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Agni nodded.

Very well, my Son.  Let us explore what there is to see of this world, and perhaps begin the tasks of Creation that we have laid out for ourselves.

And with that, the Firelord began to head south over the waters, as the place where Thereus had built himself was covered up by the returning ocean.
The god carried one angel in each of his hands, two held aloft by the throat and two dragged by the face across stone and scalding rivers. They struggled against his grip, but felt their strength draining as the hazes of the Godcrater permeated them. He carried them towards one of the plane's many pits, mocking them on the way. "Such frail creatures, so easily broken!" He tightened his grip on their faces, nearly destroying them. Muffled cries for Leaf were drowned in the geyser chorus.

Azazel/Go'El looked down into the depths of the pit with his working eyes; at its base was a churning, bubbling pool. Collums of reeking steam billowed outward. The angels were limp now, exhausted. The god raised one of the angels next to his mouth and whispered to it, "Zebus gave you something else, aside from your faces. I want to see it." The angel was slammed into the ground, knocking stones loose that fell into the dark pit. The god then plunged his bloody hand into the essence of the angel. It screamed and writhed and stabbed the god's arm over and over again. The other angels quivered. Thier cries had turned to whimpers.

His hand took hold of something. A twisting essence that was akin to a god, and at the same time nothing alike. The god's eyes lit up.

"So this is what a soul is..."

He gathered the soul in his fist, and crushed it. The angel screeched with a cry that would haunt the Godcrater for decades to come. The god threw the other angels to the ground and with his fell reach, broke thier souls apart. Their horrid screams were almost musical to him. Azazel/Go'El tore open a cyst upon his hand, and let his tainted blood pour into the pool. He gathered the soul fragments and cast them also into the pitt. The pool began to seethe and crash chaoticly. The toxic waters, now a blend of flithy, sickly browns and crimson,  stuck together like thick, heated tar.

The god lifted the angels into the air, and cast the husks into the vat.

There was the sound of limp bodies hitting tar, and being dragged under. There was a long pause...

The god shook his heads. The angels had been too frail; even their bodies had been consumed. They were worth nothing anymore. A waste.

Azazel/Go'El turned and began walking back towards the bubbling lake. he needed to think, and to plan. But then he heard a sound, a sound unlike anything he had heard before. A dry, belted shriek that echoed from the rim of the vat. The sound of scrapping stone and slipping tar. The god looked back.

A taloned hand, half covered in new blood and tar, reached out of the billowing steam and grabbed hold of the stony edge. Then rose a face, hidden in scarred and malformed bone. The lean creature pulled itself out of the pit. It had wings, still wet with filth. Then anouther pair of hands emerged. Azazel/Go'El nodded, "You are frail no longer."

More and more of the creatures arose from the pit, then took to the polluted, yellow skies of the Godcrater. The screams of the angels, still ringing, were meet in harmony with the warped shrieks of the twisted creations.

Azazel/Go'El walked down to the lake's edge and began construction of his fortress-palace on the toxic lake, the creatures circling overhead.

Populate Populace (3AP):Corrupted Angels, also called the Craterspawn
Nourish Populace (1AP): The Craterspawn swell in numbers and strength
Command Populace (1AP): Azgo pours his hatred into his creations, and instructs them in pain and strength. The first Barbarians prepare for slaughter.
AP Remaining: 0

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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When did evil enter the world?

Every culture has its own account. Some say it entered that, when Death refused Life, he created discord. Others blame Fire's fickle loyalty. Still others say that evil always existed.

What do I say? I say that scholars talk too much. Evil's in the world, what difference does it make?


As each of the prime gods left the crown, they pulled at the universe. Does it exist, if it hasn't been experienced? As the gods went out into the world, the act of seeing expanded what was.

They pulled against the center. And, in particular, one little mote of existence, at the very center of it all. They pulled, and the atom couldn't resist. It split.

Fire and smoke and light rose high into the air above the crown. A tight funnel of heat forced the smoke upwards, where, when the air was cooler, it overflooded, giving the explosion the shape of a tree or mushroom. As far as the gods had gone, the force of the explosion went farther, and the light of the blast burned against their skin.

As the explosion cleared, everything seemed normal. The earth was unchanged, the plants unscorched. Except, just off center of the explosion, there was a figure. It was kneeling,

It stood up, and if anyone had been watching, they'd have seen perfection. However, if those watchers would have compared notes, they'd have discovered that they hadn't seen the same thing. What they had seen was absolute beauty... as they thought beauty should be.

What did the god that arose, Artun, see when he looked at himself? Since there was no mirror present, that is a tale for another time.

However, there was one other curious thing about the event. If there had been a watcher who saw this god's birth and hadn't been captivated by his beauty -- there wasn't such a being, but if there had been -- they would have seen a small whisp of shadow, as small compared to Leaf as Leaf was compared to the largest god. This wisp vanished quickly, vanishing under the mirage that was Artun.


3AP: Create Exarch - Artun, god of vanity. Artun has no set physical form. He appears to each viewer as the most pleasing visage imaginable. Even if there are three people present, he will appear to each as best pleases that individual.

4AP remaining
No sooner had Artun alighted on the ground than curious flower petals swept into view. They brushed up against the 'god', trying to get a sense of what it was. They seemed to frown, whirling faster as more and more petals drifted into view.

Sa was not sure what to make of this other being - for Sa saw itself in the formless body of Artun, and vain though Sa may have been, it was a simple thing to realize that there was only one Sa. The flower petals seemed to jitter angrily at this persistent trickery, but held their tongue.

The simplest conclusion was that this god was responsible for the garden, and so it would only be proper for the gardener to invite him in. As suddenly as they had appeared, Sa's petals blew awayfrom Artun, retreating a comfortable distance away. They gave off a strong sense of deferrence, as they waited to be called out or identified.
Sitting on Leaf's shoulder, the sword sat and waited. The god of life marched on to where only he knew. A tiny eye opened on the blade, about mid-way.

phew! I never thought I would ever escape that place.  Its a little boring until he learns and things start dying, if it ever happens... I wonder where we are going?

The sword lightly pulses a small bit of energy. Just small enough that Leaf wouldn't notice, but large enough that an inquiring mind would. Maybe that will get things rolling?


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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

He stood silent, unmoving as time passed, feeling no need to move or act. Then he caught movement from the corner of his eye. With speed surprising for his armored bulk, he snapped his hand out, catching a passing angel by the neck.

As it writhed and struggled to free itself, he peered into it's face. "What is this? It seems almost similar to my own work, but it moves of it's own accord and seems to think it is important."

As it stopped moving, he dropped it to the ground, only to be surprised as it vanished from sight. He growled. "What trickery is this? I want that creature back. It dids not have myh permission to leave."

Spotting another angel in the distance, he willed himself across the distance in the blink of an eye, snatching it up as he had the other. Pulling it close, he glared at it. "Where did the other one go?!" Yet, again he found his efforts for naught as the power of his voice from such close range flayed the creatures flesh from its body and it vanished from his grasp. "They vanish when death comes for them. Is that how this works? This time, I shall follow them."

