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"There is an ancient story of a God, broken and scattered abroad. What man of us has never felt, walking through the twilight or writing down a date from his past, that he has lost something infinite?

Beside a road there is a stone face and an inscription that says, “The True Portrait of the Holy Face” If we truly knew what it was like, the key to the parables would be ours and we would know the truth!

We lost those features, as one may lose a magic number made up of the usual ciphers, as one loses an image in a kaleidoscope, forever. We may see them and know them not. Perhaps a feature of that face lurks in every mirror; perhaps the face died, was erased, so that God may be all of us.

Who knows but that tonight we may see it in the labyrinth of dreams, and tomorrow not know we saw it."
~Chant of the Cult of the EverGod  (Adapted from Jorge Luis Borges)

In ages past, before the world was born, when all was dust in the wind, a being existed. It was the embodiment of chaos and order, good and evil. Things that shouldn’t be together but were. It was everything and nothing, and yet, it was lonely.

It sought to invoke things, ideas, and concepts, to fill the void, but even the best of its success were only fleeting at best; It simply wasn’t very good at creating things. The more it tried, the more it aged. Thinking was harder, and moving was slower.

Eventually, as it once more strove to create, part of It crumbled away. Curious and yet mildly alarmed, It tried again with similar results - another piece of its being fissured, more crumbling away.

It was apparent that its time was done. In the final throes of its efforts, the fracturing of its power begat new beings into existence -- strange fractured creatures, nearly as powerful, but not nearly as conflicted. They were more focused, less part of everything. It knew then that these godlings would succeed where it had failed.

What remained of the being collapsed unto itself, a roiling ball of unfettered chaos.
As the fractured legacy of the being became aware of their own existence, one final question sloughed through the being's vast, ancient mind: Could they control the chaos within...?
     "I come forth from that that was, the great chaos of before. From its death, a new entity was born, ME. I am known as Zebus, and that which has died will one day be reborn, for thus I command it! I know not who or what this chaotic entity was, but I know it was there before me. Now my brethern rise from the ashes! From death comes life and from life comes death. I will be there to guide it, and console those that lost it. "

     And from the ash that was the being It, also known as Chaos, Zebus was born into this world next to many of his siblings.


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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

In the dust of the First's body, a small spark flickered, jumping from mote of creation to mote of creation, hungry for a sustained fuel sorce.  Suddenly, a wave of divine energy flooded into the fire, and it roared into a massive inferno, pulling dust towards it and forming a shell of hard obsidian, which slowly shifted into a massive, grinning mask with eyes of fire.

Its mouth opened wide, magma dripping down and disappearing into the formless chaos below, and the God spoke, adressing the other which had formed alongside it.

I Am Agni, Flamelord.  You call yourself Zebus, the Deathlord.  Greetings.  Why do you appear in the manner that you do?  So small and flammable?

Zebus saw Agni's eyes glow a little brighter with the last word.
Well now, At least it isn't so cold here. tipping his hat back to the back of his head, his flowing hair shimmers down his back. This is me? Do I need to be bigger?

Zebus floats up to the top of Angi's head and with the shear heat from the other god quickly warms a cup of tea from the nether. So how do you do? And would you like a cup of tea?


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I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Agni's mask creaked and rippled.

What is Cold?  And What is Tea?  Why would I desire Tea?  Is it Flammable? 
Cold seems to be what is not you. You are hot. Very hot I dare say. So, cold would be what is out here before you. As for tea? I don't think it is flammable, but it is tasty! Lets find out though.

And before Angi realise, Zebus splashes some of his tea on Agni's mask, watching as it instantly steams away.


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I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Agni breathed in the evaporated tea, and stone cracked as the God grinned wider.

That smelled... pleasant, Zebus.  I declare that I enjoy this... Tea.  But I remain uncertain of this Cold.  You say it is not me.  But you are not me.  Are you cold?  Do you wish to be warm?

Agni floated closer to Zebus, and sweat broke out on the other God's brow.
Well now I was a bit chill in comparison.

As part of Zebus's kimono starts to char at the closeness of Agni, Zebus moves a little bit aways.

I do not think that I need to be that warm friend. I do believe some warmth is needed all over, but not too much. I personally don't enjoy burning myself!


