuated with that last battle. It was you. The torture and suffering here are less than ideal. It makes too much noise. All Altruis can see in Zebus's eyes is a cold intelligent death.


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I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Altruis gives Zebus a puzzled look, then points his sword down as to where Zebus struck down the Fiend. Then from nothing it formed back and slid away from Zebus. "Do you not enjoy this place?" He circles around taking everything in, noticing Azgo and his tormented looking body. He licks his lips a long while staring at him and smiles. "So much pain.... it's intoxicating." He whirls back around to Zebus. "You seem to misunderstand me Brother. I am not life nor am I death, my beings can't simply be killed by such a simple thing as death." He chuckles slightly. Then he notices Pruinus being held by Zebus. "Who is she Brother?" Her face contorts as she fights the fear and hears the whispering pleads of her spirits. "Is she another.. soul for me?" Greedy look appears in his eyes, all of the soul fiends perk up at the mention of souls....
The shadows had disapated, and the Godcrater had calmed. The groundwater grew shallow, and the pools ceased to overflow. The thousandfold cries of the craterspaw hushed into fragile silence. To those who watched Azgo, he had emerged with a newfound zeal, rapture almost, in his conviction.

He was no longer the two-in-one, Azazel and Go'El. He was Azgo. And he was frail no longer.

Azgo turned his still-seeing head towards Zebus in wonder. Blood and bile flowed from the fresh holes across his face and between his blackened gums. "Brother?! You live?" He would have guessed that like earlier, some god had taken Zebus' form. But there was no indistinction, no blur. He glowed with... something that The Blood Crowned doubted any god could fake.

Could gods die?

He interrupted the other god's idle chattering. "And you defend her?" Malice bubbled up in his throat and poured into his challenge.

"She, who betrayed you?! Let you die? You are all traitors to the end, even with each other."

His head briefly turned towards this new presence, the mad one. He seemed opposed to Zebus, and while that was a start, the god would surely pay for trying to destroy him. Fumes of the Godcrater began to wreath defensively around Azgo's magled form. A surge of power swell up from within. The tempest began to swirl once more, and within its darkened clouds, thunder peeled. It was almost... a wardrum.

The craterspawn felt the call within them burn with bloodlust. They began to take to the skies. First in handfulls, then in the dozens, hundreds, thousands...


There was a pause.

"No, Zebus. It is you who would be wise to leave. Pruinus could not defeat me, and you cannot defeat me. The age of the Firstborn has come to an end! The skies darken, and the betrayed shall have their throne again." Azgo began to approach Zebus with a vigorous pace, and a legion to block out the sky flew overhead and out of The Godcrater.

Command Populace (2AP):Craterspawn. The craterspawn legions fly out and divide themselves into countless flocks. They attack large human cities, towns, and villages as well as gelab duhr communities.
AP Remaining: 2

Craterspawn Tactics
Notes for anyone involved with craterspawn battles: The craterspawn attack with animalistic cunning and ferocity. They do not shy from battle, death, or impossible odds. The craterspawn crumble into sickening ash upon death. Have Fun!!

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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Altruis turns his attention to Azgo, staring also at the legions of Craterspawn flying above us, curious sensing no souls emenate from them he began to lose intrest in them, but their purpose.... he felt death followed them and therefore more souls....

Addressing Azgo, Altruis speaks... "Do you seek to make the world suffer as I sense you suffer?" Altruis shifts to his regular form, the shadows form into a black cloak with hood over his face.
Marcus arrived at the scene as the giant scrab-like creature rose from the earth and began turning its attention on Onus. For a long moment he only watched, deeply unsettled by some feeling he could not place. Then he realized. He felt the presence of more than simply two of his own kind here. No, there felt like as many as four of five gods were present, but he saw only the fallen and the one preparing to destroy him. Worse, two of those gods felt as if they were on the verge of vanishing.

Acting, he gathered energy together in his hands, took aim, then hurled it at this foe as a blinding white spear of burning ligh, punching through the creatures tough hide easily, pinning it's head to the ground for a few seconds, but buying time for Onus to recover.

Dropping closer, he stepped between the combatants and readied himself should the fight continue.

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71235715 wrote:
Do you really think it is that easy to kill me? Pointing at Pruinus, This one was a fool for trying to "save" me! I was here in the beginning, and I will be here in the end. For you two, it will not be the same.

Melding the swords back into each other and sheathing it, Zebus turns and picks up Pruinus and places her over his shoulder.

This battle here is finished. We could be here all eternity clashing swords and words, but I have other things I must attend to.

Zebus turns to leave keeping his free hand on his sword for when one of them attacks.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

The mountain-god paused for a moment as the new being made itself known. Its spear was smaller than a sliver of the smallest grain of sand in comparison, but it was annoying nonetheless. It made the god wonder if it should finish off the snack before him or if it should crush the other one first, so that it might have at least a mouthfull to comp upon.

That moment of hesitation gave Onus time enough to escape.

Slightly irked, the mountain turned to eye the new one. Small. Insignificant. Worthless.

The mountain crouched down and concentrated. The shell on its back cracked and spikes, each larger than the largest tree, grew out. With a contraction of its muscles, those spikes were sent high into the air, beyond sight, but within a moment they returned, and as they fell they rent the air with a scream of terror. Many landed across the world, but most were aimed at the annoying god.

On that day, destruction rained from heaven.
"Perhaps you are right, Zebus. Perhaps one day you will slay me, and perhaps one day your treachery will be rewarded."

The words felt like anathema to his being.

"But know this: The peoples of creation will always remember the days that the suns were scattered and their gods did not protect them. They will remember blood flowing between the streets and the burning pyres of their dead. They will curse me... and they will curse you, for you did not save them."