Marcus turned and snapped his fingers at another angel in the distance, causing it to shoot across the distance into his grasp. Squeezing it's throat, he watched intently, seeking the spark of energy created at the moment of death. As the poor angel's mind slowly clouded over, it began to vanish and he secured that moment for himself, stealing the ride and flitting through existence leaving the angelic corpse behind.

With a crack, he popped into existence and immediately went on his guard before the small god with the large sword with two near death angels at its feet. Feeling a pulse of energy, he grinned beneath his helmet. "What are you? And I think you should deliver that sword unto me. I can feel it calling, calling for others to take it from you. You do not deserve it."


The first true death. The corpse lie silently on the ground, unmoving and unliving. Then eyes opened once more. It was dead, yet it was not. It did not know now what it was. Climbing from the ground, it began to wander blindly, seeking things unknown even to it.

3 AP - Populate Populace - Angel of Death - From the body of the first mortal death trises the Angel of Death. These immortal servants (currently servind Marcus, Will likely be granted to Zebus later) are couriers of souls, buiding the depated into the afterlife. However, as a side effect of how they were first created, they have a distinct dislike and distaste for Guardian Angel, often seeking them out and using their unique abilities to kill them in the honor of their creator. To Angels of Death, killing a Guardian Angel is an unmatched religious experience. To make matters worse, each Guardian Angel killed has a small chance of being revived as an Angel of Death.

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71235715 wrote:
Agni traveled south and slightly west, eventually leaving the sea and returning to land, floating over a featureless barren plain of stone.  As the God traveled, it caught sight of flickers of fire dancing here and there in the distance.  The Agni'Vohda were following him.  The God's mouth creaked as a frown flickered across it.  He should find a home for them, eventually.

A brilliant flash.

A wave of hot air.

A push of force shoving him eastward.

Agni blinked as a cloud of light expanded from northwest, near where the four Gods had once met.  What had Leaf done now?

Agni lowered himself to the earth and hovered over it, waiting for any other divine pyrotechnics.
Reset:  Week 1.

Story (Thanks, Thought):  Before time and thought and memory there was the ancient progenitor. In him all was balanced, and yet he was impotent, unable to act. With strange aeons, this one crumbled and died, producing the barren world and the first four gods, Zebus, Agni, Leaf, and Pruinus.

Zebus and Agni were first born, but Leaf demanded mastery over all. Agni yielded, thinking it a joke, and a misunderstanding between Leaf and Pruinus made the little god think she had as well. But Zebus refused, claiming death was equal to life. Eventually, Leaf attempted to cast him out. He created the guardian angels, to protect life from Zebus' thieving ways. Pruinus sought to turn little Leaf's anger aside, but Zebus meddled again in life, giving guardian angels faces and free will. The first expression of their new will was to execute the god for his transgressions despite the intervention of both Agni and Pruinus.

During this time a fifth god arose, Onus, master of stone, created to act as a bridge between Fire and Cold.  Onus created the mountain range called the Crown, which Pruinus decked with glaciers. Unbeknownst to all, a sixth god also came into being, Azgo, whose twisted form made him angry against everything. He twisted guardian angels into foul mockeries.

The Four-Now-Three parted ways. Agni went east and raised a son to be his ally, Pruinus north where she created a hall in the memory of the gods, and Leaf remained for a moment, to create a garden to commemorate his fallen brother, vow to honor him, and to secure his sword and essence against usurpers. With those in place, Leaf headed west. Sa, lord of promises, awoke from the committment Leaf made there.

Marcus, god of order, also awoke, and resolved to order the universe.

As the prime gods left, they pulled against the universe, causing an atom at the center to split, producing TASOE in a large explosion. The Ancient Spirits of Evil quickly constructed Artun, god of vanity, to hide behind. Sa convinced Artun to turn angels into humans, and the flower god provided sustinence for them.

AP:  AP resets to 4 for everyone EXCEPT: Sa, TASOE, Thereus, Marcus.  You guys keep your AP till next week's reset.

The new god stood and stretched. It felt good. Of course, Artun was Artun, and that was the best feeling in the world.

A gust of petals swirled around him for a moment, then retreated. That was an odd behavior for inanimate objects, but since the swirl remained still, the god started to think that it was alive. And, if it was alive...

"Ar you alive," he asked, and then followed that up with the most pressing question on his mind, "Is that what I look like?"

"Not bad, I suppose. You could use to be a little fuller in the corolla, you know. Your sepel need a tuck, and it looks like someone went far too heavy on the bilateral symmetry, but, all in all, not a bad first form for me."

Artun whirled his petals closer to the other god. "What do you think? How do I look?"

's petals fluttered, then abruptly aligned to a 45 degree angle. It was a quizzical expression. The petals hummed for a moment, thinking.

"I do not know. Perhapsssssss better to say only that I exissssssst."

The petals relaxed and resumed their placid spiraling.

"Asssssss to how you look -- monotonousssssss."

And Artun realized what Sa spoke was true - the two of them were composed of little else than Deathbloom petals: Black, odious, and oily.  But then, the Garden of Twilight had not exactly lent itself to variety.

Sa's petals rustled once more, as something occurred to him.

"Did you hope to look like something elssssssse?"
It waited.

The flower was old. It's end time was drawing near.

That made It sad. It had bound itsself to that flower in the early days, shortly after Zebus had vanished. It had guarded the flower ever since. Not that there was much to guard against in the world. But in the peaceful time, It had learned every petal, every leaf, every fleck of pollen, of that flower. It stood between it and gusts of wind, when such arose, to shield it. It went down to a river to fetch it water when it was thirsty. It wasn't an exciting life, but it was a fulfilling one.

That wasn't why It waited, though.

Through the grass an abomination crept. More work of Zebus, no doubt. It looks faintly like an angels, but it was wrong. As wrong as death. On that, both It and Other-It agreed.

The moments slipped by, and Other-It spoke calming words to It. They had to wait until just the right moment. Just as it was distracted by the flower...

It rose up from the underbrush like a prayer. Sword in hand, It charged. It screamed the ancient scream, the cry of agony, the cry that Zebus had  taught them. It was the shout against injustice.

Other angels arose from their hidding places and descended on the corrupted one. It was over in a moment. When the odds were one on one, an angel was likely to fall. But fifteen on one? None of the angels had even been hurt.

The creature wasn't dead. That was a special punishment, one that It hoped to someday truly give to Zebus. No, it wasn't dead. It was cleansed.

A guardian angel arose from where the monster had fallen. Freed from the curse, its second soul returned to the first one, which had been left in the husk, confused, and tormented by alien powers.

From far behind a mask of leaves, weaved together, was passed forward. The restored angel gladly accepted it and put it on. Cheers rose up. A lost brother/sister had been returned to them.