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Wind that was not wind, ash that was not ash. From the form of the first a flake fell. Small, tiny, a mote among nothing, itself so small as to be nearly nothing. It twisted and turned, betwixt the two titans, till at their feet it rested. Tiny, torn. But not timid. Never timid.

"Prepare yourselves!" a faint voice called up, its words traveling a hundred leagues if it traveled a foot.

A sharp point, reddish brown, as tiny as its owner, was thrust at the toes of the mighty ones. A prick, a poke, a pierce so small. But again, and again. And, from each wound, a single object grew. Green and long, by the standards of the attacker at least, sharp of edge yet flimsy of body. Against the heat of one, the green blades endured. Against the death of the other, the green blades endured.


More pricks, and the two gods found themselves standing in a small patch of dense green blades.

"Yield," the tiny one cried out, "and I may tolerate your presence!"
Agni opened his mouth to reply to Zebus when a tiny voice rang out from far below.  Looking down, Agni was confused to see a patch of green things beneath him, seemingly growing out of the bodies of the two Gods themselves.  

Agni breathed on the grass, and it began to singe, but did not burst into flame.  The god frowned.

Who is it who creates so many things which are not hot?  Are you the Tealord? 
As the three gods talked amongst themselves, slowly but surely more dust fell from above, settling in a spherical shape to the side (North? East? South? West? ) of them. A large cracking sound was heard as a small white line appeared in front of the sphere. Mortals later might describe this akin to the cracking and shattering of glass, as more sounds echoed through the nothingness as the white line stretched upwards and downwards, and more of these cracks grow out from the original in all directions. The lines, now in their thousands, seemed to meet again on the opposite side of the sphere, encasing it in what appeared to be the shape of a cocoon. The dust began to spiral around itself, creating a blizzard inside its shell. The walls of nothingness that the cracks grow upon seemed to shake as a intense, white haze filled the cocoon, creating a thick layer of white-blue frost, making it all but impossible to see inside now. The shell shook violently for a while, then suddenly stopped all movement, ominously remaining still for what could have been seconds, what could have been an eternity.

Finally, one last foreboding crack echoed through the universe of nothingness, as a fraction of a fraction of a second later the icy shell burst open, hurling trillions of icy shards in all directions. The shards that reached Zebus and Leaf bounced off harmlessly. No shards ever reached Agni, they seemed to melt away long before touching him. As the white haze in the shell's original position began to fade away, The white-blue figure of a woman peered out from the mist. Her skin resembled that of her own cocoon: Icy and glassy. Yet it was perfect, no cracks, no rough patches, no flaws. Her hair made awkward stiff movements, trying to flow behind her but partially frozen. She appeared to be shaking violently, as her arms wrapped around herself, craddling herself. She lifted her head up slowly, her eyes pulsing a light blue as she scanned her surroundings. With a chattering of teeth, she spoke.
"W-W-Who are you?"

 White haze escaped her mouth as she spoke.
"W-Who am I?"
 Her voice was soft and calm, although it also sounded a little stern. After asking, she remembered. She remembered a conversation she had never witnessed, never been a part of. Her recollection of it was similar to having read a story, she never saw it, but knew it happened down to the finest detail.

She spoke again, her voice less soft but no less kind.
"Well, I s-suppose i am this c-cold you speak of. I best get used to it."
her arms dropped as she ceased from hugging herself. Upon embracing the cold, she found it no longer bothersome. It did not disappear, she was still very, very cold. But it felt natural. As natural as it was for zebus to be made of that fleshy stuff. As natural as for agni to have that red ooze flowing from his mouth. As natural as it was for leaf to be...well, a leaf.

she thought to herself a second. She remembered the other gods entered the world fully aware, yet she did not. She found this curious, and the tiniest part worrying. Was she of less importance then these other creatures. No, no, that couldn't be it. To assume her position amongst them, she needed a title.
 "If you are the deathlord and the flamelord then i must be The Cold Mother...."
What was her name? The title made perfect sense, she birthed cold into the universe, but her moniker? That seemed to escape her. Using the first sound that came to mind, the word rolled off her tongue.
 Not fully understanding her own intention, she gestured by outstretching her hand with the palm facing up.
"Pleasant to meet you."
At the sound of Agni's voice, the tiny one lept. The jump covered a mountain's distance, and the mote landed on Angi's knee. Its pointed weapon smote him there, and a new blade grew. It lept again, and again, until it reached the god's shoulders, and there a tiny green thing stood. It was a sheet of green, like a blade of grass but broader, with armored veins, though bent and twisted so that it had arms and legs. From behind, however, its shape could be seen as hollow: and impression of form, but not form itself.