Azgo paused on the edge of a cliff, looking over the intruders.

"You are a god, Zebus, nothing more. And you are unforgiveable, nothing less."

One day Zebus would pay dearly for his arrogance, and for his betrayal. But that day was not this day. Zebus was doubtlessly weakened from the battle, but Azgo also felt weak. He would not risk his life to fail. He let Zebus walk out of the Godcrater. His hatred has taught him patience.

Something began to agitate the sulfur pool Pruinus dived into. An essence of slick icy hide, the boiling heat of the acids, and droplets of godflesh began to coagulate.


It would normally have been just before dawn in the human city of Avarom, not that there was much difference between day and night anymore. The city was founded midway across the mountain chain between its treacherous slopes and the dying grasslands that danced across the grey horizon. It was a large city, fashioned of quarried stone from under the mountains. Towering spires, temples to Artun decorated in silks and mirrors, and extensive battlements to watch for invading gelab duhr from the foothills all had a place in Avarom.

They were just stirring in their beds, caught in the pleasant aftertaste of dreams, when the outlying hunters spotted something rising above the withered grass. A dark storm cloud blocked what little light came from the Crown. The distant screeches sent chills down the hunters' spines, and they fled for the city walls. Something was gaining on them.


Villages of both humans and gelab duhr across the continent were sudenly attacked by flocks of the monsterous craterspawn. The only warning were the  haunting shrieks on the cold wind.

The former angels descended upon the first unlucky few and sunk their talons deep into bursting flesh.  Joints and muscles were torn from pleading bodies as even more of the creatures surged passed, egged on by the screams of the running. Some huddled in houses silently only to cower as the creatures broke in through sloppily thatched roofs. The humans, both large and child-sized, squirmed under the grasp of the serrated talons as they were carried higher and higher into the air to be released. Blood began to seep into the ground.

The invasion was underway.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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Missiles screaming of death and destruction rained from the sky in a lethal hail as fire elementals began to charge recklessly at the creature. With all his might, Marcus bellow out a single command, the strength of his voice extiguishing several nearby elementals with it's force. "STRIKE!"

Compeled by the order, every last missile veared from it's natural course, raining not thier destruction upon the land and creatures in the area, but rather onto a single focal point, the god who had dared to command them. Taking the entire force of the attack, Marcus's shredded and battered body was slammed to the ground, his armor destroyed as his divine blood spilled out.

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71235715 wrote:
Onus pulled himself back to his feet, the surprise of seeing another being who was actually larger than himself was just wearing off. While the creature was distracted, Onus ran past it, swinging his fist as he went, a hit that rattled throughout the entire mountainous body of the Other. Continuing with his momentum, he manages to retrieve his sword from where it had landed and turning just in time to see the beast bearing down on him. At least I have returned the favor, now his full attention is upon me!

This mountain chain would need to be recharted, entirely. The battle was fierce as each of the gods threw the other into the hills. Leveling one mountain, only to cause several more to arise with the next impact. Onus leapt backwards onto a nearby mountaintop and grabbed another mountain, hefting it up from the earth. He hurled it as the Evil one charged forward, the momentum of the impact caused it to rear up and Onus dove in, driving the blade deep into the underside of the creature. However, as the Evil Ooze pushed his weight back down, Onus was forced down with it. The blade of his sword sunk up to its hilt, but the legs of the creature flailed against him, and they actually broke the god's skin with their tremendous force. Onus laid there struggling with the creature, its ooze bled from the body, dripping onto him, some of it seeping into his wounds...
Like a wave of living fire, the army of Agni'Vohda swept across the landscape in answer to the call of their God.  Although some felt fear in their hearts at the massive beast before them, as one they manifested spears and swords of their own fiery essences.  They reached the nearest leg of the Evil-Of-No-Name, parting around the fallen Marcus as if he were standing in the lee of a massive (fire-proof) rock.  Stabbing and grasping, the elementals began to climb up the legs of the titanic enemy, swords and spears sinking into the legs of the beast like a flurry of tiny needles.  The Evil shook and shuddered, attempting to dislodge the miniature beings who were causing such annoyance, but whenever the God managed to throw off an Agni'Vohda, it merely switched to spark form and floated back to earth before reappearing and attempting the climb again.

Like a rising tide splashing against a wall, the elementals climbed progressively higher and higher until eventually they reached the mountainous back of the Beast.  There, they found themselves confronted with pools of ooze that had filled in the places where the shell had cracked open to release the spines.  Stabbing and poking at the openings, they attempted to reach through the shell, past the ooze and to the God-flesh (if it had any) beyond.  They were unsuccessful.  The shell was many meters deep, reaching far beyond the range of their weapons.  But still they tried, casting their spears down into the ooze, which hissed as it quenched the flames.  Still nothing.  The Evil shook and threw off the Agni'Vohda in great numbers, and soon they began to despair, traveling further up the shell towards the great peak, trying to find a shallower pit.  A group of nearly a hundred gathered around a broad crack where two spikes had emerged next to one another, very high up on the shell of the mountainous Enemy, and where one of their kind had reported that the Enemy had reacted when it had cast a spear into the depths.  As one, they threw in spear after spear of fire, supplied by others behind them.  Every so often, The Evil would shake harder as they threw, as if their attacks were finally connecting.  The pit began to smoulder, the ooze itself heating up, until finally, the great blackness caught aflame.  With a roar of fire and a belch of caustic smoke which suffocated the Agni'Vohda nearest to the pit, the entire pit caught fire, and the green flames began to spread along the cracks of the shell, moving slowly from one pit to the next to the next.