It smiled, though no one else could see, hidden as it was behind his own mask. But it was short lived.

The flower had died.

Freed from his obligation in this world, It turned south. Perhaps it was time that It took up service with Agni... no, he was too hot-headed. Pruinus might be better. Yes, Pruinus.

1AP - Nourish Guardian Angels: Their numbers expand. Additionally, the guardian angels gain the ability to turn others back into guardian angels. The chance of this happening is relatively higher, since it's just returning something to its (more) original form. However, that is balanced by the fact that generally guardian angels don't hunt other angels, and are themselves somewhat weaker, being a race broken by Zebus. More guardian angels are likely to fall to others in the first place.

3AP remaining[sblock]
Marcus found the littlest god sitting, his back against a tree, in the middle of a tall forest. There was no way to tell how far the forest extended, but, at least, the smells made it seem extensive.

Zebus' sword was on the ground next to Leaf. The god himself was bent over a seed, fiddling with it. He almost agreed to Marcus' words, but stopped himself. He had thought that the words had come from his own self-doubt, not someone else. He could express doubts to himself and, perhaps, a close advisor, but not the common rabble. They had to see him as a leader.

"Oh!" he said, shocked at the sudden appearance of someone else. The seed was done, and he tossed it in a pile. Several piles surrounded him, and many more were scattered around the forest floor. Each had a little sign next to it, labeling what the pile contained.

"Oh?" he asked. He looked the other god up and down for a moment. The other seemed a little disheveled and, more importantly, young. He was not one of the elder gods.

"Oh," he said, turning to look at the sword itself.

"What time is it?" He waved at a tree. A section of its trunk separated itself from the rest, but the tree thumped down and healed itself. No harm done. The disk of wood flew to Leaf. He hummed as he reached for a different disk that was laying nearby. He inspected them side by side for several moments, and then pointed at a ring on the older one. "I completely lost track of time."

"I do wish I could stay and chat, but you didn't make an appointment ahead of time, and it seems I am almost running late."

Leaf hefted the sword back onto his shoulder, and as he did so, Marcus could see that a little tag was tied to it, and that on that tag was written the name of the ice goddess. "If you want to talk, then you'll have to walk."

The tiniest god headed north, stepping between piles of seeds. There must have been thousands there. He set a brisk pace.

As he walked, he assumed that the other god was following, and he began to respond to his questions. "Of course it's calling. It started shortly after I promised it that I would give it to Lady Pruinus. I do not know the extent of your education, but she is one of the elder gods. This sword is from a different elder god. Which means that, even if it wasn't already on hold for her, I couldn't give it to you. It would default to anothger elder god. There's an order to follow, you know. Can't go around doing things just because you want to."

Leaf paused for a moment, thought, and then resumed his march. They soon left the god's forest behind. "Pruinus is not as much of a stickler for rules as I am, though. She might be willing to give it to you. Might not. Can't say, but if you want it, she's the one to talk to."

As west gave way to north, Leaf asked the other god, "Do I know you... you seem familiar... Have you made any plants lately?"
OOC - Raven

Sorry, Raven: Artun isn't exactly the best conversationalist in the world. But, then, vain people seldom are... But if it's any consolation, Artun can be a punching bag, either physically or verbally, if you so desire.

"Monotonous?" Artun asked. His voice was low, and the petals of his form slowed their swirl noticeably.

"As for how I want to look, I want to look like I do. I am absolutely perfectly beautiful in every way."

There was perhaps too much selfsatisfaction in Artun's voice as he said that.

"Though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? Oh, that's good. You should remember that I said it. But yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I look monotonous, well then deary, you need to work on what you think beauty is."

"Are there others, beside you and me? If so, they simply must see how wonderful I look."

Sa considered. It knew of at least two others, but it was rapidly concluding that this one did not truly care for an honest answer, so Sa felt no reason to waste time on the truth.

"There are no othersssssss. None to admire your beauteousssssss form, none to strive to reach towardsssssss your divine perfectionsssssss."

"None to live their livesssssss in despair, trapped in futile questsssssss to achieve a mere modicum of your gloriesssssss."

Sa's petals altered direction, and "leaned" in, conspiratorially.

"It seemsssssss that you should have worshippersssssss, yesssssss? Suplicantsssssss to cling to your every word and action, followersssssss dedicated to fulfilling every one of your needsssssss?"
Time had passed and Thereus had wandered the world. There was much to see but yet little. The world..was yet young and there was little life to see other then grass, a few berries and the winged offsprings of one of the "Other" Gods. These creatures were interesting enough for Thereus to study at a distance, always hidden of course as he had little desire to converse with anyone at the moment.

They..and their actions made him..eager though. Eager to get started with his own plans. He needed land to start them of..and as of yet the world's surface seemed to be largely unclaimed. The problem was though that there were other God's up there. Small Gods that quarreled with each other rather than doing something useful and productive. God's he did not want to share a world with.

Therefore he decided to make a world for himself hidden away from the Others. A world hidden in the darkest dephs of the world. The Smith proceeded to dive in to the ocean, swim down to the place where he had been born and from there he began to dig himself a hole down to the world's centre. Sealing the entrance after him with magma, there in the darkness he would be able to work undisturbed..there his creations would be left alone..and there he would forge the tools necessary for a God such as he.
"Worshippers?" Artun said. The word was like honey on his tongue. "Oh that is a delightful idea!"

The swirl of petals that were his appearance paused for a moment, as if listening to something, but there was no noise that Sa could hear.

"Yes yes, don't worry about that," Artun stated inexplicably. Realizing he wasn't alone (it was hard for him to remember that other people existed when not directly interacting with him), he cleared his throat (an odd noise to come from a swirl of petals, to be sure), and looked around.

There was water and shrubs and flowers around, but no creatures. At least, not that Artun recognized at first. There were odd... things in the place. Standing fairly still, hovering, really, over random bits of plant life. Artun would have thought that these were just more, stranger, plants had not a dark creature stalked into the crown and killed one.

The god blew over toward a still standing one and saw that it had a somewhat pleasing form, but it's face was covered by a mask. He reached out, pulled it away, and recoiled in horror.

"Good me, what happened to its face? It's hideous! It's unimaginaably repulsive! It's... it's... not me!"

"Did you make this?" he asked Sa, though he hadn't bothered to find out its name, yet. It hadn't yet occured to him that other creatures might have names, and even if that had occured to him, the fact that he should care enough to learn them was as of yet still beyond him.

"Tsk tsk tsk, you should try better. But," Artun said as he leaned in closer, careful to avoid the travisty that was its face, "these creatures do have potential."

"Come," he commanded the angel. "Worship me!"

It looked over at him, shrugged, and continued its vigil. "Bah, they have no appreciation of beauty. What they need is a little longing." Artun touched his nose knowingly, although the motion was somewhat lost on a swirl of petals that had neither nose nor hands to touch it.

