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When playing Dungeon! with some friends, we ran into a couple instances where the rules were less than clear.

1. (I know this has been asked) When a wizard enters a room, does he get to use his spells?  My guess is no partly because he gets to see what the creature is weak against before deciding to cast his spell... and there is a rule that he can cast a spell before entering the room, but he has to cast before revealing the monster.

2. Teleportation and Wounding: A wizard teleports from one chamber to another.  He has to fight a creature where he teleported to.  He misses and the creature wounds him.  The rules state that the hero retreats 1 space, but since he didn't come from an adjacent square, where does he "retreat" to?

3. Not really looking for a clarification, but a complaint about the Cleric... seriously?  Who would play a cleric?  Their rolls are often worse with no real benefits... sometimes even worse than a rogue, which at least has the decency to be able to find secret doors.        
1)  According to the rules back page 2 sidebar:  "Attacking with a fireball or lightning spell"  you must be able to enter an uncleared room/chamber, but you do not actually enter.  

You must also decide which spell you are going to cast BEFORE drawing/revealing the monster card.  

The only way you can see the monster before choosing your spell is if the monster has already been drawn.

The obvious benefit to using spells instead of melee, is that a wizard does not suffer a counter-attack if their attack fails.

2) I would say retreat in a random direction from the chamber. ie. without thinking too hard about which way your character would go, or what strategy dictates.  Move your token back down the passage closest to where it is physically placed on the board. 

I have no opinion about clerics.  They are the middle of the road token, white bread fighter lite.  

Enjoy the game!
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