need some fast help with making City Under the Sand characters

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background on the situation:  I have an elaborate delve prepared. Had to cancel the session last week because one player was getting errors with the fog of war in maptools. If it happens again I need a backup. I have selected to make a Darksun backup with generated characters based on the first chapter of City Under the Sand in case the error comes up again. 

help: I need to pick classes for five of the characters.  

Avra human one handed sword(dual wielded with lotulus once) merc
Hagkun mul lotulus merc
Burek human trikal
Curran human dagger 
Shen'ti human trikal/dagger merc

They all appear to be martial oriented. 

I am thinking a fighter(Avra?), barbarian, rogue, melee ranger, and an archer ranger.

And I don't know what would be the most similar to a sand howler. They are suppose to have a daze and pull I think from the book. 

Here is the 2nd edition:

Update: I am too short on time so I will just have the players rush to make a 4th level fighter or a barbarian merc in under 10 minutes, maybe 20.
I gotta make the city still in maptools. 
I made the sand howler from a basilisk and a wolf. 
basilisk - baleful gaze, petrifying gaze
wolf - combat advantage, bite 

human wasteland raiders

ambush vine solo

 I want a system where players don't have to pick between mechanics and roleplaying. I hope 5E fails asap so a better system can be made asap.

I can't believe what they did to the forums and website. The sterile lack of color is rather depressing and navigation is hard.

I can be contacted here.