Artun grabbed the creature forcefully and tore it in half. The result was... messy. However, Artun raised his hands in front of him and intoned: "Come, Ancient Spirits, transform these deformed husks into worshippers worthy of me!"

Whisps of smoke stretched out from the swirl of flowers and wrapped around the messy pulp that had been the angel. The two halves were made whole, and more. Instead of beings of vapor and essence, they were given blood and bone. And legs, too. The single soul in each half reacted differently to the power that surrounded them, shifting the body to suite their preference. Bigger here, smaller there, and ... Artun was entirely lost as to what was going on over there.

The faces, too, were changed. Instead of the gross caricature of over-expressed emotion, they were given a degree of subtlety.

"There, now, worship me!"

The two humans looked at Artun and saw perfect beauty. They fell down to the ground and worshipped him... well, that one on the left sort of fell to the ground, and sort of stood up, too. Artun was entirely lost as to what was happening there.


3Ap Modify Populace: Create Humans. Artun turns guardian angels into humans. Yay! The residual divine energy lets these first ones see the gods, although that will vanish as soon as it isn't convenient for the story.

1AP remaining
Sa's petals danced lightly over these newest creatures, causing them to cry out in fearful exctasy as they were harshly tickled by one thousand swirling, petals.

Sa retreated, then "knealt" close to the mortals. They needed help if they were to survive, these worshippers of Artun's. 

A single resonant note emerged from Sa, and a shockwave of new growth expanded to fill the regions surrounding the Garden of Twilight. Thousands of flowers sprouted, grew tall, blossomed, withered, and began again, all in a matter of moments.

Eschewing words entirely, Sa pressed its conciousness into the minds of the humans.

For food -- the humans were bombarded with images of edible plants and flowers - brocolli, cauliflower, and the like

For drink -- a singular vision of the darklustre flower, which could be brewed into a potent darklustre lager

For cloth -- pictures innumerable of Flax, Cotton, and their ilk.

For worship -- one last searing image of the 'Artun', a strong, hardy flower who's petals bloomed into a mirror-like sheen, which shone with the perfect reflection of whomever held it in their hand.

As the tide of flowers shook the region (and sent a magnificent cloud of petals and seeds high above the mountains), Sa took the opportunity to shed the petals of the Deathbloom for a more varied selection.

That done, Sa reached down and plucked a pristine Artun from where it was blooming, and proferred it to its eponymous namesake.


1 AP - Nourish: Dozens of species of useful flowering plants spread throughout te regions surrounding the Garden of Twilight. Nearly every one can be brewed, eaten, milled, processed (cloth / paper), or otherwise used.
1 AP - Command: Humans develop agriculture, making good use of the flowering plants, and cementing their continued survival around the garden (for now, anyway!)
5 AP remain
Artun was touched by Sa' gift. No one had ever given him something as beautiful as himself before. He held it for hours and days and weeks before mustering enough will to respond. "Thank you. I am so very pretty."

"Oh, and thank you for providing for those worshippers, I guess. It's good that they wont starve, right? Gives them longer lives to worship me."
As Onus sat recuperating, he felt movement. Something was stirring though it was hard to tell what. He had spent so much energy in such a short burst. But, this warranted investigating. Unfolding his wings he stretched and stood. He scanned the area in all directions around him, he could feel the stone and earth being moved, but the source was not visible from where he stood. Turning back to the crown, he saw a brilliant burst of color flair over the mountains. Curious, but that was not what he felt. He looked over the mountain home of the Galeb Duhr. Many of them had stopped and made homes, settling into communities. But, there were still more moving inexorably towards the end of the mountain chain. This was a source of moving stone, but not on the scale he was feeling.

Then, a thought occurred to Onus. If the disturbance was the moving of Stone, then perhaps his creations could assist him in finding its source. He knew where it was not coming from, but he was not of this planet. The Galeb Duhr were formed from the very land here though, and may be better suited to a task such as this.

Launching himself into the air he flew over the mountains, stopping a little less than halfway through the trip. There. There was one Galeb Duhr who was farther than the rest. Landing beside the mountain that held the little figure, his voice boomed out, You have traveled farther than any... What is the name you are given, Galeb Duhr?

The small voice replied, I am called Cumbrous, O Great Mountain. It is an honor to have you appear before me, though my journey is not complete.
Cumbrous, I decree that the direction of your journey be... changed. Somewhere out in the world... stone is being moved, on a grand scale... not by my hand. It is... curious, and I desire to know it. Gather a band of fellows... search out this disturbance, then call to me so that I may find you.
As you command, Stone-Steeped creator. I shall obey and honor your commands.

Then Onus returned to the world crown, curious to see these strange new disturbances.

AP 1: Command Populace- Seek out Therues' cavern.
AP remaining: 3
Sa had begun to drift about the crown valley, bored with Artun.

noted peaks of ice intermingled with those of stone, and wondered of their purpose. But that proved the extent of Sa's curiosity - for there was truly little of interest within the crown itself, other than Artun, the Garden, and itself.

When a great stone gargoyle crossed the lip of the mountains, Sa took notice, and its petals swarmed forward to meet this new entity.
Onus returns to the crater, though emotionless on the outside, he marvels at the swirling petals that seem to fill the air. The world crown was much changed from when he left it.

He finds it odd that petals are swirling about him and immediately turns his attention to looking for Leaf as the source of such oddities. But the only Other that he sees here is another stone figure. Large, when compared to the angels and these, softer beings that are now inhabitting the area, but still small compaired to him. He wonders at the power of only one Other to have created so much change. Standing motionless, he studies the scene before him...
Disregarding the question at hand, a quick stomp of his foot brought the ground before the walking god erupting into the sky, blocking the path. "The names you speak mean nothing to me, but this much is clear to my eyes. That blade and the power housed within seek an escape. They called out to anyone who might listen, and I have heeded its call. It despises you, disgusted that you even carry it much less that you continue to do so. To maintain the proper order of things, I will have it."

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71235715 wrote:
Leaf paused a moment to look at the young god. "My, you're an emotional one. Disrepesting your elders, your lords, disregarding vows, disregarding the hirearchy, disregarding the ancient ways, the very laws of the world, just for what you want? Are you the god of chaos?" Or, he thought to himself, the god of temper tantrums.

The littlest god continued, unconcerned. Vines sprung from the ground and cracked the stone, splitting it so that he could pass unhindered. "But a little patience, and you will at least have your chance." Leaf knocked on the doors of Pruinus' hall, and the sound echoed throughout its deepest reaches. "We're here."
Another short stomp and the ground receded to normal. "One should be more clear. There is a great magnitude of difference between a vow and a promise, tiny god. Speak more clearly of this vow and its requirements."

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71235715 wrote:
Watching as the petals fall from the sky and finally begin to settle over the valley, Onus feels that something has been taken away that should have stayed. Petals might not be meant to hang in the air for long, but something less... weighty, ought to. It felt odd to him, but the sky brightened as he contemplated things of beauty without weight.