Now, the Evil-Of-No-Name reacted.  Roaring in pain, it shook harder than ever, sending the Agni'Vohda flying and sending large piles of flaming goo across the landscape.  The ooze rolled across the ground, coating the landscape with a thick layer of burning, smoking stuff that caused even the eyes of the Gods to sting.  

The entire back of the Titanous Evil was burning now, and the heat was traveling deep within the shell to where a God waited.  The Ooze heated around Agni, driving back the tentacles that held him and Leaf in place.  Suddenly, the eyes of the Stone Mask ignited and magma spewed from its mouth.  A sword was nearby, forming air pockets in the ooze as it hissed.  Agni placed Leaf within one such pocket, and then the FlameLord willed them both upwards.

From afar, it appeared as if the Evil had become a volcano, as a gout of flame erupted from the 'peak' towards the heavens.  Those with keen eyes could, had they been looking at the right time, seen a stone mask and an air-wrapped God within the fire.  Burning ooze flowed over the lip of the peak and the entire mass of the Evil-Without-Name began to burn.

Agni sent Leaf floating gently to earth near Onus and then turned around to face his captor.

I Am Free.  He intoned, gesturing to the Agni'Vohda.  A third of their number lay dead, their sparks suffocated by the smoking ooze, but the remainder surged upwards to meet their God.  Agni drooled forth Magma in massive quantities as the Agni'Vohda linked body-to-body below him.  They allowed the magma to flow over their bodies, hardening around them to form a stone shell.  Arms, Legs, A Torso, a Neck, and the Great Mask of Agni as the head.  Soon, a titanic body, equal in size to the flaming, mountainous monster, stood in the valley.

Begone, Evil One.  Trouble us No More.     Agni shouted, reaching forward, grasping the burning, smoking body of theEvil-Without-Name and heaving it into the heavens.  As it threw, its body cracked from the effort, stone arms shattering and legs buckling, Agni'Vohda tumbling out as Agni's form disintegrated.  But the work was done.

Upwards The Mountainous Evil flew, up past the clouds and into the place beyond the atmosphere.  There, it was caught by gravity and pulled into an orbit that was askew of the orbit that had once been taken by the Sun.  To Mortals, the Flaming Mountain, a tail of smoke streaming behind it as it travelled, brought light back to the surface.  Once more the plants could grow and eternal night was no more, and if some complained that this light was sickly green where the old light had been a golden yellow, others told them to stop complaining and be grateful that the Gods had given them a light to see by at all.

Agni settled to the earth before his surviving Agni'Vohda.

My Servants.  I thank you.  I now free you from your servitude, little ones.  Live your lives as you would, and know that you have your God's thanks.

1 AP:  Denourish Land:  The Burning Lands are created, filled with burning piles of the Goo of TASOE (which Thought tells me will burn for centuries, at least).  This is a hellish place, filled with caustic smoke and choking heat.  Nothing much can survive here.

1 AP:  Command Land:  The Collapsed Mountain:  The 'body' of Angi has formed a tall mountain of rubble in the middle of the Burning Lands. 

1 AP remains.
Deep within the flaming mountain of the sun, down below the burning pools of ooze, below the smoldering embers of fire, at the dead cool heart of the body, a wisp of evil waited. There was plenty of time before its next move. Time enough, even, to decide what to do with the god of darkness still in the mountain's gullet.

~Burning Lands~

Shards of the dead god littered the gorund. Near the feet of Onus, the prison that Agni had set down opened. The ooze had lost its cohesion, and disipated into the air as a maisma that was soon gone. Little Leaf unfurled himself, stretched, and looked around. He saw Agni and his eyes lit up.

"That was... unpleasant. But, you're free! Excellent. And Pruinus? Have you seen her?"


3AP-Create Exarch: Seg, god of cake-I-mean-lies. Normally appears as a homely man, somewhat short and stout. He wears simple clothes, but always has his sleeves rolled up, a well-worn work apron, and his arms and hands have the look of someone who works with their hands. He has a ready smile and a generous heart. However, currently he is taking the form of Leaf.

1AP remaining
Pruinus heard the whispers of the winds once again, this time directly in her ear.

 "The Lord Leaf is in grave danger, please come. Lead astray by the imposter Ar---"

With a ripping sound, the voice(s) screamed in agony and begged for life as they were pulled to the centre of this maelstrom, towards the shadowy new deity. Pruinus lifted herself upwards as her brother ran to her, preparing to fight this cruel, unholy deity before her.

Then everything went black. The whole world was doused in shadow and cold. She was always cold, yet right now she felt the world had joined her. After a while, a bright light formed some distance in front of her. As she felt herself walk towards the light against her will, she saw the planet that she and her allies inhabitated, she was back to the place where the four first met. She saw that the source of light was the burning mask of Agni, and he was accompanied by Leaf and Zebus. She could not hear their voices, but their faces contorted in rage and anger. Wild, exaggerated body language and gestures also indicated to a heated argument. Pruinus tried to walk forth or to shout calming words to them, but her body would not allow it.

Finally, Agni's mouth poured open as he bellowed fire onto the other two gods, their forms ablaze as they slashed at each other, opening deep wounds of boiling blood. Finally, Leaf's spear impaled Agni through the mouth and came out through the top of his skull, blood-magma pouring away into nothingness. As the three gods bodies slumped against each other, the world below begin to collapse and crumble away into dust. Pruinus fell to her knees, this was something her body would allow her to do.

