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Shapechanging spells like Snakeform are often considered blue's domain, but they occur in all colours. Card like Scapeshift and Chaos Warp are popular examples. They show up less often in white and black. Crib Swap is a white example.

Post your shapechanging cards.

Curse of Newt

Put target creature on the bottom of its owner's library. That creature's controller puts a 3/3 blue Salamander creature token onto the battlefield.
with your Curse of Newt: Rapid Hybridization is cheaper

also see Ovinize // Humble and Sorceress Queen // Sudden Spoiling
I would love to have Curse of Newt in EDH. Bottom-of-library is totally worth +.
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Or when playing against any type of reanimator most black decks.

All cards I make have artists credited in the appropriate places. Artist names in "quotes" are DeviantArt usernames unless otherwise mentioned.

"I play a Grave Betrayal. I get all your dead things now, mwahahahaha!"
"Okay. I play a Phage the Untouchable. Piss me off and I will sac it."
"... ... ... so guys, remind me again how to sac my own enchantments?"

This is a riff on Polymorph that has not been done before.

Explosion of Life

Destroy target noncreature permanent an opponent controls. That player reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals a creature card. The player puts that card onto the battlefield, then shuffles all other cards revealed this way into his or her library.
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