AP 1: Partially Ascend Urru. If wanted, feel free to claim both AP from Onus at least until Sa is in to back up the promise of the other AP. That way Moondoggy can go ahead and post.

Remaining AP: 2 (1 until Raven responds)
Leaf knocked again on Pruinus' door. She had been quite busy: he was eager to see what she had created. North was a good direction, it would always lead him to her.

He shifted the sword on his shoulder. It dwarfed him by over ten fold, but he carried it well enough. The largeness of the weapon in comparison to himself helped block the look he gave the other god. "The difference between a vow and a promise is indeed great. That difference is a willingness to break one's word for one and not feel quite as guilty as if it had been with the other."

Leaf closed his eyes for a moment and tried to steady himself. Calmness. A leader exudes calmness. "I'm s-" He stopped himself. A leader doesn't apologize, a leader does the best he can, accepts responsibilty for his mistakes, and then does better. "I was terse," he admitted. That wasn't an apology, just a recognition of his own fault. "My promise is my vow is my law. As long as there is life in my body, I will not break a one, nor allow it to be broken."

"My promise was to my brother upon the occasion of his death. My vow was to honor his memory. This sword was his. It is my law that I will not give it to one less than he. He was one of the first four gods. He was your elder, to whom you owe respect and service. I will only give this sword to one on par with him." Leaf nodded towards the door. "Pruinus was his sister, one of the four. So I give it to her, to honor her and him. But, those she calls enemy, I will call enemy. Those she calls friend, I will call friend. Those whom she calls worthy enough to hold this blade, I will call worthy enough to hold this blade. You may be patient and ask her for this boon, or you may try to take it now. If you try to break the law and take it now, I will resist you with my every ounce. That is my duty, that is how I will honor my brother, and and I will perform it."
I have no evidence of anyones status as elder, nor knowledge of any heirarchy, ancient ways, or laws. You are no lord or elder of mine. But by Order, I will not force you to break your vow. I shall follow as you take the blade to this Pruinus. When your vow is satisfied, I will deal with what must be."

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Scorch knew that it had gotten separated from the other Agni'Vohda.  That the others had decided together that it was best to follow their master for the time being until some sort of plan could be made or home could be found.  Scorch knew this.  Scorch knew that they had turned south after the creation of the new God.  Scorch knew that continuing to travel east was not the way others had decided to go.

But Scorch didn't really care what the others thought.  A spark drifting along in the sky, barely noticeable unless you were specifically looking for it, and specifically looking at the right patch of sky, Scorch did not feel any particular danger or need to stay with the others, and as a roiling putrid lake came into view below, no particular danger pointed itself out within the fiery brain of the Agni'Vohda.

But something did appear within that brain.  Curiousity.  This was different than everything else, for most everything else was quite flat and, plainly put, Boring.  Scorch descended and danced along the edge of the pool.  Popping into full elemental form, he flitted just above the surface of the pool, and, for laughs, shouted:


~The Plain Somewhat SE of the Crown~

Agni regarded the Agni'Vohda.  They had followed him this far, and their constant flickering presence grew tiresome.  Finally, he spoke.

What is it that you want of me, Agni'Vohda?  I have no need of you at the moment.

A thousand forms burst into existence, and from a thousand 'throats' came a crackling hiss that formed into a phrase: 

"A Home"

Agni nodded.

Very well.  Will you then wait until I have need of you?

At the popping assent of his servants, Agni descended to the ground, and plunged through it.  The gathered Agni'Vohda watched silently.   Minutes passed when suddenly a shudder ran through the earth and, with a heave, the stone gave way.  Magma flowed upwards, pushed upwards by a God's power, and, after a few hours of accelerated growth, a tall crag of dark obsidian grew to tower over the landscape.  The eruption slowed and stopped, and the Agni'Vohda stared at the black rock, wondering if it was over.

Then with a mightly blast, the top quarter of the mountain exploded, sending dark rocks high into the atmosphere and far into the distance.  With the obsidian went all sorts of other pressure-created stones:  things which would be called gems, and even diamonds.  As the dust cleared, the Agni'Vohda could see a deep caldera of magma, which roiled and boiled, driven by a sustained eruption deep below.  

And then Agni appeared, rising from the caldera as magma streamed off of his form.  

Behold, Agni'Vohda.  I give you the Eternal Volcano.  Never shall its fires dim or fade, for it shall be your home.

The Agni'Vohda settled downwards, alighting on and in the volcano.  This would be a good home, for now.

Agni, however, after only a moment of admiring his work, turned his gaze towards where he had first appeared.  The flash of light needed investigation.  Agni traveled, and soon arrived at the Crown, where he saw one God he knew, and others he did not.

Stonelord.  Who are these others?     Agni asked.  Who has created more Gods in this place?   Are they any better than the others?  Or are they flammable as well?

1 AP:  Command Land:  Form the Eternal Volcano, a crag of obsidian which is the site of a continual eruption of magma.  The Agni'Vohda reside here, and those wishing to call on the powers of the Agni'Vohda must travel to the caldera of the mountain and ask them there.  If they are feeling generous, an Agni'Vohda will appear to barter for the services of the assassins.  If they are not, then the Caldera is a nice place to swim... you're made of fire too, right?  Oh.

1 AP:  Nourish Land:  Obsidian and Gems are sprinkled across the world, with a higher concentration in the lands nearest to the Eternal Volcano. 
When the god of Stone poured his power into the air, Sa pushed out with powers of Sa's own, gracefully altering the intent in subtle ways.

Whereas before, Onus' light would have contented to sit above the Crown Valley for all its days, Sa's interference gave it vim and will, such that it might decide for itself.

And so Light entered the world.

[spoiler = AP]
- 1 AP: Ascend the God of Light
Bridling with annoyance, a massive pulse emits from the sword nearly knocking it from Leaf's grasp. The blade growing cold, was a different kind of cold from that of Pruinus. This was the absence of life. The sheer essence of what was said was too much for the deathblade to handle. Completely speechless, Zebus chills the handle to unbearable levels.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Pruinus sat on the mountain top above her halls from creation for a few days maybe, contemplating.

After creating monuments to the other gods and especially Zebus, she found his passing a little easier to cope with. Many times during her discussions with her family she stated that for life to exist, so must death. Now she finally felt she knew the meaning behind these words. Perhaps her state of mind could be balanced too, by new life.

She willed her body to raise above the Ice Crown, floating high into the sky into the ring of mountains appeared before her in full view.

She thought to herself.

Hmmm. The borders are quite beautiful, but the interior is so empty, so lifeless.

Her mind raced back to when Leaf offered her the seed of life, all of the potential to create within such a small seed.

She felt many tiny, ice seeds materialize within the palm of her hand. She turned her hand counter clock-wise and allowed the tiny seeds to plummet towards the earth, diving down after them. Swimming through the air ahead of them, she hovered above the ground as they seeds crashed into the surface, Forests of huge trees rising up from the ground they entered, their branches whipping and lashing at each other as they competed to raise the highest, standing above the others. As their growth halted, they stood huge looming above the landscape. The smallest were around eighty feet in height, the tallest standing just under there hundred feet tall.