She could weep, even though she knew this as an illusion, the reality of the situation was all too real. She was dragged apruptly back into the world when she felt another horrendous pain. She realized she was being carried by Zebus. Glad to see him again, she did not like being babysit, she was a god after all. She stop caring for her ego when she felt a stab of agony again, this time pinpointing the pain in her wings. Her wings... The primal spirits had gifted her with them. This realization came all too late as her wings began to crunch and twist, a series of sickening crunchs echoed throughout the Godcrater as her left wing finally jerked itself from the socket, soon followed by the right. Pruinus pain did not end until after the wings were fully devoured by Alturius. Despite her agony, she wished for nothing more then to face this god in combat, but she had been rendered too weak and all she could manage was to feebly stir in Zebus arms. She was disgusted with herself, she hadn't been able to defend the spirits. If Alturius hadn't done the deed for her, she would have ripped her wings out herself out of shame. She did not deserve them.
In a forgotten crevice, half filled with flaming ooze, little lord Leaf's body lay. His skin was no longer green, but as black as charcoal. At the edges of his frame the embers glowed their last. Fire had done it work, there was nothing left to burn. A strong wind came up and the fragile body crumbled to ash. The little god was no more.

There is an irresistible law of the universe, however. A law that cannot be bent, cannot be broken, cannot be ignored.

Life endures.

A green glow, like sunlight filtered throw a forest canopy, grew within the ash. A single speck, a seed, was left, and it grew.

It took time, as these matters do, but before long a tiny hand grasped the edge of the pit that the lord of life was in and pulled itself out.

On the edge of death Leaf stood. Changed, certainly. His body was like that of a marionette, but he still wore his leafy armor, his eyes still had the same intensity as before. Though, as he walked away, there was perhaps a little added lightness to his step. But that is to be expected. He had his entire life ahead of him, and nothing but life.


3AP: Create Avatar - Brother Branch. A tiny natural spirit, made of wood like a puppet, but dressed in leafy armor. A little taller than Leaf himself, but still very very short.

There was talk about Avatars only being 3ap now, so that's what I spent. But let me know if I need to add another one next week.

0AP left
Agni rumbled in Leaf's direction.

Was Pruinus in there with us?  I fear the ColdMother may not have survived.   

The God trailed off and watched the burning mountain for a few moments.

It turns out that our foe was quite... flammable.
The craterspawn had no interest on the earthmotes high above the crown, for they were sparsely settled, and the length of time between bouts of chaos and mayhem was an eternity, compared to the dense swaths flourishing villages of humans, below.

And so Sa observed.


Koga had been wrong. He would not find her; she found him. Amidst the chaos of an enduring winter, an unsteady, inconsistent sun, and the slow deaths of starvation and loneliness, she had found him, amidst the hundreds of hundreds of earthmotes dotting the region above the crown.

She had found him -- and she was changed. Her skin shown with the pale light of Pharos, and her hair and been bleached white by this inner brightness, but she was still his betrothed, his beloved.

And she could fly, laughing at gravity with the aid of her, what did she call it? Sorcery?

Their reunion had been a happy one, to be sure.

For a time, they lived almost happily - her spells allowed her and her fellow luminaries to travel the immense distance between the crown valley and the earth motes, and she made good use of this power.
Food, drink, spare clothes, all of which had been denied to Koga for weeks upon end.

But though they were glad of the other's company, she saw that Koga quickly became taciturn and mournful.

He felt like a prisoner, trapped in the sky. He did not have Pharos' power, and so was tied to this island. She saw this to be truth, and asked what he would have her do, for they were truly in love, and for him to feel sadness and longing, so too, did she.

He asked her to take him with her, when she left for supplies. To craft her magicks such that the descent was safe for the both of them, rather than allow him to grow old, trapped on this island in the sky.

She obliged, gathered him close, and together they leapt off into the empty skies.

Almost immediately, Koga felt something wrong. His beloved's flesh flared bright, and became burning to the touch, the scent of seared flesh assaulting his senses.

She cried out in pain, and he in worry. He knew not what was wrong, nor knew she, and as they slowly fell, kept bouyant by her magicks, she burned brighter and fiercer, her skin splitting along a spiderweb of power.

It was the spell. Why had this gift failed, when it had worked so oft before? The spell required energy to sustain itself, and the simple fact was that slowing two humans was far more taxing than slowing one.

Koga looked into her eyes, and saw only pain of fire. There was no question, Koga let go immediately, pushing away. Better that he should die, than his beloved burn up holding them both aloft.

But alas, her spell could not be broken so easily. The casting of a spell was a contract -- a given amount of energy, 'Mana', for a given task. The harder the task, the more mana required. She could only channel a finite amount of energy at once - but the spell, the hungry, strands of magic, required more.
And so it took from her what she would not, could not provide. And so as Koga fell, he could do naught but watch as his beloved flared brighter still, as her soul burned to fuel the damning spell.

One last mournful scream of pain and sorrow, and her soul was no more - Koga was blinded as a wave of heat, light, and force erupted from his slow-falling betrothed, her mortal form unable to contain the vaster energies of her sorcerous soul.

Koga cried out in horror, a sound lost admist the screaming wind of his accelerating fall. She was gone, slain by her selfless ignorance, and her love of him.

"I will find you."

Koga closed his eyes to the ground still far below him.

"In the great dark beyond, I will find you." he promised once more.


Sa was troubled. Its petals swept downwards after the smaller of the two mortals - the one who had not exploded in a fountain of light. They slowed its fall, and then reversed it.

This, magic, was dangerous. It was the same power as the gods, and, it seemed, that mortals did not realize their limits.

Sa's petals gently depositing the human on the ground it had leapt from.

The human seemed stunned for a moment, uncertain as to why it was still alive, then decided it did not matter, and leapt from the earth mote again. A second time, the 10,000 petals of Sa intervened, saving the human from its self-destruction.

And still it showed no gratitude, launching itself from the earth mote a third, a fourth, a fortieth.

