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My surviving Fighter and Cleric duo had reached level 2 from the previous session. This time they met up with a Monk (whose character creation process involved more gawking at how insane the Monk really is than actual character creation).

In a pretty short session, they had two combats, one against troglodytes in a forest, and one against kobolds at a cave entrance. The troglodytes' multi-attack made them somewhat formidable, and that fight turned pretty tactical with trees all around for cover, the troglodytes' stench ability giving disadvantage to anyone who started their turn next to one, and their light sensitivity giving themselves disadvantage when caught in direct sunlight.

The biggest threat to the party, though, was the Fighter who rolled a natural 1 and knocked the Cleric unconscious. Luckily he passed his first stabilize check and rolled a natural 20 on the second. I'm a big fan of the new dying rules.

This time I sent enough kobolds to slow the party down, but the fight was still easy, just as the XP value prescribed (even though they were greatly outnumbered, the terrain of the cave mitigated that). When they pick it up again they'll go deeper into the cave and face several more kobold encounters incuding kobold alchemists, urds, and dragonshields. I like this variety within one monster type and I hope to see the same for many other species in the Monster Manual.

Players noted that flanking should exist. I see that's planned for the advanced rules. I'm optimistic about the design goals Mearls has given us, and I think definitely I'll be using a few of the advanced options, like flanking, threat zones, hopefully more opportunity attacks, but you guys who don't like those can opt out of them and we can all get along instead of arguing about why this edition sucks!

Players also continued to complain about the skills system. Not so much the skill dice, just that you have no choice but to be equally good at all of your skills, and there is no way to train in a new skill without taking a feat. Leaves a lot to be desired for character customization.

Can't wait for the new packet for the Barbarian and hopefully a change in the martial damage dice and the skills system.
Lord_Kyrion I agree with you about flanking and like you and your group, I am really optimistic about the layers that will be added with the advanced rules.   When all of the options are out there, it will be up to individual groups to decide what makes their games work best.  I'm all for that.

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