Plains of stubborn, tough grass rose in other areas of the ring, refusing to yield to the frigid temperatures of the crown.

As she ascended upwards again, she saw that around a third of the inner ring was now covered in forests of mighty trees. She waited high in the sky until the Agni's sun float above her, feeling icy cold water running along her body. She allowed the water to drip from her figure onto the mountains, the cool liquid crashing into four different areas of the crown with as it feel from each of her legs and arms. Four lakes arose within and around the crown:

The highest lay in the north-east region of mountains, surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil forest. The Lake calmly stretched into a river running down the mountain for a few miles, before forking into two separate paths, each dotted with vigorous waterfalls as the descend proved too vertical for other means of the water to move down the riverbanks. The two rivers meet again towards the centre of the region, but slightly to the east of the exact centre point, here they formed the second lake, one surrounded by grassy, yet snowy plains.

The third lake lay just outside the south-western areas of the crown, and it was less peaceful then its brethren. Jagged Glaciers cut into the water, and the waters churned violently, as if fighting back against the mountain.

The final lake was located in the west, and was nothing truly special. It resembled its sister lake in the east, surrounded by never-ending snowy plains. Perhaps what set it apart from the others was its size, three times as big as the second biggest lake which lay outside the crown. From the hue and colour it presented as Pruinus looked up from above, it was also the deepest and even Pruinus herself was unsure how deep it went.

Whilst doing this, she heard the same whispers as before, though they sounded much calmer now. Alone, Pruinus would be able to attempt to converse with them.


No response. Pruinus didn't think she truly expected a response, but felt a little disappointed all the same. Diving down once again, Pruinus plunged within the deepest lake, swimming around in it peacefully. She had to make an effort to sustain her icy aura within her body, she didn't want the lake to freeze over. She noticed the way the water flows, and also thought of many other of her various creations which she created with a vague concept, yet the details appeared to fill themselves in. She wondered how this may be, and thought again to the voices she heard. Her gut told her the two were connected, and though she heard no voices, she attempted to establish contact again.


Silence was her only response, the dark waters of the lake appearing almost melancholy to her now. With a sigh, she lifted herself from the lake, the temperature of the lake was most likely well into below minus one hundred degrees, yet had not frozen. She begin to sprint up the mountain towards the halls of creation again, or more specifically the spot above it. That particular area of the mountain had become a favourite of hers when she needed some time to think. She could have flown up the mountain by willing herself to do so, but on this instance she decided to take the scenic route. She rushed past her creations at a faster speed then most could comprehend, reaching the mountaintop within a few minutes. Her divine mind processed the scenery as she blazed past it, admiring every single tree, bump, hill and rock as she ran. She jumped upwards into the sky as she reached the summit, only to gently float down onto her favoured spot of the mountain.

She sat, and noticed how it snowed around the crown, yet she did not remember asking it to. The snow seemed to spiral around her, dancing in her fingertips. She wriggled her fingers and slowly lifted them up and down as the snow danced around her hands movements. Pruinus smiled, she could have spent hours doing this had not a bright light caught her attention in the sky, at the place where she and her family were born. The light flashed, and she felt a wave of force push over her, knocking her off balance and almost sending her tumbling down the mountainside, only just regaining her balance in time.

She wondered what this was and almost set off the explore, but she looked down into her hands again to see the snow was trembling in her hand, it appeared to be afraid. Snow afraid, was this possible?

She gently bowed her head, her icy lips on level with the palm of her hand as she whispered once more.



The voice almost startled Pruinus. The voice spoke only slightly louder then Pruinus whisper, yet in came from no direction and every direction at once. The voice sounded as if the winds were trying to blow and whistle in a manner to form speech, and as if the snow and hail fell as if trying to form tangible words.

"Who are you?"

"We are the dust of The First, We are the natural spirits of the world, Cold Mother."

They knew who she was. Pruinus couldn't help feel a little vulnerable at this, she didn't like the fact that they had discovered her identity first.

"Are you the ones who cause my creations to act as they do? Am I using you to create, or guiding you?... or forcing you?"

"In a sense, all of those are true. Your power is different from our own, yet it mingles with ours. Tell us Cold Mother, who are you?"

So it appeared they knew her title, but not her intentions. Beside these two facts, how much knowledge they had of her was a mystery.

"I am.... A friend. The world is still young, much needs to be done. I am sure you agree, I would very much like your assistance of creating a world of life and beauty. Please, will you be my allies?"

For an eternity the spirits made no sound, were they reviewing her offer, rejecting it with silence or had they simply left her? Pruinus felt herself about to leave for the source of light again, when she felt a small tickling sensation above her shoulders. Snow seemed to fall upon her shoulders and construct itself into a set of wings that resembled those of Leaf's angels in their purest form. She took this as the Spirits answer and she was pleased. The wings granted her no boon, she could already fly and will herself where she wished, but the symbolic nature of the act was overwhelming. They were decorating her as their ally. Pruinus opened her mouth to speak.


She stopped herself. To give a verbal thanks to a wordless gesture would be an insult, words didn't describe the bonding the spirits made with her, so words shouldn't describe her thanks. Her thanks must be a similar action. The source of light could wait. Using her wings, she gently floated down the mountainside to the Halls Of Creation, here she would honour the spirits in a manner fitting to the gesture.

As she floated to the main doors, she found her brothers (And at the same time, her children) Agni & Leaf outside the doors with a third, unknown god. They had found the place already? Impressive.

She floated down behind them, allowing her landing to cause enough sound to gather their attention.



Command Land - Form landmarks within the crown. 2 AP spent.

Pruinus causes forests and grassy fields to raise within the crown, giving it more life. She also creates four great lakes along the crown, one reaching incredibly deep. The depth of this lake is meant to be vague, but could serve a plot point.

@Aldii: It is upto you to decide if the lake reaches deep enough to reach within your tunnels, possibly causing conflict with Pruinus.

Aqquire Domain - Primal Spirits. 2 AP spent.

Pruinus befriends the primal spirits of the world, the last remants of the first who had not gathered together to create a god, but rather a huge, uncountable colony of spirits who reside within nature and all creations. It is upto each god to state whether they are creating using Primal Spirit (either intentionally or unintentionally.) or with their own divine power. This has no effect on the gameplay, but can be important for fluff.

Special Domain conditions: Those who have the primal spirits domain have no true power over the spirits, but are allied with the spirits and they will allow themselves to be guided by that god to create. The primal spirits cannot be forced to do something against their will, but the player with the domain has the final say over what the spirits under his control are like anyway. Also (And I may regret this later) when The Primal Spirits domain is shared, it cannot be reclaimed back at will, as the primal spirits have their own say in whether they wish to continue assisting the god.

No AP Left.