At last it grew still, weeping softly into the ground before its house.

Sa's petals danced, and far below, Pharos' luminaries felt... something change... as Sa staked its claim.


 - 3 AP Claim Domain: Magic -- Sa claims the domain of Magic, establishing the rules governing its nature. These may be added to over time.

  1.     Every use of magic is powered by an amount of "Mana" directly proportional to the strength of the task.

  2.     Every being with a soul has a maximum capacity of "Mana", from which they can cast spells. This replenishes rapidly over time, and most beings can regenerate the entirety of their mana within an hour. Gods are the exception, as their use of magic is capped at 4AP, and regenerates over the course of a week. ;) Other exceptions exist. Angels, with their two souls, can hold particularly large amounts of mana.

  3.     Arcane magic, such as sorcery, must have its cost in mana 'paid' upfront. If a creature cannot generate enough Mana to fully 'fund' a cast spell, the defecit must be accounted for, a violent process that rips the caster apart at a molecular level, burning the caster's soul to provide the necessary mana. Igniting one's soul in this manner is often irreversible, leading to death and a violent explosion.


After some time and much distance, Zebus felt Pruinus starting to stir. Laying her still form upon the ground, he propped her up against a rock. Kneeling next to her, Zebus closed his eyes and he passed his hands over her wounds closing them up, the dead tissue falling from the body.

Come sister dear, it is time to wake. Strange things have been happening, and I could use your help. Your injuries will heal in short time, but I need you to help bring me up to speed.

~The Twisting Nether~

Amid the barren wastes of the great beyond, lay many trees and bushes. Souls from small creatures dot the area, and from other mortals, but upon this particular day a different kind of soul appeared. A brilliant aura brighter than any energy in this barren realm apeared. As she layed sleeping the others begin to build a shelter around her, and a shrine for none had ever seen a being quite like this.

She layed like this for quite some time, and eventually her light began to dim. As her light finally disappeared, she woke. Desperately looking around all she saw was the shrine around her. The last thing she remembered was falling with her love.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Azgo's seeing head turned over his shoulder at Altruis. Open wounds across his neck revealed straining ligaments woven haphazardly with bony fragments.

"Their world will suffer, yes. All those who follow the Firstborn and their allies will know of agony and grief. They will become familiar with the smoke of burning flesh and graves the size of children. They will learn of betrayal, a betrayal that will cost them ..."


His last few words were filled with sputtering bile and wrath.

"And you will suffer, as you have tried to destroy me!"

He may have been weakened, but this fledgeling god would not be allowed to remain here any longer. Azgo turned, and clenched his rigorously scarred gauntlet. Malice filled his eyes once more.


At least half of the stony city Avarom's population were in pieces and piles of limbs. The market stalls had been toppled. Every citizen who had hidden beneath his fruits and silks and spices lay deathly quiet as the screeching and footfalls of the craterspawn grew eerily louder. Even more haunting to them however, was the crying of those unfortunate enough to bleed to death.

Those few remaining were held up in the local temple of Artun. The myriad mirrors on the walls had been shattered. Thousands of glass shards littered the floor and dimly reflected the calm glow of blood and torchlight. A few craterspawn had broken through earlier and if Thereus had not instructed the townsmen in steel, there would be no ashen piles of former angel on the floor. The people there prayed to Artun desperately between sobs and terrified ramblings. And a few... prayed to anyone who whould listen.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

My photo was found here.

Pruinus rose feebly, her body showing no signs of ever posessing wings now. She wanted to apologize to the primal spirits, but again she felt the gesture beyond words. However, The Primal Spirits spoke to her first.

"Many of our kind have been lost. This tragedy could not possibly have been foreseen. But please now, Cold Mother, shelter us from these devourers and allow us to aid those who also seek shelter."

Pruinus was almost confused for a second, but then she nodded. She gave five blessing to the primal spirits, Forming five bonds for the primal spirits to share with the world, to protect its inhabitants and to be protected by them. Across the world, in the ransacked villages and cities, a very small group of indidivuals suddenly felt a surge of knowledge, of inspiration... But right now what was most important of all is they felt Power...

They creep out from their hiding places, battle cries escaping their lips as they fought back against the craterspawn, fuelled by a burning hatred of all the injustice they had suffered.

Barbarians leapt into the fray with no caution or mercy, cleaving through their foes with whatever makeshift weapons they had at hand.

Druids called to the spirits, blasts of lightning ripping the craterspawn from the skies at their command, as those who sought safety on the ground who bound by roots, screaming as they were dragged into the earth.

Seekers watched battles unfold from afar, throwing a well timed knive at key foes. Upon finding their mark, these knives send swarms of primal power over their foes, whether it be a swarm of ravenous insects or wildfire.

Shamans heal and keep watch over the wounded, all the while a cluster of spirits take form to repel attackers from their masters.

Finally, Wardens stand before their allies, unflinching before their the armies of Craterspawn whose attacks rain down fruitlessly upon them, knocking them back with the power of a mountain.

With the efforts of these indidivuals combined, the Craterspawn drop like flies to the power of the primal spirits. The single sun shines brightly over the battlefields of men. The evil mountain was gone. Winter was over. Now the last task that fell to the mortals was to rid their world of these abominations, a destiny they accepted whole heartedly.

 --- 1 AP - Command populace/Spirits Through bonds with mortals, Primal Magic is born into the world. Primal magic works similar to arcane magic, but the primal spirits are the mana that fuels their spells. in man-made locations there are less primal spirits around. As such, the power of the spells is much more potent in the wild areas of the world where the primal spirits roam free, and primal powers only recharge when the wielder rests in an area with sufficent amount of primal spirits. Addiontially, primal spirits cannot be devoured by soulfiends when a member of a primal class is nearby, as these people protect the primal spirits simply by being around them.

