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When I was a kid I got a Cassette Tape that played music as you drew.  Before each song they would provide a theme to draw to. It was a Dungeons and Dragons based tape.  I've been trying to find it and I'm willing to buy it.. Anyone know what this is and where I could get it? It came out in the 80's..

Come on.. I cant be the only person out there that ever had this item.
I check this site everyday. So just because this post looks old doesnt mean I'm not still open to knowin if you know what it is I'm talking about.
It was a Yellow or baige Cassette tape.. They played music using a synth..
Still checking this post. Hope there is someone out there.
I'm still checking this post.. Please dont be shy if this appears old.
R.E.M. King of Birds


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"The Egg" from the musical 1776


I'm still checking.. still after all this time.. Anyone please give me some kind of information.

Yellowish / Baige cassette tape.. Labeled D&D theme.. Played background music after presenting a scene for you to draw to.

Released in the mid 80's 

Conan Music is perfect.

There is a Soundtrack for both of the 80s movie.

There is also one for the Age of conan tabletop.

THere is another for the MMO COnan game too.


I totally use them to draw a lot, time passes quicly while listening to these for drawing... but serious inspiration is there.


May all your luck be fortunate and your rolls always have advantage!
...If you're playing the defining edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Still checking if anyone knows about this.. I cant be the only person in the world who has had this tape. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm willing to pay good money for it. 

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