This is what the forests in the crown look like, I'm struggle to describe what they look like in the post. Imagine the mountains in the background as a ring surrounding the forests, and there you go! wallpaper.goodfon.com/image/8752-2000x13...


Hope its okay to bend the rules for this domain a little. It is no more powerful then any other domain, but has a bit of unique flavour rules to it.
An organism developed within the corona above the Crown.  Wreathed in a brilliant blue-white haze, the newly-formed being began to discover itself.

"What is this?  Ooh, what is that?  Hey, it feels different.  Wow!  It is attached to me.  I am this, and this is me!  Is this me too?  Maybe!  It feels similar, but it is not attached.  Must be something of mine that is different.  It feels light.  Light is me.  I am Light.  I am Light!"

The cloud of brilliance burst with a flash, brilliant tendrils of chromatic lightning careening freely through the rest of the luminscence hanging over the jagged peaks.  In it's wake floated a small, downy creature of a bright blue-tinged white.  It's eyes, orbs of solid fuchsia, seemed to glow all their own.

"Ooh, hey wow that was something!  That fierce, thin light that I made!  It should be called 'lightning'. That is a good name.  It lightens up even brightness!  Such a special light that I can make!"

The creature cocked it's head to the side, pondering something else.  It ruffled it's wings and began mumbling aloud.  "Name... name.  I think I need one of those too.  Too... tu... U!  Utoo... No.  Utro... Uro... Urr...u?  Urru.  Hmm...  Urru.  Yes!  I like that one!  Urru!"

 The fledgling god flew through the air, shouting it's name at the top of it's lungs.  "Urru!  Urru!  I am named Urru!  I am Light and I am Urru!"  It  looked down upon all the lands and saw nothing but excitement and adventure.  There were a number of strange looking things down below, things that were different from the light and different from Urru.  I should go and meet what those things are, it thought.  A ripple of excitement made the young god tremble, and it dived so fast from it's height that it nearly crashed into the large hot thing.

"Hello, large hot thing!" Urru exclaimed.  "What kind of thing are you?"

AP Expenditure: 1 AP - Claim Domain: Lightning
Leaf nodded politely towards the other god as he waited for Pruinus. "Hopefully you will find the evidence you need before you transgress the laws. Ignorance might be forgivable, stubbornness is not."

The sword rattled a little in Leaf's grip. It was eager for its new master, it seemed. Leaf patted the handle gently. Soon, he thought to it, soon. He took the fact that the handle grew cold as a sign that it wanted to be given to Pruinus. It didn't matter how unbearably cold it could grow, life would endure it. That was what death had never understood: life will out. That wasn't pride, that was truth. There was no mote of creation, no cavern too dark, no ocean too deep, no fire too hot, that life couldn't survive. At the end of the universe, after all the chairs had been put on the tables, after the lights had been turned out and the door locked. cockroaches would come out.

At last, Pruinus descended behind them. Leaf turned, smiled, and bowed. "Ah, greetings Lady Pruinus. I had not wished to disturb you so soon, but I believe Zebus would have wished for you to have his weapon. So, for his honor and yours, I have brought it to you, for you to keep and do with it as you will."

Leaf jumped (as he was too short to do anything with the sword while just standing) and plunged the sword into the ice before Pruinus. "This one," he motioned towards the other god, "wishes to claim the property of an elder god. I know nothing else of him, and can neither recommend nor warn against."

"I am sorry that I must deliver and run, but," Leaf pulled out wooden disks and pointed to the tree rings, "I am behind schedule."

With another respectful inclination of his head to Pruinus, Leaf turned to depart. However, he had barely gone seven steps before he paused. He turned around, smiles, and spoke to the other god. "I knew you seemed familiar. Lot #2839sg. You were the one who created lot #2839sg. Roughly a valley's worth of shrubs and grasses. Good vintage, medium bodies. I hope you are happy with them."

With that, Leaf departed, leaving the matter in Pruinus' capable-if-cold hands.


Leaf's travel took him up high, above the crown. He looked to the four directions and sighed. The work was great, and he was small, but he had claimed authority. Responsibility came with it.

First he looked south. His eyes shimmered as tears gathered. South was where Zebus should have been, in a better world. It was right that he honor the fallen first.

Leaf opened his hand: a tiny seed was in it. A thin stalk, barely a few fibers thick, but stiff and strong, was attached. At the top of that stalk was a tuft of fluff. Leaf blew on it, and the seed drifted south.

As the seed flew over the land, the flat parts of the earth cracked and rose, rumbled and roiled, creating a land of jagged stone. But Leaf's breath followed behind the seed, wearing the stone away until the rough edges were smooth and ancient.

The seed landed, and from that point small organisms spread. Microscopic at first, preparing the soil, then worms and other bugs to turn and till it, then grasses to prepare the way, shrubs to dig deeper, and then trees, as twisted as a lazy river, sprouted up occasionally, as precious gems bedecking the land. Then critters -- squirrels, lizards, and others -- emerged and began to roam about, gathering, eating, killing, fleeing, making, spreading.

The god descended into this land for a moment and released a special creature, something he had created specifically Zebus. It was small, maybe four to seven kilograms, and covered with fur that hid it well. It walked on all four, as silently as sorrow, and in each of its paws were claws sharper than knives. It hungered for flesh. Barely out of the god's hands, it was already on the hunt. As Leaf left the land, the cat turned and looked for a moment. That would be their way, a gift, to see the unseen.

Next, Leaf looked east. There were mountains and other things, but still much empty land. Leaf opened his hand again, and this time there was a tiny seed, like a grain of sand. He blew it east, and it tumbled down, barely clearing the crown before it caused cracks in the land, like it had all been turned to mud, only to then dry in the sun's head. Like before, the prerequisites of plants when first, and then grass. Shrubs followed, but these were larger things, brambly, twisted by the heat. There were a few trees, but this wasn't the place for soft things: they were hardy, deep-rooted, and life from far around flocked to them. There were other plants, succulents, more resistant to the lack of water in the region. Animals too arose. Snakes and scorpions, predators and scavengers. Here life seemed more callous, somehow.

Leaf descended here as well, and released an animal dedicated to Agni. The hyena, who laughed at those who died. The tiny god was hesitant: he had wanted them to be more resistant to heat, but these were a first effort. perhaps something better later.

Again to the air, and now to the north. Another seed, hardshelled and heavy. Leaf threw it north, and it traveled far. It landed in moist soil, thick soil, clay more than dirt. The forerunners came first, and then the grasses, but shrubs in greater number, and trees as master of those lands. Tall, thick, with hardy needles for leaves, and cold resistant sap. Then wildlife, those that slept through the cold, those that gathered, those that hunted. Wolves and wolverines, deer and doves, squirrels and serpents. Leaf landed and released his offering to Pruinus. Hunter and hunted, clever and quick. The creature darted away, heading north, shedding its red fur as it went to replace it with white. The winter fox.

Exhausted, Leaf turned west.

Barren, empty. And Leaf was too tired to make it otherwise.