Winter is declared over.
Putting a hand upon the unsteady goddess before her, Zebus attempts to steady her, as she communes with the spirits around her.

I think they understand. It was out of your control that this happened. We need to start moving now if you are ready. I can feel the balance of the world is off some how. We need to find others. Please tell me what has been going on while we walk.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

" The Forefathers told us of our beginings. That we were and are the children of fire and flesh. Lifeless bodies given to the Father by a Surface God in exchange for a service. The Father worked long on us. He hammered life in to us and let us feed upon his very blood to give us our souls. The First Father he was. The Smith. Thereus. He made us in his image. He gave us his very blood to make us in to what we needed to be. He made us in to Twelve tribes..and then he tested us.

We were sent away from the caves and asked to find them once more. The Tribes scattered to the winds and in the end..only two Tribes of twelve managed to remain loyal to our mission and find the way back home. The mission was long and hard, we fared ill, Humans insulted us, Monsters hunted us and the Gods...the selfish Gods of the surface! May their names be cursed! Burned the world and killed many of our brehtren. The lost tribes either died or settled the world above, still praying to the Father but choosing the easier path. There in the darkness though the Father waited for us..and there we built our homes. There amongst the Mountaintops of the Mountains of Home. "

- Annals of Dwarven History Tome I

AP: 2 PP Creating the Dwarves. The Dwarves are divided in an tribal society. Most Dwarves live amongst the Southeastern mountains with their God. But others can be found in small villages dotting the world or as primitive nomads. Feel more then free to use these "Free" Dwarves as you see fit.

~The Burning Lands~

Agni turned from Leaf and Onus to survey the burning wasteland that had once been pristine wilderness.  For several miles in every direction, Agni saw piles of burning ooze smoking and burning, turning the air dark with smoke.  But in one direction...  Agni began floating west...  it was hotter.  

Agni followed the heat, localizing it to a deep ravine, with a flickering light at the bottom.  Exerting his will, Agni forced the ravine open, only to spot a spluttering, but still intensely hot and somehow beautiful ball of flames.  

My Betrayer, Artun, the IllusionMaster.  How pleasant to see you again.      Agni growled, enjoying watching the badly wounded ball of heat below him attempt in vain to hide in the very shadows that its presence banished.

Your master proved quite... flammable... Artun.  It was highly satisfying.  I do enjoy seeing things burn.   The God's eyes seemed to burn into the being before him.  

Before I do that, however, my friend, I want to know.  What do you actually look like, underneath all of that illusion?

 Artun, too wounded to protest, felt searing heat coarsing along his body, probing here and there, twisting and pulling at the skiens of reality itself as Agni attempted to peel back part of the very core, essential essence that was woven into the fabric of Artun's being.  Artun began to feel a pressure building.

If you will not reveal yourself, I will do it for you!  Flame is the universal purifier.

 And with that, Agni opened his mouth.  Magma flowed out, but it was tainted black, run through with bits of smoking ooze that had lodged itself within the interior of Agni during his captivity.  The Ooze and Magma hummed with power, acting nearly as if it had a will of its own, and poured out, tumbling towards Artun below.  Artun expected to die, but instead, the magma and dark ooze merely intesified the scrabbling, pulling, picking apart sensation.  Artun shuddered, feeling his body's hold on reality begin to waver and fail...

And then, suddenly, deep within that Ravine, he sensed he was not alone.  Something... else... was pushing its way through from the other side.

With a scream of agony, Artun felt reality warp and bend around him as the newcomer arrived.

1 AP from me.  1 AP from TASOE (approved):  Ascend God:  Karak, God of Corruption, you are finally here! 
Pruinus watched the Primal Spirits wander off on their journies, finding mortals to wield their power. Her icy lips formed a slight smile, she hoped that this would begin to make amends and protect the Primal Spirits, but she was not done yet. She began to walk at a comfortable pace towards The Crown, Zebus following behind for a while.

"It is good to see you again brother, forgive me for bringing you to that place. It was unfortunate that you were re-born there. After your demise, the gods departed their separate ways, Leaf to his imaginery forests, Agni to his volcanious mountains with his servants, Onus sought to create a home for his Galab Duhr, and I withdraw to The Crown. Here, I created a special place. A monument."

She paused for a while, this was the first time she had told another soul of The Halls Of Creation.

"I call this place The Halls Of Creation. Inside are monuments to each of the gods. Your monument was contained in a separate chamber, for the fallen gods. Of Course, the halls are now out-dated, I shall be heading there to create new monuments and moving yours to share a place alongside our brothers. The Spirits you saw are the last remnants of The First, a gigantic colony of souls that inhabit and embody nature and existance itself. I believe without a guardian to protect them, or without a body to inhabit, they will remain vulnerable to the soul eater. I shall create physical forms for them to take."

Pruinus turned around to face her brother. She could no longer consider him her child also, for he was the one who had been protecting her against the shadowy figure.

"You are welcome to join me later at The Crown or halls."

And with that she departed for the Halls Of Creation, arriving there shortly. The large, frozen doors creaked open at her command as she entered. The Halls were in the exact physical state as when she last left them, yet now they felt comparatively empty. At her will, the doors to the chamber of fallen gods opened, as Zebus sculpture dragged itself across the floor, producing a loud, painful screeching sound as the icy surfaces connect, but both the floors of the halls and the sculpture of Zebus remained perfectly unscratched. The sculpture of Zebus settled itself amongst herself, Leaf, Agni and Onus. Pruinus was incredibly pleased as she looked at the sculptures from afar, how they looked in comparision to each other. Zebus Monument looked a lot better near the others, she decided.

