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When I was a kid I got a Cassette Tape that played music as you drew.  Before each song they would provide a theme to draw to. It was a Dungeons and Dragons based tape.  I've been trying to find it and I'm willing to buy it.. Anyone know what this is and where I could get it? It came out in the 80's..

Come on.. I cant be the only person out there that ever had this item.
I check this site everyday. So just because this post looks old doesnt mean I'm not still open to knowin if you know what it is I'm talking about.
It was a Yellow or baige Cassette tape.. They played music using a synth..
Still checking this post. Hope there is someone out there.
I'm still checking this post.. Please dont be shy if this appears old.
R.E.M. King of Birds


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Lestat the Musical: I want more

I'm still checking.. still after all this time.. Anyone please give me some kind of information.

Yellowish / Baige cassette tape.. Labeled D&D theme.. Played background music after presenting a scene for you to draw to.

Released in the mid 80's 

Conan Music is perfect.

There is a Soundtrack for both of the 80s movie.

There is also one for the Age of conan tabletop.

THere is another for the MMO COnan game too.


I totally use them to draw a lot, time passes quicly while listening to these for drawing... but serious inspiration is there.


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