In its hands was a long object, round at its base, where the god held it, and it tappered to a cruel point, which it thrust under Angi's neck. "I said, yield!"

Though smoke rose from around the god's leaf-feet, he did not burn. Truly, he did not singe, for the smoke, as it curled up and around into the air, solidified into blades of grass.

"You will find I am a kind master," the little one continued. "To you, who spoke first, I will honor greatly. Yield, submit to your master, and I will put your symbol in all my work."

The tiny god reached out and a blade of grass uprooted itself and flew to his hands. On that, the first day, grass did not burn: why should it? There was no natural law as of yet to make it so. But in this one instance, as a promise for the future, the god placed the symbol of Angi within its being, and the blade of grass burst into flame, though was not consumed.

"Truly, I will honor you so greatly that fire will be in all my work, to be brought forth by those who know how. But only if you submit. And even after fire passes, life will grow."

The god's head turned to the other two. It seemed perfectly right that a new god would have appeared. As far as the universe knew, that was a regular occurance. Indeed, if the current trend continued, there might soon be a small horde of them. "And to each of you, also, I will honor and give a boon, if you submit and acknowledge Leaf is lord!"

"To you," he said to Pruinus, "I will give you the honor of the glory of primacy. Before you life will hold and bow, and, if you will it, stop growing. For a time, of course, for after your cold passes, new life will grow."

"And to you," he said to Zebus, "I will give you the honor of the glory of commanding life to cease. For a time, of course, for after death passes, new life will grow."

Slight edit to grammar and to making the offer to Pruinus more in line with that god.

Agni was silent for a moment, staring at the little thing that poked and threatened him, then a booming laugh rolled over the gathered Gods.

Very Well, little Leaflord.  I yield to you.  What care I if Life exists after I have come and gone?  But this will not do.  A gust of air rippled the grass.  All things must be, at some temperature, flammable.

More would have been said, but Agni then felt something strange and wrong nearby, and watched with curiousity and a small amount of fear as a new God appeared... one that was very, very different from himself.

You.  I did not know what Cold was until you came.  You are Cold itself, ColdMother.  Stay far back from me, for I will consume you if threatened.  
Pruinus reflected for a moment over Leaf's offer and Agni's... charming welcome. She turned and spoke to both of them.
"Leaf, i will accept your offer but i shall add my own terms. Yourself and Zebus represent opposite extremes, as do myself and... our hotheaded friend here. Yet we entwine. Fire can nourish and sustain life, and take it away in a blaze. As can the cold challenge life and push it to death. We four are connected. I will recognize you as an equal, but a superior?....Never. For life to sustain itself, it must improve. to improve, it must be challenged. I will be that challenge. Lives may be lost, but life itself will remain strong."

Again, she held her hand towards the creature.
 "Do we have a... promise?"

At around the same time she turned her head towards Agni and gave him a smile both sweet and mocking.
"Don't worry dear, I have no need to hurt you... But are we clear this works both ways? Do me no harm, unless you wish to witness hell freeze over."
"I accept your fealty," Leaf said to Agni. He lowered his weapon. "You shall be the Lord Flamberlain, and you have my trust. When we part, I shall call the direction you go East, and all the life of the world will look to their for your warmth.

Leaf closed his eyes for a moment, and then the grass burst into flame.

"But why should all things be flammable? Do you hold command over that which is not yours, to dictate how it will behave? Will you say that cold is flammable as well? Should I act likewise, and say that all things, at some temperature, must be turned into life? And not just life, but life as I will it? But you have my boon, and all life will submit to being flammable. If more than life will be flammable, that is a matter between you and those things. Though ask, and you will have my support."

