Feral Troll & Dinin Do’Urden, Drider Passing Questions

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How exactly does this work? According to the rules when you draw monster cards you can not keep the drawn monster card if you already have that monster card in front of you. So, when passing Feral Troll & Dinin Do’Urden, Drider what if the person you are passing to already has one of those cards in front of them? Do you skip them and give it to the next person in line who does not have that monster card? Or do you go ahead and give it to them thus meaning that when they do their villain phase they will have to pass multiple Feral Troll &/or Dinin Do’Urden, Drider cards to the person who comes after them?

Not sure I understand your question. I'm new the Adventure System myself (but an old hat with D&D), so bear with me.  

Here is the rule from LoD, page 7:  "If you draw a Monster Card that matches a Monster you already control, discard that Monster card and draw again.  If another player has a matching Monster Card, however, that's okay."

The way I read that is if I already control say a Water Elemental and draw another Water Elemental, I discard it.  If I control a Drow Duelist and another player controls a Water Elemental, that's ok, I keep the Water Elemental card infront of me to control.  Meaning there are now 2 Water Elementals in play. 

The thing with Dinin Do'Urden, Drider is that there is only one card for each in the encounter deck so you won't run into the scenario you are suggesting unless you are mixing together multiple LoD sets.  That being said - you will with the Feral Troll!  

The intent of the game, at least as I understand it, is that a player only activates the villian and the Monsters that they control.  The reason the Troll and the Drider get passed is they get to be activated more often.  Each time you pass it to the player on your right their turn begins and now they contorl it so the Drider and Troll attack again.  

All that being said, is I would go ahead and pass the card to the person on the right and they'd end up controlling multiple Driders or Trolls which means they all attack again.  
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