She walked solemnly to the halls of the fallen gods, causing another circular column to rise about five feet up from the ground. Closing her eyes and opening them again, a sculpture of Azgo appearing before her. Of course, the maimed god was dead at all, yet she still created her monument to him here. This is where he belongs, the poor creature should be dead, it shouldn't have to suffer any longer. By the time this place was discovered by any other beings, she hoped that the creature would have found its death, making its place within these halls accurate.

The sculptue of Azgo was not in any way extravagent or showing an dynamic pose, it was merely the god standing upright at its full height. If she created the sculpture in an intimidating, evil looking form the god may appear as villianous to anyone who saw it. Azgo didn't deserve to be depicted in such a villianous manner, yet she also avoided creating the figure to appear to be suffering. If she had shown too much suffering its form, onlookers would pity the creature and not wish to harm it. The creature deserved pity, but so much to discourage taking arms against it, to end its miserable existance.

Outside in the main halls once again, she created another figure, this one of the challenger god Marcus. His sword was sheathed and he appeared to be in a more peaceful state of mind, looking upto the sky in a dreamy manner, as though he was contemplating something.

Lastly, Pruinus pointed towards an area of the wall in the left area of the halls, a screeching sound fulling the halls once again as another pair of doors carved themselves into the Ice, jagged lines zigzagging across the surface of the doors. These doors looked slightly intimidating, to match the sculptures of what would appear inside. On a smooth area of the door, words were engraved:

Herein lie the Lords Of Creation who have abused their power, whose existance is a plague to the universe, beings who it is every living souls duty to oppose these gods and bring about their destruction.

As the doors opened, a single sculpture already existed within the room. A sculpture of the shadowy, cloaked figure loomed over the chambers, casting a uneasy shadow over the room. Pruinus did not know his true name, so underneath the sculpture she carved him a title:
The Soul Eater.

Pruinus left these halls in disgust, hoping another creature would never have a place within these halls.

As Pruinus left the Halls Of Creation by its main entrance, all doors creaking shut behind her of their own accord, she stood at the very edge of the mountain path, A single step forward would result in her taking a vertical drop down the mountain. She looked over the inside of The Crown, seeing frozen lakes and fields of stubborn grass and forests of trees immunue to the bite of frost. There was life within The Crown, yet still she wished for more. More life, bodies for the Primal Spirits to inhabit.

A vicious storm of snow and hail engulfed The Crown, creating a white blizzarding tornado at the top of the world, snow and hail falling so fast that it would be impossible to see one's hand in front of one's face. As the snow and hail reached the surfaces of ground and water, it did so in a peculiar fashion. As it landed it began to take forms of various creatures, Great and Small, Terrestial and Aquatic. Primal Spirits flew into their bodies as they were constructed of snow, as the souls came into contact with their bodies they transformed in a manner of seconds.What were once silouettes created of snow were now living, breathing creatures with massively complex systems of working organs and bodily functions, instincts and distinctive traits. The Forests and Lakes were filled with creatures and animals that followed their own circles of life, hunting and fighting, fleeing and hiding, all with one goal on their simple minds: Survival.

She had created life once again, yet this time it was different. The life forms here now were so much more complex and wonderful then anything she had created before. Pruinus had guarded the Primal Spirits and in doing so, creating something truly wonderful.


1 AP - Populate Populace

Creatures of many different shapes and sizes inhabit the crown, surving in its forests, lakes, mountains, grassland and tundras. These creatures include Polar Bears, Snow Hares, Penguins, Oxens, Snow Owls, Snow Foxes, Orca Whales, Snow Wolfs, Snow Leopards, Seals, Walrus, Deer and Reindeer and Goats. I may add other creatures to this list which I did not think of at the time of writing.

"Hold a moment." Altruis holds up his hand.  "Don't act in haste for you might regret the outcome. I propose we make a deal. I relish the pain of others and as you seek to cause pain to those outside of this wonderful place.." He licks is lips hungrily with a chuckle, "I'll aid you in your venture to destroy them by sending out my own pets as well. And in return you let me have their souls." Azgo sees a gleam of delight in Altruis's eyes. "What do you say?" He twirls his sword round and round, and if you listen carefully you can hear the souls of the primal spirits it has absorbed screaming in the wind.. as quiet as a whisper as he spins the blade.

Azgo did not know what to think. On one pair of arms, this... thing delighted in pain for its own sake when it knew nothing of anguish. But on the other pair, the invasion of the prime world was paramount. And Azgo could sense that a new tide was turning slowly.

"Fine. Destroy everyone who calls out to the Firstborn. But this-"

The Godcrater shook and gesyers erupted in harmony.

"-is my domain. Leave, and know that I will not forget your attack."

Suddenly there was a roar coming from one of the sulfur pools. It was not kin to the craterspawn calls, born of wrath and agony. It was one of hunger. And of bloodlust. Azgo turned towards the pool.

A large worm-like creature with myriad clawed appendages was coated in slick toxins. Underneath its cold hide was a pulsing, intense heat. It lurched at Azgo, knowing no better. The god was swallowed whole in its fanged maw. A few seconds passed.

Four hands covered in blood of equal parts god and creature burst through the throat and began tearing away at the fleshy barrier. The creature squirmed and coiled around its neck as the endless waters of the Godcrater poured into its vulnerable body. Azgo walked out of the creature's corpse, more annoyed than anything else. But at the same time, he was darkly delighted to have found a creature with such ferocity and stature. Bending down, he shredded the still-dying creature into a hundred ribbons of bitter flesh and cast them out unto the world. As they landed unto the cold ground, they continued to twist and squirt blood. They began to morph as they buried their way into ice and stone alike.