Leaf hopped down from the Lord Flamberlain and landed among the still-burning plants. As a show of his good will, he let the fires creep along his own form, but this body remained green and vibrant. He swung his spear to point at Pruinus. "And you, yield as well. You say you are the challenge that will make life strong. Fine words, fine thoughts. But, if you are the challenge to be overcome, then by your own words you admit that life will conquer you! One cannot be equals to a defeated foe! But," Leaf's tone became soft, "one can be friends, and respect might be shared. Come, Pruinus. I shall give you the title of Prime Winister. A lord does not only take. You will have my boon, my protection, ask of me and it will be given. Let us work together, and let order be established. And when we part, I will call the direction you go North, and all the life of the world will be drawn to it but fear it, and will grow stronger because of it."
My name is Agni, the God rumbled dangerously, And you should not forget it, Master Leaf.  You have extracted this... the God smirked, and his eyes glowed bright.  ...Promise from me, but all promises, even small ones, may be burnt to cinders under the right circumstances.

breathed out a breath of superheated air, and Leaf felt the wave of nearly unbearable heat wash over him, but as the God looked up, Agni was smiling again.

But for now, let it be as you say, and let us bring order to this...  The stone mask cracked as the God frowned ...chaos.  Where is there to even go?

As for you, ColdMother.  We do understand each other, and I respect your directness.  Perhaps we could find some common ground.  From afar, of course.  
The tip of pruinus icy fingers moved towards the spear and batted it away.
 "You do not seem to understand, leaf. i present life with challenge, and some of these challenges will be defeated, others will end lives. The children of the fallen will raise up against these new challenges and be able to claim victory thanks to the effort of their ancestors. The cycle will go on and on. When all challenges are defeated, when there is no more place for improvement in all of creation, that is the day i yield to you!"
Her face seemed tense and defiant as she spoke these words. The three of them were born before her, who knows how long they existed together. She recalled her "memory" of events but did their conversations last minutes or centuries? How much had they begun to trust each other. She was born last, she needed to stand firm if she wished to be considered equal amongst them. But she also needed them to trust ther and be her friend. She softened her glance at Leaf.
"But in the meantime i look forward to be your rival, your ally and your friend."

turning her gaze to agni, pruinus smiled again, more sweetness this time but also still a hint of patronizing. "Glad we are agreed. the world is still young, and mostly empty. we can create this common ground to stand on. How far do you think we need to stand from each other?"

Agni's first interaction with her was to taunt and threaten her. Come what may, she would not forget that fact.
Leaf nodded respectfully in reply to Pruinus' bow, for he was so small that, just to reach his spear, the others had to bend. His eyes were lowered and he did not see the other god attempt to flick his spear away. As the weapon fell from his hand he spun it around and, though there was no ground to support it, he leaned on it.

"You admit it is a forgone conclusion," Leaf smiled. "Good. Then arise, Lady Pruinus, Prime Winister, with my blessing. With order set, let us think no longer on this matter and be fast friends. Here, allow me to give you a token of our affection!"

Leaf bent down and plucked a flaming blade of grass. He blew on it and separated the life from fire. His hands worked quickly transforming the blade into a pointed leaf, vaguely like himself, but as harsh and sharp as a winter wind. And from its stem three bright red berries grew. From his own fibers her twined a string until a necklace was complete. He laid this at Pruinus' feet, and as he did so a layer of white-blue frost covered it. "Of all my work, those will be in particular dedicated to you."

"As for you, Flamberlain Agni, have you already secured the favor of whatever one controls promises, that you are given leave to burn them?"

What summer-softness there was in the god, however, vanished as he turned on Zebus. He grabbed his spear again and stalked like a tumbling leaf towards the god of death. "And you! Silent watcher! What say you? Will you yield, or does my spear need to find your tongue? Join your brethren, three strong already, and let the law be here lain! A boon I have offered, and now a title as well! Come, Reaping Clerk, and when we part, I will call the direction you go South, and all life will know that that is the road before them. You will find no kinder words than these."
It occurs to me that we can really mess with the Compass here... if we go in opposite directions... then East and North are opposite one another :D

couldn't help but admit to himself that he liked this Goddess of Cold.  She spoke with a passion that, had it not been anathama to her very being, Agni would have descriebed as 'fiery.'

How far?  Hard to say.  I can certainly feel your Cold from here.  I shall travel in this direction.  And to guide my journey, I shall follow the line of this Orb.

Agni concentrated, and in the far distance, far above and to the east, a massive ball of fire appeared, providing warmth even where the Gods now met.  As they watched, the orb moved slowly towards them, plowing through residual dust and carving a path through the heavens.  As it grew nearer, it grew warmer, and as it passed overhead, it was quite hot.  Soon, in the west, it dipped beneath the roiling orb below them.

Behold, the line of Fire.   Agni intoned. 


