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I know that moving away from a monster triggers an opportunity attack.  What about if you move while adjacent to the monster?

As an example, let's say 1 square separates me from a monster.  I move 1 square to get adjacent to him, then move 2 more squares to get around him so that I can use Tide of Iron and push him in the direction I want.  

 Do the moves around him (while still adjacent to him) provoke an attack?
Yes, the moves around him while still adjacent to him provoke an attack because you left a threatened square.  However, keep in mind that no matter how many times you leave a square he threatens, he can only perform ONE opportunity attack on you because you can't take more than one opportunity action per turn (in this case, your turn).

Your destination doesn't matter, all that matters is whether you left a threatened square.  For most monsters, that means all the squares adjacent to them.  For monsters with Threatening Reach, it means all squares within X of them.  Yes, Threatening Reach is nasty, but thankfully it's not all that common.

So bottom line, if you leave a threatened square without shifting or without forced movement, you can be opportunity attacked.

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Ah. That is the connection I wasn't making. It is not that you are moving away from the monster, it is leaving a threatened square, even if you are moving into another threatened square.

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