His eyes also turned to the planet-wide battles. The craterspawn had slaughtered many, focusing on dense communities and temples/wayshrines to Artun. But the war had slowed considerably, despite the craterspawn vastly outnumbering the weakling humans. A ring of communities along the south-western hinterlands seemed to have brought the craterspawn to a draw. Azgo drew breath, and exhaled a thick, heavy haze across the ocean tides and unto the towns. The humans there, and a few of the free dwarves who had chosen to live with the humans, were enveloped in filth-ridden, murky darkness as their eyes were coated in film layers and their bodies' flesh thinned. The craterspawn took advantage of the humans weaknesses, and assaulted the hinterlands in force once more.

Populate Remorhaz (2 AP, one given by Pruinus): The dreaded Remorhaz have been unleashed upon the world and are found in mountain chains and thrive in the Northern Forests and wastes. They eat flesh and stone alike, and often hunt for pleasure. They are mostly immune to cold-based damage and diseases.
Harm Populace (1 AP): The humans of the south-western coasts, later to be called the Spirit Tide Coasts for its unusualy high affinity with primal forces, become ridden with the first mass-plauge. Most are blinded and at least some fall dead.
AP Remaining: 0

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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Altruis sends forth his Soul Fiends to collect the souls and to kill more of the world the souls drawn to his sword. He wanders away from the Godcrater in search of his own pleasures, wherever he treads chaos lying in his wake, his mere presence causing chaos in human towns, betrayal, assassination abound, and as he traveled desecretly he waited to create his own mark in the world.
Agni scooped out the roiling black and red ovoid that surrounded Artun and turned back towards where he had left the other Gods, the egg-shaped prison of Artun following close behind.  On his way, however, he spotted a particularly devastated region of ground, littered with spines from his one-time captor's body.  At the center, where the spines were most dense and nearly coated the ground, Agni spotted a hand twitch, speared through with three different spines.  

Agni raced over, and saw that a God... one he had not met before... lay impaled by hundreds of spines.

TEALORD, EARTHLORD.  COME.  NOW.   Agni bellowed to the heavens.

Altruis thinks of his birth and the beautiful pain around him as he was birthed. Then he remembered sucking in all those delicious souls and forming his beautiful pets the Soul Fiends. Recalling the pained look on that cold woman's face as he ate their souls, watching her wings break and fall. So much pain... He licks his lips.

He must meet her again, her soul... looked so delicious. He sends out his Soul Fiends and they communicate the same way they use to before being corrupted and she hears their voices deep with malice and suffering.

They say... "Hello mother..... Our father wants to meet you... he wishes to speak with the one who original created us...." Leaving even a cold chill for her down her neck.

Leaf-that-wasn't-Leaf wasn't sure if Agni was calling for him, but it seemed prudent that he make an appearance. With a measured stroll, he headed over. The sight he found was quite odd. "I say, my dear Agni, why do you have Pruinus in a cage?"

A bit belatedly, he noticed the other god on the ground. "Oh my. How unfortunate. Do you know who this might have been?"
Following in her shadow, silently as only death can, he watches her as she makes her changes.

In front of Azgo, Zebus writes in frost before Pruinus leaves, He should not be pitied, for there lies a malignent evil underneath...

In front of the shadowy statue, he inscribes the name of his foe and other half in combined shadowfrost.

In the front again, Zebus steps out of her shadow as the statue of Marcus is raised. So this is the one that I had called out to before. Closing his eyes, he looks in. My dear, you might have to move this statue soon. One of us is about to truely leave. If you wish you may join me, but I must be there at his side quickly now.

Wrapping himself in shadow, Zebus quickly decends down the crown at lightning pace. Arriving very shortly near Agni and the fallen one, he maintains his hidden presence until the time is right. Looking around at the others, Zebus peers closer at Leaf while maintaining his watch over the fading god.


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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Onus sat recovering from his battle with the dark mountain god. It had consumed nearly all of his attentions. But now that it was over, he felt something far more disconcerting. His children were being attacked, indeed life all over the planet was being attacked ferociously. He closed his eyes and sent his conciousness over the terrain, watching as the Galeb Dhur fought this new enemy. They fared well, being able to burrow under the earth to escape the attacks of the creatures and causing the stones to crush those who tried to follow. He felt a great pride in their accomplishments, but there were others who were not as strong as his own.

So, he decided to send them help. The Galeb Duhr mobilize to the various human settlements, fighting alongside the humans and dwarves there. In the mountains of the west, where there lies a city, virtually ruined by the time the Galeb Duhr arrive, they see only one option to protect what was left of Avarom was to seal it within the earth. The city rumbled for a long time, the humans within, squeeling in pure terror. Then the sinking feeling began, slowly the entire city was pulled beneath the mountain. One by one the windows went dark as the light of the sun was left behind.

AP:1 Nourish Galeb Duhr - Being made of stone and having control over it to use as weapons against the crater spawn, they are able to weather the worst of the attacks sustaining minimal losses.
AP:1 Command Galeb Duhr - Travel to the assistance of the human populace, providing whatever aid they can. And of course, spread the faith while they are at it!
Non AP: Sinking the city of Avarom to protect the few inhabitants that are left behind. If this will require AP on my part, I'll have to spend it against next weeks allotment.

0 AP remaining.


Hearing the impassioned cry of Agni, Onus stirs slowly from his revelry. His muscles had been pushed to their limits in battle. Weakend as he is, he cannot ignore the call and he moves to Agni's side across the field of battle. He stares at the body that lies shattered before the gathered gods, but his face is as impassive as ever. It seems my intervention was not quite as timely as I had hoped... What are we to do with this now?
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