3 AP:  Command Universe:  A massive ball of flame (the Sun) appears and traces a line in the heavens along the East-West axis.

4 AP remain.
Although Pruinus was technically the youngest of the gods, she realized that in spirit Agni and Leaf were much more childlike. Leaf saw himself as a leader and dictator of laws. Pruinus knew it would be easier to simply allow Leaf to think he was in charge rather then argue.

 "Yes, for life is the strongest of all things, life shall overcome all obstacles." Because that is my design, not because i am incapable of defeating you she added mentally.

"Cold and warmth are nought but sensations, without living things to experience them, they couldn't even exist."

Well, at least the fiery one is capable of some interesting designs, Pruinus thought as the blazing sphere traveled overhead. She felt water run down her skin as her temperature rose, she panicked for a second before realizing her body was perfectly fine. She was not melting, but instead water ran over her body as she became hot. her icy hair become more free and flowing under the hot sun. She thought that she may create a similar design to this sun, but not now. She had bigger concerns.

As Leaf had pointed out, Zebus was silent. But was he silent in curiosity, enjoyment... or rage?

She had sworn herself as an ally to Life, right in front of him. Pruinus almost felt scared, and she thought to herself she had best watch her words in front of the physical manifestation of death itself.
For in life, comes death, and yet from death new life rises. Titles are meaningless, yet oh so important to those that hold them.

Zebus draws a long curved blade of shadow and death. Pointing the tip at Leaf's spear, the two spark- interchanging as the energies clash between them.

We have the fires of passion, and the chilling calm. You say life is the strongest of all things, but I believe otherwise. Death will come. It is a certainy, and when life fades I will be there. The souls of the parted will pass, and from the great beyond, they will rest before returning to life once again. I refute your claim as master.

As the weapons meet in the middle, the energies continue to clash growing larger ever so slowly


4 AP Create greater plane: Zebus creates the twisting nether, also known as The Great Beyond, through the energies pouring out from him by his edict.

1AP Donate to Ascend god through conflict with Leaf (if so desired)

Non-AP: Life/Death cycle starts here! (can be changed via more fluff or use of AP)


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I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Agni backed away from the blossoming of a heat very different from his own, the heat of conflict, and immediately felt the chill of Pruinus behind him.  Shying away on a diagonal, Agni floated slightly away from everyone, watching as Zebus and Leaf crossed blades again and again.  Stone cracked and scraped against itself as the God frowned.  

This will not do, ColdMother.  The Flamelord rumbled.  We must separate them somehow.

Agni opened his mouth, and Magma flowed from it, coursing downwards and forming itself into a sword of molten rock, which glowed brightly against the darkness of the night.

I have no Hands.  You will have to do this.

Agni willed the sword towards Pruinus, and watched as the heat of the sword cooled as it left him and approached the chill of the ColdMother.   Eventually, just before it reached her hand, the sword cracked and broke to pieces, tumbling down towards the chaos below.

Agni watched the pieces fall for a moment.  

Must you always be so Cold?  It is inconvenient, ColdMother.

Leaf sighed and lowered his spear. "Without death, life is eternal. Without life, death is an empty concept, devoid of meaning. As your own master, what will you do, where will you go? Will you bring death to the barren stone? Or will you be lower than a thief and try to steal what which was freely offered to you?"

"Or yield, and have a purpose."

The god turned away from Zebus. He had no fear of the other god, for death had rejected its own claim on life. Instead he turned to Agni. "A wonderful creation. Marvelous. Does it just go the once, leading the way, or will it return? Does it go around the world, or does it go back and forth?”

Non-AP: Leaf removed life’s role from the Life/Death Cycle. Or will this require the expenditure of AP?

I’d love to take you up on the ascend god AP offer, Joran, but doesn’t seem right for the story, just yet.
And just like that, the fighting was over.  A very one-sided over, as it appeared that Leaf more or less simply walked away.  Agni found that rude.

It goes around this thing beneath us that lacks and form or structure.  An orb of Chaos is not much  to be inspired by, Master, but I have lit it and heated it just the same.  If you will wait a while, it should reappear.   

I take offense with your action just now, Mighty Tiny One.  You have insulted your foe by turning your back on him.  Apologize. 
"Very excellent. Might I honor it? I would have life grow and bloom in its presence, and reach towards it to praise it."