It was to this place that Leaf returned, stumbling.


1AP - Nourish land: Leaf creates a meadowish biome (however much 1AP produces) to the south of the Crown. The notes about the landscape were just to give it texture, not for any serious land formations. For your reference: amitkulkarni.info/pics/greenery-pictures...
There are cats there.

1AP - Nourish land: Leaf creates a dry savanna biome (however much 1AP produces) to the east of the Crown. There are hyenas there, specifically. For your reference: techhouse.brown.edu/~dmorris/africa/3207...

1AP - Nourish land: Leaf creates a wintery northern forest thingy in the north. There are foxes. For your reference: palmlix.com/images/f/204021-free-snowy-p...

0AP remaining
Agni rumbled in surprise as something... bright... careened into him.  

I am a God.  He of the Eternal Volcano, The FireLord, The Lord of the Sun who is Agni.   What manner of thing are you?  And why do you move so quickly? 
Urru giggled.  "I move fast because Light is fast, Heoftheeternalvolcanothefirelordthelordofthesunwhoisagni.  Wow that is such a long name!  My name is Urru.  The manner of thing which I am is Light!  Light and lightning and the speed that both of those things are full of I am full of as well!  Up there where you see those pretty lights and the shimmering bolts that zip and zop through there is where I realized I was Light and it is where I came from.  I saw some other things down here so I come to experience them.  You are one of those other things.  You are not light, but the things in you do give it off.  I like that.  You said you were something.  A god.  If you are a god, and you make light, I must be a god too because I make light!"
This creature was annoying.  It said his whole string of titles, which was a nice touch, but it remained annoying.  Sadly, it didn't look particularly flammable.

And I am Fire, and that is Stone.    Agni swiveled to indicate Onus.      But I do not know these others.  You claim you are Light and that you move fast.  You certainly speak fast.  Run to that glowing Orb which I created and back.  Show me how fast you truly are.
Urru looked toward the great glowing orb.  "Oh wow!  That gives off light too!  I'll be right back, Heoftheeternalvolcanothefirelordthelordofthesunwhoisagni."

With a flash, the little being was gone.  It flew through the empty air and soon reached the roiling ball of fire in the sky.  It floated silently, awed by the sight of it, and then flew right to the middle of it just to see if it could.  At the very center the light was brightest and the heat was hottest!  The little god could barely stand the pressure and temperature so it left quickly.

"Oh wow it was hot in there!  The long-name one made that.  It is amazing!"

It flew back and hovered in front of Agni.  "There, I am back!  You said you made that thing out there.  It sure is hot and bright, especially in the center.  I am impressed!"
As Agni finished his challenge, he became aware of dozens of small fluttering things brushing up against his mask. He twitched, imperceptibly, knocking them away. But in moments, they had returned, probing, feeling, tickling his obsidian hide.


The voice seemed to come from all around him, nowhere and everywhere all it once.

"You seem lessssssss self absorbed than the one below usssssss".
Untold days had passed since Thereus had entered the underworld. There was little here to see but rock and earth...yet there was promise here. Promise of peace and quiet. Sadly..he had to break that peace at least for a while to make the peace permanent.

There in the Underworld he made himself a home. Deep down under the southern parts of the continent the Smith formed himself a home from rock and earth which he melded, mended, formed and shaped with his mere will. Forming a workshop for himself. There the plans was made. The tools were formed in the light of the fires of the deep fires below. There hidden from all but himself he began to work on his treasures. Those that would be given to those that would come.

There in the darkness of the deep he summoned magma from the deeps parts of the world and broke the very world apart to form a massive half-circle of a mountain chain that warded of most of the south-eastern parts of the continent, the realms bordering to the great Savannahs of the east. These Nameless mountains of his spew fire and smoke but cooled down as time passed and cracked on the inside making thousands and thousands hidden caverns and tunnels. Some of them leading even to his own private parts of the underworld.

Command Land 2 AP: Forming the Southern Mountains. A vast cavefilled vastness of lifeless mountains, hills and volcanic rocks.
The moment Sa was out of sight and hearing, Artun's patron slipped out from under his mirage. It was as dark as a bruise, hazy like smog, and as long as a human's forearm. The thing writhed through the air towards one of the beings. In a high, airy voice with guttoral undertones, it said, "Pathetic."

"I like them," Artun said.

"Silence," the wisp shouted as it rouned on the god. "If I cared about your opinion, I'd have given it to you."

It turned to look at the humans again. There was a pause, then as the human breathed in, the wisp followed, entering it's body. The creature convulsed, screamed, then turned on one of its kind and began to strangle it. The other struggled, trying to put the first human off, but with each passing second its thrashing grew less, until it was still. The first human howled at the sky and, wish fever in its eyes, bent over to rip off some of the flesh of its kind. It chewed and swallowed the first bite, its face ecstatic. It went for a second bite, but it felt a rattle in its chest. It paused to cough, but the feeling grew worse. It coughed again. And again, harder. And again. Something came lose, and with another heave, the human vomited it out onto the corpse of its friend. There was blood, at first, and bile, but then a large black glob covered in mucus came out, causing the human to gag.

Freed from the control of the god, the human shrieked and rushed away. Realizing what it had done, it beat its chest and cried to the heavens.

The black substance it had vomitted up unwrapped itself, peeling itself off of itself with sound like skin being torn away from bone. It was slick, oily, and as long as a leg. A bubble formed and grew, like boiling tar, until it burst and it saids, "Perhapsss..."

More bubbles and more words followed. "...they'll have their usssses yet."

The thing sluffed off the corpse that it had been coughed up upon and it slerched towards Artun. It had no sense of beauty, so it saw the god of vanity for what it truly was. The thing slid up the god, back under the protection of its mirage, and took its place again at the back of its neck.

"Go," it said. Artun could feel the speech bubbles burst against his back. "The other one lied. I can taste it in the air. There are others. Follow it. Find them."

Reluctantly, Artun headed off after Sa.


Artun felt the other god approach before he saw him. A giant, a living mountain, approached. Artun flashed a perfect, marbled smile at it. "Hello, have you come to look at me? How absolutely marvelous." He turned so that the other god could see his good side.

The words were barely out of his mouth before another creature appeared, a face of fire and melted stone. The thing underneath his glamour twitched. It liked the burn of this one's jib. Artun, however, wondered what it saw when it looked at him. Perhaps another face like itself? Or perhaps a wraith of fire and ire? "And hello to you as well. Come, come, there's plenty of me for everyone to see."

Then there was light, but it was quick, quicker than quick. It was here, then it wasn't, then it was. Artun didn't like fast things. They were hard to follow and the effort made his mind feel funny.

"Hm?" Artun asked Sa, "What self-absorbed one below?" He tried to look back the way he had come, but he was still holding the reflective flower, and couldn't manage to look away long enough to see anything but himself. "Was it pretty?" he asked, absentmindedly. It was hard to think while looking at something so magnificent as himself.
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