Leaf glanced over his shoulder at Zebus, but he spoke to Agni. "I would agree with you, but he is not a foe. I offered him the chance to have death be a part of life. He takes offense at my offer and wishes to fight. If he wins, then death will have no part in life. What will be left to him? What will death do, if it doesn't end life? If he wins, he ruins himself. To be a foe, he must have a chance at a desireable outcome."
You may, but stop changing the subject.  It does not matter if you find it reasonable for him to be your foe.  He considers himself your foe, and that is enough.  

The flames within flared.

Apologize, make recompense so he does not continue to strive to destroy you.  I like this idea of your creations worshiping me, and would hate for anything to happen to them, flammable as they are.
"You changed the subject first." There was a mischieveous grin on Leaf's face as he said that, but his looks turned grim as he went on to more serious matters. "I value you, Agni, and I wish to please you as far as is in my power. But what recompense might I make to that one? What can I offer him that he has not already rejected?"
You wish to dominate that which is, in essence, your opposite.  I respect this, for strength is better than weakness.  But his argument is just as valid as yours.  You are willing to give him leave to have death fill the spaces between life.  He counters that he will give leave for life to fill the spaces between death.  Are these not the same argument, merely out of phase of one another?

gaze caught up Zebus as well.  

You have had a misunderstanding, and want the same thing.  Zebus, apologize for attacking, and Leaf, apologize for treating Zebus as beneath your concern.   
Sheathing his sword just as quickly as it came out, Zebus takes a step back.

You do not consider me a foe, yet we cross blades. You did not wish to attack me yet you drew a weapon on me first. I do not wish to destroy him Flamelord. He will prove useful in the future, but I will not acknowledge him as my master either. For now we are equal in strength. Just know that one day it may not be so.

Pulling out a cup of tea from nowhere, Zebus takes a sip while thinking.

You said you offer me purpose, yet I already have one. You claim to freely offer something, yet you cannot offer life to something not living, for that would make an unlife, an abomination. Remember, there are more than one way to win.


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I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Pruinus thought she heard something... other for a moment.

Then the sound faded away and her attention drew itself to the conflict arising between Leaf and Zebus. She turned herself to the fragments of the sword crumbling. With movements both akin to a bird desperately evading its predator and a dancer performing a complex routine, she flung her weight through nothingness and dived towards the crumbling fragments. As she was face-level to them, her mouth exhaled that same icy white haze amongst the pieces, creating a zigzagged bridge between the pieces, forming a unconventional sword. Cold Ice, Intense Magma and a third, more neutral substance composed the sword. Floating back upwards, she held the sword outwards threateningly not at Zebus or Leaf, but Agni.

"You said you respect my directness and you shall have it. I am unconvinced that Life and Death should be allies. What would be more benefical to life, to hate and strive against death, or accept it as a fate set in stone? I see the need for both life and death, and for myself to play my part in.both. Yet I am unconvinced the two need to accept each other as such."

She released her grasp of the sword and allowed it to float back to Agni. He played his part in its creation and despite the seriousness of the situation, she would not fight him with his own work.


AP - I donate the necessary AP needed to create Onus as part of my actions, sharing the effort with Agni.
1 AP Donated, 6 Remain.

The beginning where Pruinus hears something is meant to be a reference to Primal Spirits awakening in the world as the last tiny remains of The First as it is a domain I wish to claim soon. However, any other suggestions of what this could mean storywise (Perhaps other gods whispering to her) are very welcome.
Allies?  Hardly.  They are opposed to one another in the same way that we are opposed to one another, ColdMother.  You are Anathema to me, and I to you.  They just claim that there is a reason for the other's existence.  Meanwhile, Pruinus, I make no such claims about You.

Angi  watched as the blade came towards him, and the icy portions of it began to melt.  He stopped its travel by his will, and sent it back towards Pruinus, where the magma began to harden and crack.  Back and forth the sword went, but neither Agni nor Pruinus could hold it.

Agni studied the blade, and noticed for the first time the bits of stone which acted as insulators between the ice and magma, allowing both to co-exist.  An idea sprang to mind.

We cannot work together, ColdMother.  Your creations cannot stand my Heat.  But perhaps if there was an intermediary.

Angi drew the sword to him and scavenged off the power that Pruinus  had placed within the ice, adding it to the power he now drew from the magma itself, using both to crush the insulative stone together into a compact ball, filled with divine power.  As if cast from a mighty hand, the stone ball was thrown upwards into the dusty heavens, and as it traveled, it grew larger and larger as the dust of Creation accumulated around it.  Eventually, it reached its peak, and began to fall back towards the gathered Gods.

2 AP (1 from Pruinus) Ascend God:  Onus, God of Stone!

3/4 AP remaining  
all the bold talk was getting hard to read: is it okay if I just bold names?

"Calm, Pruinus. If we can be friends yet life can still fear a challenge, why can't Zebus and I be friends, while life might still fear death?"

Leaf turned to the Lord Flamberlain, "Agni, he is not my opposite. The barren world is not alive, but it is not dead, either. It is itself, just as fire is neither alive nor dead but itself. Death is only the cessation of life. Life is not the cessation of death. You were not dead before you existed, you just did not exist. Perhaps someday you will die, but you will still exist. And then again, perhaps someday you will not die but cease to exist.”

“But enough of that. You have asked that I apologize, and so I will apologize.”

Under the light of the sun, little Lord Leaf turned to Zebus and inclined his head. "I apologize for treating you as you are, as one beneath my concern."

He looked up and his face entreated death. "But the world doesn't need to be this way. I drew weapon on you and Agni when I first awoke because you two were babbling. There is a world to create, order to set! I will always draw weapon against passivity."

"I claim authority for myself, but look to my actions! Even as I ask to be given authority, I subjugate myself to Pruinus and Agni! Because a master serves others. I would give death power over my own domain, and I would make all the world worship you. I would make you my concern... if you would let me."

He turned and addressed all three gods at once. "Yes, I claim authority for myself. I would bind you three together for the greater glory of each, and would make myself nothing but the twine. All I am and have, I would give to you! Will any of you take authority so that you might make yourselves nothing in the service of all?"

"I do not wish to be equal. I wish to make you greater. That is what it means to be a master, Zebus."
Agni tore his gaze from the rock he had thrown and looked around.

Looks pretty dead to me.  He said.

I'm pretty much the same, Pen. I just do it in bold because I thought it was what we had to do. I'll probably carry on just to match the others writing styles.

"Very well Leaf. As I mentioned before, I'm not on either side of this debate, but I do not believe it is for Agni & I to meddle in these matters. I know my place with you, but how you and Zebus choose to acknowledge one another is yours to choose."

Pruinus only now remembered the berries that Leaf had placed at her feet. She picked them up, slightly disheartened that they were frozen cold and dead, but her own words dictated that this would happen. More of these berries would blossom, and they would endure.

Pruinus concentrated for a moment, setting her mind to creating a challenge for all life to overcome. A challenge that would creep slowly, striking fear into the hearts of those preparing to brave it, yet a challenge that may also arrive unexpected, punishing those who were not prepared. This challenge would then creep away, claiming lives but defeated by some, and a while later would come again to test mortals once again. This challenge was Winter.

"Thank you for this gift Leaf."
Pruinus smiled at the berries.
"If you have no objection, I would like to name these Winter Berries. They shall only grow in a time known as Winter, the coldest of seasons, but in this season, no mortal will ever be able to find a sweeter fruit."

Pruinus took one of the berries from the stem and popped it into her mouth. Her words had proved true, the berry was overwhelming in flavour, although Pruinus attributed this partially to the fact it was the first time she had experienced taste. She looked down at the formless rock below her and felt the desire to fill this rock with many wonders such as this.


4 AP Command Universe -  Create Winter.
If this is allowable, Winter comes every few years and lasts a few weeks, but everything in creation is affected by it. All Possible places and planets will be affected by Winter at this time. Planets that are capable of weather such as snow & hail will endure blizzards and hail storms, whereas planets that do not have such weather will simply lower in temperature for a time.
Winter does NOT effect other planes of existence. Although Pruinus does not yet realize how this works, the cause of Winter is primal spirits of cold increasing their activity all across the universe when Pruinus commands it. Pruinus can demand that Winter come early, or late. She can also cause Winter to end earlier or later then usual.

If anything written above is too powerful or creates any unbalance in gameplay or lore, please let me know and I'll edit the specifics of winter as necessary. Also, if I need to spent AP to create Winter Berries, please tell me so.

2 AP Left.
Those were actually meant to be holly, and just frosted, not dead, but I love your interpretation far more, James.

"If you wish to speak poetically, Agni, then yes, it does look dead. Not literally, of course. But hopefully I can be done with this soon: it shouldn't be this hard to make the world a better place."

Leaf smiled widely at Pruinus. "I would like nothing better. Thank you, dear lady."

He paused for a moment, his eyes losing focus as he thought. At length he said, ""It occurs to me that in his delaying, Zebus said something interesting. Combine life and not-life. Cold isn't alive, it isn't dead. It is itself. But perhaps we could mix cold and life, so that something that is cold of pure cold might move and act like life."

Leaf glanced back to Agni, "And perhaps something that is fire could be made to move and act like life as well."

"Shall we create such mixtures?"

Why thank you pen.

"The idea is.... intriguing. However, You do realize that wherever you create Life, although indirectly, you also create Death. If Cold and Warmth can be alive, then that means they can also be dead."

Priunus pondered over this. Cold Alive.... and dead? She wasn't sure how she felt about this.
 I am laughing to myself as last game, I, as god of Life, vehemently argued that Death was not the opposite of life, but that not-life (aka, inanimate matter) was.  How amusing that now I am going to argue that Death IS the opposite, and is ALSO not-life :D

But what is Life but that which is not Dead?  What distinguishes that rock from a thing which has died?

And why not.  A helper to spread the Flame wouldn't be amiss, particularly given the ColdMother's unilateral decision to periodically freeze the universe.

"Possibility isn't inevitability, dear Pruinus. If you place a bit of ice out in the world, will it melt of its own accord? Or will it only melt when warmth comes along and conquers it? If you could keep all warmth away from it forever, it could be ice forever. I offered Zebus the privelege to come and bring death to life. It is as if you invited Agni to come and melt all ice. Zebus rejected it. So life will live eternally. Or he can be false, say that he rejects my offer, and then take it when my attention is elsewhere. Only the foulest of creatures, though, steals that which was freely offered."

Leaf grabbed a piece of grass and balled it up in his hands until it was a single seed. He threw it up into the air, high, high, almost to Pruinus's knees, and there it hovered. Potential life, but not life yet. It waited for cold to complete it.

"History, dear Agni, distinguishes that rock from a thing which has died. That which has died was once alive. That rock was never alive. But let us imagine that you are right, and that that which is not alive must inherently be dead. I see no lord of the dead here. Only Zebus, the lord of death. Death is a single act, a moment of transition, the passing from being alive to being dead. Zebus's opposite is birth, then, as that is a transition from not-life to life."

Leaf took another piece of grass, this one still burning but not being consumed, and rolled it into a ball as well. He threw that as well, though the seed barely reached Agni's calves (if the god had had calves). That was a large god, no doubt there.


2AP offered to Pruinus to create cold life (I was thinking ice elementals/archons).
2AP offered to Agni to create fire life (also thinking fire elementals/archons).

You'll note, of course, that generally elementals and archons are immortal.

3 AP remaining
Pruinus smiled gently. She could tell that Leaf was very eager to create some life of his own. Yet the idea still left her uneasy.

"Strange isn't it? All this talk of life and death, like we know so much of it. Yet we four beings are all that exist, to our knowledge at least."

Pruinus choose not to mention the...other sounds she heard earlier. She could be shunned for hearing such things. Or worse, maybe the others heard them too, and her being the only one to admit to such would leave her at a tactical disadvantage in this game of life and death they were playing.

 "We have yet to witness a death, and I doubt us four encompass the whole spectrum of what life is and can be. As for your offer, for now I must decline. We have but a blueprint and a theory of life before us, but barely any true experience to go by. Go, create your own life, and I shall watch over them and test them. If I am pleased with how life nourishes and raises to our challenges, then I will gladly breath life into Cold myself."

She did not know how Leaf might react to this, but she'd rather endure the wrath of a god then the guilt of creating life only to suffer.
I...  Hmm...   Very well, I accept your distinction between Dead and Death, even if I do not agree with your distinction between Dead and Alive.  

Agni caught up the seed of Potentiality in a warm current of air and raised it to his eye.

Now, what to make from this. 
The stone continued its upward motion while the other gods discussed life and death. It continued to grow as it reached the zenith of its motion. Then, with a sudden crack, it unfolded into a being. It's skin like stone, held aloft by a pair of great wings. Surveying the area, he watched impassively the others here.
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